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Saturday Soccer Academy

Oadby Owls, a Charter Standard Community Club, prides itself as having one of the best mini soccer Academy's in the country. It is the prized asset of the club and provides the foundation stone for the numerous mini soccer teams that operate as part of Oadby Owls.

The emphasis of the Academy is that whilst developing their football skills the children have fun and enjoyment. The Academy is open to all the community and is purposely not restricted to children who are members of specific Oadby Owls teams. Indeed there are many children from other local football clubs who use the Academy to supplement their football development. The Academy is available to children of all abilities and for those who are not inclined to be members of an individual team.

The Academy caters for children as young as four (reception) and through to ten years of age (Year 5). We have also developed a Girls only section of the Academy which can cater for girls up to the age of twelve (Year 7). The younger girls are encouraged to mix with the boys teams although they are able to progress into the Girls only section at any time.

Children are required to wear shin pads and appropriate footwear. No jewellery should be worn as part of our commitment to Health and Safety. Parents are reminded that they should remain at the Academy whilst the children are playing. Although Coombe Park is a relatively safe environment the club seeks parental support, particulary for the younger children, to ensure their well being.

Parents are asked to park at Beauchamp College and walk across the rear of the college to Coombe Park, arriving prior to 9.45am. The car parking at Coombe Park is very limited.

The Academy usually runs from the first Saturday in September through to the last Saturday in June, although it is closed for Christmas and January in an attempt to avoid much of the poor weather. The start and end dates can fluctuate slightly so it is best to click on the 'HOME' page tab and refer to the 'key dates' document.

The highlight of the Academy is the Fun Day in June when all the Academy registered children and placed into teams for a 'World Cup Tournament' which lasts throughout the day. Bouncy Castles and other attractions are at hand and every child receives a trophy to mark their endeavours. It is always a fantastic event played in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. Parents manage the teams and the regular football coaches referee all the fixtures.

The Academy is kindly sponsored by Harborough London, a Leicester property development company and as a direct consequence of this sponsorship the club provides each Academy registered player with a Nike Academy kit, which is currently bright green shirts and navy socks and shorts  in colour. This kit is free to all Academy members on completion of six sessions. This should be worn at every Academy session even if worn in conjunction with specific waterproof clothing.

At the Academy all the football coaches and many of the highly valued support staff are CRB approved. The vast majority of the coaches have attained their Level 1 or Level 2 coaching qualifications. A number of parents provide additional support but they too are CRB certificated.

A club shop is in operation where various items of Oadby Owls merchandise and other associated footballing products can be purchased. With the support of parents Oadby Owls provides hot food and other refreshments from the kitchen and there are sweets and cold drinks available.

There is an annual membership fee of £20 and a weekly subscription of £3 on a pay as you play basis. Children are able to attend the academy as frequent or infrequent as they wish. However, as development is often relative to frequency of attendance we do encourage regular participation.

If Academy sessions are cancelled due to poor weather the club will seek to notify those who attend via the website and an email distribution list by 9am on the day in question. To be placed onto this distribution please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As an alternative follow us on Twitter @OadbyOwls

The numbers that attend are ever increasing (we regularly exceed 200 children) and this provides an indication of the success and high regard the Academy is held. There are no restrictions on numbers or when you sign up as members of the Academy. We do however encourage regular attendance in order to aide development. We hope the children enjoy it.

Our Academy Volunteers

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The Fun and Learning Starts Here

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Academy Flyer