Oadby Owls fields a number of teams in various Leagues throughout Leicestershire and the Midlands areas.
Rules of the Football Association do not allow the publication of match results for Under 7, 8, 9 and 10's. This is to ensure that the focus of a game of football at these age groups is on the development and enjoyment of the game, rather than the result. No League tables at these age groups are maintained.
This section of the Oadby Owls website provides links to the website and individual results page where appropriate for our Oadby Owls teams. County Cup fixtures and results can be found by clicking here. In some cases match reports can be found on individual team pages within this website.
Under 11 Girls
Under 12 Girls
Under 14 Girls
Under 15 Girls
Under 7 Boys (2 teams)
Under 8 Boys (5 teams)
Under 9 Boys (5 teams)
Under 10 Boys (5 teams)
Under 11 Juniors
Under 11 Tawnys
Under 11 Eagles
Under 11 Hawks
Under 11 Barnys
Under 12 Juniors
Under 12 Tawnys
Under 12 Eagles
Under 12 Hawks
Under 13 Juniors
Under 13 Tawnys
Under 13 Eagles
Under 14 Juniors

Under 14 Juniors (MJPL)
Under 15 Juniors
Under 15 Tawnys
Under 18 (Midland Floodlit Youth League)

Under 18 (MJPL)
Under 18 Juniors
Seniors – Mens
Seniors – Vets (over 35′s)

Leicester City adopted Fixture

Leicester City provide Grassroots clubs the opportunity to adopt one of their fixtures. In previous season's we have adopted matches against Leeds United, Derby County, Nottingham Forest and Sheffield Wednesday. As part of the festivities for the fixture Oadby Owls children take up roles as Player Escorts, Guard of Honour and Shake the Shirt. In 2013 we also attended the Real Madrid fixture en mass and provided player escorts for the Leicester and Real Madrid players. 
The children attend the fixture in their Academy kit and proudly display their association with Oadby Owls.
We receive discounted tickets for our members and their families. Last season there were 550 of us who attended the Sheffield Wednesday fixture.
This season with the club being back in the Premiership we are adopting the Leicester City v Manchester United fixture on Sunday 21st September at 1-30pm. 
Unfortunately we have no more tickets available for this fixture

Oadby Owls and RESPECT

Oadby Owls is fully committed to supporting the Football Association's RESPECT campaign. As such those persons associated with the club, either directly or indirectly are requested to comply with the individual 'Codes of Conduct';

Code of Conduct - Young players

Code of Conduct - Adult players

Code of Conduct - Spectators

Code of Conduct - Coaches

Code of Conduct - Match Officials

Copies of these codes can also be found on the Club noticeboard at Coombe Park

Volunteer Notices

Oadby Owls Management Meeting (Exec) TBA
The Club's Exec Committee will meet to discuss various Club issues 

CRB Applications and Renewals from 9am onwards TBA at Coombe Park
Ian Scott, the club's Child Welfare Officer, will be at Coombe Park to complete any CRB applications that are required.

Oadby Owls Committee Meeting @ TBA
There will be a Full Committee Meeting of the Club's Volunteers. A variety of club issues will be discussed.



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No Academy on Easter Saturday!

No Easter Academy. As usual there will be no Easter Academy on Saturday 4th April. All the children that attended the Academy on Saturday 27th march were given a free Easter egg to enjoy over the holiday weekend. I am sure that none of them will have been eaten in advance of the holiday!!     

James Parker, Reece Bradbury, Elliott Taylor, Sam Grouse, Richard Black and Danny Page

Oadby Owls players appear for Oadby town. The current Oadby Owls Youth team (Under 17's) has this season evolved into the Oadby Town Youth team where they have enjoyed great success in the Midland Floodlit Youth League. Youth teams operate with players at the Under 17 and 18 age groups with the Owls players all being first year Youth players at Under 17. Oadby Town, who play at Step 5 in the United Counties League (Premier Division) are very keen to give the young players an opportunity in the 1st team, with that well known line 'If they are good enough, their old enough' This season Elliott Taylor, at 16 years of age has established himself as the regular 1st team keeper. Sam Grouse and James Parker made their full debuts for Oadby Town on Saturday 7th March in the game against Cogenhoe United, with substitute appearances from Richard Black and Danny Page. Reece Bradbury was also in the squad but did not get on. Oadby Owls shares a great partnership with Oadby Town and one that benefits both clubs and provides great opportunity for some of the talented lads at Oadby Owls.

