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Assistant Manager: Jules Ndukwu

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The team play in the Leicester & District Mutual League – Non competitive group

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Aylestone Park Youth v Oadby Owls Snowys - 9th December 2012 (Group Game)

Do you ever get the feeling that it would be one of those days? Overslept, burnt the bacon, spilt the water from the water bottles, went to the wrong pitch, slid in the mud on the way to the right one…….

Let’s just say the match followed suit; despite Dez manfully picking up as many of the twigs off the pitch as possible.

Full of Christmas excitement, running into the wind on a larger than average pitch & in their characteristic way, the Snowys started slowly. Uncharacteristically, they did not pick up until way into the first half. The second half saw them back on form and all over the opposition but frustratingly they couldn’t find the net.

Overall, a disappointing end to the first half of the season. Looking forward to a positive 2013!

Player of the Day: Not today.......

Goals Scorers: No one in an Oadby shirt!

Oadby Owls Snowys v Ibstock United Panthers - 11th November 2012 (Group Game)

After a pitch inspection it was decided that although there was little grass left after last week’s weather traumas, the pitch was playable and the penultimate match before Christmas was on. Leon arrived minus Henry - much to the disappointment of Sharon who had been most excited after Laura’s story on the mums curry night out on Friday night. However, after much soothing, she settled down……!!!

1st Half

Today’s match started off with the Snowys dominating the play & putting Ibstock immediately onto the back foot. It became apparent early on that the Oadby Owls had fielded a strong team. There were several goals from the Snowys.

The Ibstock keeper kept out several shots & he played well throughout.

2nd Half

There were several more goals by the Snowys and a very brave save by a resilient Ibstock goalie - not that he knew much about it, although I suspect a black eye will follow!! The Ibstock team worked very hard and stayed positive throughout.

Jacob was brought out of goal for the last 10 minutes of the second half & Luke went into goal.

We finished the match with a fun penalty shoot-out at the end.

Player of the Day: Luke Martin (worked hard, scored & applied himself well when asked to adapt his play)

Goals Scorers: Luke (4), Millen (4), Declan (2), Luis (2), Pharell (2), Jude and Cole

Blaby & Whetstone Boys Club v Oadby Owls Snowys - 4th November 2012 (Friendly game)

Despite some dubious directions from Coach Andy, all the players and parents made it to the pitch on time. However with freezing cold temperatures & persistent rain, the crowd was slightly subdued. Justyn’s apparent gentlemanly offer to house the match reporter under his umbrella appeared to be a blatant ruse to drizzle rain down the back of her neck. A subsequent move to Minda’s brolly turned out to be even worse as she directed the drops of acid rain into her coffee…..

1st Half

A positive, determined start by the Snowys. Declan, playing in defence today, made a terrific start darting all over the place, typically backed up by Mr Dependable, Arran. Millen made a great pass to Luke and he took the ball down the pitch. Millen continued his run & found the ball again, but his shot was saved by the Blaby goalkeeper. Then Blaby nearly broke through but the Snowys defence stayed strong and duly sent the ball back down the pitch. It broke to Jude who calmly slotted the ball home, for the first of his eventual hat-trick.

There followed some lovely passing between Pharrel, Millen and Luke, culminating in Pharrel putting in a great unselfish cross towards the goal but unfortunately there was no Snowys player on the end of it. The resulting corner gave Luke the opportunity to swing the ball in. It was eventually headed on by Arran towards Pharrel who was fouled. The free kick was thumped by Luke but it just went the wrong side of the near post. Meanwhile the weather was getting colder and wetter. Both sets of players were playing admirably in spite of the conditions but it was the Snowys that were continuing to press forward more often. Cole came on and took a corner, a mad scramble ensued in the penalty area and it eventually crept over the line! (it was claimed by Luis, although the replays suggest it may have been an OG!)