After poor weather last Saturday the Academy is set to return this week. New members are welcome to come along to the Oadby Owls Academy when it returns on Saturday 14th February . Historically many children join up with the club following the Christmas and New Year break (see article on 'Joining Oadby Owls' situated adjacent) Please ensure you arrive around 9:45am and if you want to speed up the administrative process on your first visit, click on the HOME page tab then print off and complete the Membership Form. Please note the information below re 'Key Dates' and the 'Circulation List' that operates.

Oadby Owls bear witness to a stunning Premiership match. Through the clubs strong connections with Leicester City we were able to secure 350 tickets to the Leicester City v Manchester United game. And what a game as Leicester City ran out 5-3 winners against the most famous club in the world and one that boasts players costing over £150 million pounds! Quite unbelievable and so many of members of the Oadby Owls family were there to see it. The children were all involved in pre match activities of some nature, whether it was as a Player Escort, Guard of Honour or a Flag Bearer. Ten children from the under 9's age group were fortunate to participate in a shoot out at half time. This really was an experience and a game that will never be forgotten. 

Academy children are still highly visible. In conjunction with our Academy sponsors 'Harborough London' the new Nike Academy kit has been chosen. Shirts will be a prominent 'Action Green' in colour - together with navy socks and shorts. The Oadby Owls Academy children will really stand out from the crowd in this kit! To qualify for an Academy kit you need to be a fully paid member and have attended six Academy sessions.

Filbert Fox visited the Oadby Owls Academy on the penultimate weekend of the Academy season. The Owls Academy children had a great surprise when Filbert the Fox, the Leicester City Mascot, made a guest appearance at the Academy on 14th June. The players and their families all enjoyed seeing Filbert. It was however most noticeable that many a parent wanted a souvenir photograph with Filbert! Thank you Leicester City and good luck in the Premiership, we shall be cheering you on!!

The Annual Presentation Night at Leicester Racecourse continues to raise club status. Long gone are the days when the club crammed into a venue too small, with over running speeches and excessive stress levels for the Management Team. On Saturday 16th May the club held its second Presentation Night at Leicester Racecourse. The venue once again proved to be grand venue which naturally provides security and safety to the children who can run around and play. Parents also enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere and were able to socialise with friends and family. The club brought in a band called 'Limited Edition' and this too added to the nights entertainment. Fears of the band drowning out the Presentations proved unfounded. Our 38 teams were presented with an array of quality trophies in two Presentation areas. Well over £4,000 was spent on trophies in recognition of each and everyone of our players. Congratulations from the Club also go to Milford Copp and Charlie Patel who were respectively honoured with the 'Clubman of the Year' and 'Keith Oswin Achievement Award'. What a great night!

Girls Football - Come along and join Oadby Owls. Girls football at Oadby Owls continues to go from strength to strength. However we are continually looking to enhance this rapidly developing area. We currently provide a Saturday Soccer School for Girls up to and including school year 7 (see Academy page). In addition we now have 4 Girls teams at Under 11, 13, 14 and 15 and we are looking to enhance these teams and even provide additional teams at other age groups. Our Girls teams currently train at Uplands Park on Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 7pm.

We would welcome beginners and established players to join one of our Girls teams who are all looking for further players for the forthcoming season. For more information please contact Ian Buckley on 07711 130869 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Oadby Owls Under 14's Girls won the Judgemeadow Summer Cup and proudly show off their trophies. Well done Girls!

Key club dates can be found on the drop down menu of the Home page tab. The dates relate to planned events including our Presentation Night and Tournament events. 