Blaby kicked off & immediately the Snowys took the ball back down to the Blaby end again. Their goalie took a goal kick, but it fell to Millen who shot it straight back - just wide though - but this was just the dress rehearsal!! Their keeper took the goal kick again & yet again it was intercepted by Millen who made no mistake this time as he stroked it into the back of the Blaby goal – a typically instinctive goal from one of our star strikers.

Blaby weren’t about to give up though and they continued to press forward. They broke down the left but were intercepted by Charlie who made a lovely tackle & played it forward to Millen who played it on to Pharrel. He powered forward & found Jude who thundered a shot from outside the penalty box into the goal!

2nd Half

After a pep-talk from the coaches, the Snowys returned to the pitch & were determined to play with as much determination as in the first half. However Blaby pushed on & a shot went just wide for a goal kick. Jacob took it & it flew over the heads of everyone, straight to the feet of Millen who took the ball forward, shot and scored his second.

After some great tackling by all the team, Cole then rifled the ball into the top corner of the goal from out on the right! Pharrel then got a further, deserved one as the weather continued to deteriorate. The match reporter was then called away to sort out the shivering blue child and missed both a further goal by Cole and then a final one from Jude who completed his hat-trick.

Overall a great match by the team and they showed enormous resilience despite the disgusting weather. No clean sheet today but well done all!

Hopefully a group match against Ibstock Utd Panthers next Sunday (if the pitch is playable). Having looked at it today, it now resembles a mud-bath & I have concerns we may have to postpone. More details to follow this week.

Player of the Day: Pharell Ndukwu (his new-found unselfish play is a joy to watch & he has developed into a vital part of this talented team)

Goals Scorers: Jude (3), Cole (2), Millen (2), Pharell and Luis

Allexton & New Parks Hawks v Oadby Owls Snowys - 28th October 2012 (Group Game)

It was a cold one this morning. Additionally, with the clocks going back, one parent (who shall remain anonymous!) got confused & thought the parent picking her son up had forgotten him! At the beginning of the match it was mentioned that Cole looked like he had started to finally get meat on his bones - but his mum informed us it was actually four layers of clothing & that he hadn’t eaten too many pies after all!

1st Half

The Snowys started keenly & were rewarded with a goal within the first 5 minutes. The game was pacey and the Snowys needed to dig in and work together as a team. Cole took a lovely corner which Pharrel tried in vain to convert to a further goal. Declan continued to work hard across the midfield, wiping out many Allexton attempts with his determined tackling & tireless running.

Cole had a further shot on goal that just fizzed wide. From the resulting goal kick Jude, Captain Luke and Declan all pressured high up the pitch and eventually won the ball, which ended with Cole finishing calmly.

The half-time whistle couldn’t have come soon enough & it gave the Snowys coaches time to tweak the team tactics

2nd Half

The coaches’ advice was still ringing in the players’ ears as they trotted back onto the pitch & this almost paid off immediately. Declan, Pharrel and Cole all made great attempts on the Allexton goal but couldn’t make anything of them. It just seemed like it was going to be one of those days!

Suddenly the ball broke through everyone’s legs and a certain goal looked on the cards but for Jacob who made a brilliant save! Luke then won the ball, powered forward and took off down the wing, skipping numerous tackles but his final shot missed by inches. The Allexton goalie kicked the ball out straight to Declan who controlled it and took it back down the pitch again. The ball fell to who Cole powered it into the top corner.

Luis along with Declan, Luke, Pharrel & Cole, played in a solid midfield ensuring the defence had enough cover but also that the forwards had sufficient support! Allexton had some strong players up front and the Snowys defenders had their work cut out in the second half. However Aaron & Charlie were like a brick wall though, whilst behind them Jacob was somehow keeping the ball out with any part of his body! The Snowys kept pressing and a determined counter attack was rewarded with Luke scoring a corker! (seems like Wednesday’s 'concentrated training' had sunk in after all!!)

The final few minutes of the game saw Aaron & Charlie making some great last ditch tackles & despite some Allexton pressure in the final 5 minutes, the team held out & prevented the score being closer.