Where adverse weather conditions look like they will affect football at Coombe Park a pitch inspection will always be carried out. If a decision to cancel is made then that decision will be displayed on the clubs website. If the website does not state that football is off, it should be assumed that it is on. The club has a duty of care to its members and tries to avoid unnecessary travel. When it can be called off in advance it will be. Sometimes this decision can be made the day or even several days before but sometimes not until the day of activity. For the Academy a decision will be made by 8.30am that day and the website updated immediately so please check here first. 

If you wish to be added to my circulation list (which includes details of postponements of the Academy, Club events or activities and Notices) please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Joining Oadby Owls

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website.

Oadby Owls is a progressive Charter Standard Community Club which provides boys and girls of all abilities the opportunity to enjoy the whole football experience. Our Saturday Academy provides a platform for children, as young as four years of age, to develop in a safe and friendly environment and is the gateway to joining one of our many mini soccer teams. 

We ask that you park at the rear of Beauchamp College and follow the crowd across the back pitch to Coombe Park aiming to register there by 9.45am.

The club insists that parents park responsibly as Coombe Rise is not only a residential area but also a bus route. You are able to register on the first day of attending.

The Academy is also very suitable for children not necessarily looking to play in an Oadby Owls team and who just wish to enhance their footballing skills.

Children must wear footwear and clothing relevant to the ground and climatic conditions. If the ground is soft then footwear with studs is required. If it is cold the children must be dressed up so that they are warm.

All children MUST wear shinpads and not have jewellery of any nature on. Chewing gum is also not permitted. The club does sell shinpads, warm base layer clothing, gloves etc etc

The Academy generally runs from the beginning of September through to the end of June, although there is a winter break from Christmas through to the end of January. If you click on the home page tab there is a document which provides details of key dates and when the Academy runs. With over 200 children attending each and every week the Academy really is a Grassroots success story. All our volunteers are CRB accredited.

The Academy costs £3 per attendance and an initial £20 membership. Upon completing six Academy sessions the child will be given a free Academy kit, sponsored by Harborough-London Limited who are Property Developers based in Leicester. 

There are no membership restrictions just come along. Further details of our academy can be found on the dedicated Academy web page.

Inclusive Sports

Oadby Owls Football Club has become one of Leicestershire’s first 'deaf friendly' clubs by signing up to the NDCS Me2 Deaf-Friendly Pledge. The Club has recently joined the NDCS Me2 project and has committed to opening up their club to deaf people. We are proud to have signed the Deaf-Friendly Pledge. We are looking forward to developing our playing and coaching opportunities for deaf people in our community and ensuring we help them reach their full potential. We are committed to supporting deaf young people and ensuring that the club and its officials are Deaf Friendly.

For more information please contact our inclusions officer, Liane Carrick on 07968 396249 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Liane is a fully qualified Communication Support Worker and Trainee Sign Language Interpreter, so whatever your chosen communication method you will have full access. We look forward to hearing from you!

Club History

Welcome to Oadby Owls Football Club.

Founded in 1968 by some enthusiastic Sheffield Wednesday supporters, hence the name, Oadby Owls Football Club has grown to become one of the largest and most successful clubs in Leicestershire today.

The club owes a debt of gratitude to the many volunteers over the intervening years but perhaps none more so than our late President John Monks who ensured the survival of the club with injections of his own cash during the difficult times of the 1980′s.

In 2007 the club achieved Charter Standard status and with joint funding by the Football Foundation and Oadby and Wigston Borough Council the 'John Monks Pavilion' was opened. The pavilion marked a new era for Oadby Owls and player numbers swelled considerably. Oadby Owls now fields 35 teams of all ages and runs a thriving Saturday Football Academy where upto 250 young children attend each week. Oadby Owls also organises some of the best tournaments in the country.The club has since progressed in becoming a Charter Standard Community Club.

The club adopts high standards and would like to pay tribute to all its 100+ volunteers for their perseverance and hard work. We also thank and praise our many sponsors who have given generously over many seasons.

As well as developing the football skills of its members, Oadby Owls positively promotes and interacts with local community initiatives.

Oadby Owls is run on an entirely voluntary basis and there is always a need for a fresh influx of helpers and ideas. The future success of the club depends on its members as we strive to become one of the best clubs in the country.

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