Overall a good game by the Snowys despite the weather & although there wasn’t a clean sheet, it was a great performance against one of the stronger teams in the area. It was a busy game and all the players put a good shift in to ensure a positive outcome.

A friendly match away to Blaby & Whetstone next week - this should give us an opportunity to try out some new tactical options & build on today.

Player of the Day:  Arran O'Dedra - A strong performance as ever; some great defending & classy passes.

Goals Scorers: Cole (2), Pharell and Luke

Oadby Owls Snowys v Loughborough Dynamo Ambers - 14th October 2012 (Group Game)

Passing was the name of the game today. Midweek training drills had taken place and the crowd were slightly nervous, hoping some of the hard work would pay off. After being ‘out for the count’ last week, the team were determined to pick themselves up from the canvas and not have such a ‘Rocky’ match.

The pounding of feet could be heard from the entrance to Coombe Park as the Snowys coaches, Andy and Jules, came running into Coombe Park, shadow boxing as they ran – woolly hats on, sweat pouring down their faces, eye of the tiger playing in the background…."Don’t forget to pass" they shouted………

1st Half

Another quick start today, the Snowys immediately pushed forward and Luke had a shot on goal. The ball got kicked out by the opposition goalkeeper and Pharrel picked it up, ran down the pitch, passed to Luke who took a graceful shot & scored. A further run by Pharrel, a pass to Luke, who subsequently passed to Jude, cut a gaping hole in the Loughborough defence - what a great start to the match.

Cole took a corner, played it short to Luke who returned it to Cole who shot and scored. The Snowys first attempt at a planned set piece (practised only a week ago at midweek training) was executed brilliantly. As the match progressed Luke got his head to the ball, literally. It was picked up by Pharrel who dribbled and passed to Cole who resoundingly scored. The Snowys then got a free kick and Luke powered an unstoppable thunderbolt of a shot into the Loughborough goal.

Meanwhile, the defence were looking solid; Luis tackled well and passed to Aaron who played it neatly down the line. Jude then took the ball and ran down the wing, passed to Pharrel who shot and scored. Another cross by Luke to Pharrel nearly resulted in a further goal as his shot just went wide.

The Snowys were marking well, with Captain Declan and Charlie both snuffing out attacks on the Snowys goal. Millen took the ball and ran with it, unselfishly passing to Jude who had a powerful shot on goal. As the first half came to an end there was a great goal from Millen.

Jacob was put to the test on several occasions and made some brilliant saves.

2nd Half

A slow start to the second half from the Snowys (again!) but Declan was putting the work in with some good tackling; he tracked back many times to help the defence. Luke made some determined runs as usual, dancing round the opposition.

The ball came back up to our half and Charlie demonstrated his willingness to ‘put his body on the line’ by taking one for the team & making a great crunching tackle. The ball came back down the other end and Jude curved the ball into the top corner of the net. Whilst we were all excited about how great the passing was, Millen nicked another goal. Perhaps his name should be Millen Messi..........

Pharrel yet again showed his gymnastic ability on the pitch by trying to score with his back to goal with an audacious bicycle kick which very nearly nestled into the back of the net. Meanwhile Cole was at his elegant best & was causing all sorts of problems for the Loughborough back line.

Suddenly the Snowys went route one - Jacob made an amazing goal kick which travelled the whole of the pitch, eventually finding Millen who completed his hat-trick brilliantly. The next few minutes saw a wealth of tackles and passes by all the team, they worked together, backing each other up and passing when needed. Finally a lovely cross by Millen landed at Declan’s feet & he scored.

Although there was no clean sheet in the end, overall the Snowys played brilliantly today. They passed, they tackled, they looked out for each other and supported each other. All in all, a knockout!

No match next Sunday, but a tough test away to Allexton & New Parks Hawks the following Sunday. Lets hope we see a similar display.

Player of the Day: Charlie Cox (an unsung hero who played above above himself today, made some crucial tackles and is growing in confidence with every match)

Goals Scorers: Millen (3), Luke (2), Cole (2), Pharell, Declan & Jude

Oadby Owls v Barrow Town Hawks - 7th October 2012 (Group game)

The day began with a spooky fog, marking the run up to Halloween. Out of the shadows appeared the ghostly form of a parent who’d been celebrating her birthday the night before. Was it an apparition? No, she had bravely battled in to stand in the fog and cheer her son on. Luckily, another parent had shown me his magical weather app the day before and predicted the mist would lift before the end of our match. ‘Mr Fish’ was indeed correct, the fog lifted 15 minutes after kick off and the glorious sun poked its head through the clouds. But would the Snowys be walking on sunshine today……?

1st Half

Barrow had a good start but the Snowys started in their typical trademark attacking style. Luke had a shot on goal and then took a great corner. The ball got kicked back to the other end and Declan performed a great saving tackle. He dribbled it down towards the goal and passed to Luke who shot and scored. Arran was strong as an ox at the back and both he & Luis comfortably dealt with the Barrow attempts to get a sniff at our goal. Pharrel got hold of the ball and made a great pass to Cole who scored! Two lovely passes within the first 10 minutes and it seemed to be classic Snowys play. Cole scored a second great goal soon after and Declan, Luke and Luis all made some great committed tackles. Luke got a great touch on the ball and scored a further goal. Barrow started to push forward and Jacob made a couple of good saves. Barrow then broke through defence and scored a goal. The Snowys pushed back with some great tackles from Luke, Charlie and then Luis. Barrow then scored another.

2nd Half

The Snowys started the 2nd half positively & Millen struck a goal, which after the end of the first half, seemed to spur them on. Charlie then gathered the ball and made a nice through ball to Pharrel. Millen got stuck in and had another shot which just went wide. Barrow got the ball back and scored another goal. After some great tackles in defence the Snowys gave away a free kick (a slightly mistimed tackle from Charlie) and Barrow scored a thunderbolt goal from it. Straight after that they scored another. Aaron then made a lovely pass down the pitch and Pharrel had a shot on goal which just missed. Cole then had a further shot on goal which didn’t go in either - it just wasn’t going the Snowys way today. Jude nabbed the ball and powered it towards the goal, frustratingly, it went over the crossbar - on any other day that would've nestled in the top corner. Millen made a good tackle and tried to push the ball forward but Barrow had too many players in their box to make anything of it. Jude had a further go at the goal but just missed. Barrow took the ball up the other end and Cole chased it down, Charlie made a good tackle but Barrow scored another. Finally just before the whistle Barrow scored a final goal.

Overall some good play today & although the game didn’t quite go the way we might have hoped, it was a great learning curve for the team, coaches and parents. Let’s build on this and prepare for next week’s match against Loughborough Dynamo Ambers.

Player of the Day: Declan Griffiths (Relentlessly worked hard & was our midfield maestro!)

Goals Scorers: Luke (2), Cole (2) and Millen

Harborough Town Rangers v Oadby Owls Snowys - 30th September 2012 (Group Game)

It was a trek out into the sticks for the Snowys and despite some Sat-navs sending the parents to the nearby cemetery and not the football pitch; there was no ‘dead wood’ in the team today!

1st Half

The Snowys started strongly, pushing forward in typical trademark style. Luke had a fiery gleam in his eye and put in a couple of great tackles to set the tone. Harborough Town fought back culminating with a shot on goal that Jacob saved superbly.  The ball came back down to the other end and Luke had a shot on goal that was bravely saved by the opposition goalkeeper. Luis swiftly intercepted the ball, powered forward and fed Luke who ran onto the ball and scored past their helpless goalie. This seemed to spur him on as he then ran several rings around the opposition and scored again!!

To their credit, Harborough Town didn’t let the early goals dampen their enthusiasm & they nicked the ball, ran towards the Snowys goal but Aaron made a brilliant tackle and sent it back again. Millen glued it to his foot and shot it in the back of the net. Yet again the ball was driven up towards the Snowys goal & we all held our breath as they attempted to score. Fortunately Jacob made a lovely save and we all breathed a sigh of relief.  The ball found itself down our end again and Luke had another shot on goal but the keeper saved it. This match really was end-to-end stuff!

2nd Half

Feeling buoyed by the successful first half, the Snowys bounded onto the pitch for the second half. Jude had an early shot on goal then Pharrel got stuck in with a couple of crunching tackles and a goal. The cartwheel on the pitch to celebrate would have scored 9.8 in the gymnastics event though Coach Andy suggested that cartwheels should be for inside, not on the football pitch. Jacob made yet another good save as a ball slipped passed the defenders and yet again the ball was taken forward and Jude scored.

The Snowys now started to find top gear and their passing game began to flow. Charlie made a great tackle to stop the ball from nearing the Snowys goal. The ball fell to Cole who crossed the ball & Pharrel scored his second (no cartwheel this time!) After moving back to central midfield, Declan muscled (yes muscled!) himself between 3 Harborough players & went on a scorching run down the wing. He made a lovely pass inside to Pharrel who passed on to Cole who scored! Finally Cole made a sublime cross again and Millen scored a final goal.

Great goals/tackles and passing this week. The defenders did a terrific job of mopping up the balls and Jacob made yet some more great saves. He may have had little to do but when called into action he was more than a match for the shots fired in at him.

Next Sunday the Snowys play their re-arranged Group match home v Barrow Town Hawks - hopefully we'll see another display like this one!

Player of the Day: Luke Martin (Worked tirelessly for the team, made numerous dogged tackles and scored twice!)

Goals Scorers: Luke (2), Pharell (2), Millen (2), Jude and Cole

Oadby Owls Snowys v Sileby Town Jnrs - 23rd September 2012 (Group Game)

Coach Andy got a pre match call to say the new orange academy kit was on its way with a police escort and would be ready for a slightly furtive Del-boy Trotter-style dispatch from the boot of his car before Sunday.

Match day dawned, cloudy, cold but dry and the team arrived looking bright and up for it in their Dutch masters splendour…………there were certainly no plonkers today!

1st Half

The game started brilliantly for the young squad. Captain Cole scored in the first two minutes, swiftly followed by a goal from Luis. There was some great passing and tackles from them all and much encouragement from both sets of parents. Luke was snapping onto the tackles as usual (despite carrying a knock) and it seemed like we had 3 Declan’s on the pitch as he appeared everywhere! Cole then scored another two goals to complete his hat trick and Jude sneaked a further in before half time. Sileby scored in the first half, sneaking past the defenders.

2nd Half

Luke scored the first goal after half time, but then Sileby grabbed a couple back. Sileby continued to press forward and although Jacob in goal was called into action on various occasions, he was typically determined & up to the threat posed by their dangerous forwards. Pharell went on various mazy runs, whilst behind him Arran & Charlie kept the threat from Sileby to a minimum. Millen rallied for a further goal and Jude went on to score the final goal of the match.

Sileby were tough opponents with a good defence and some quick players up front but overall, as ever, the Snowys played well & managed to see the match out.

Next week the Snowys take on Harborough who will provide an equally stiff test for the lads - but confidence is high so we've nothing to fear.

Player of the Day: Millen Durham (played as striker superbly & defended from the front)

Goals Scorers: Cole (3), Luis, Jude (2), Luke and Millen

Oadby Owls Snowys v Lutterworth Town Jnrs - 16th September 2012 (Friendly game)

The Snowys were playing at home in front of a packed 'mini pitch stand' crowd at Coombe Park. The home support was eager to see an Oadby team going into their final friendly match before the group matches start next week. The scouting reports on our opposition were limited as they were an inexperienced team, having only been formed recently. But they were ready & looked like they meant business!

1st Half

Snowys started in a collective Usain Bolt style, swarming speedily onto the ball and put paid to any previous slow start issues they may have had in the past.

It became apparent early on in the first half that the Oadby Owls had fielded a stronger team. There were several goals from the Snowys. The Lutterworth keeper made some good saves as well.

2nd Half

Jacob was brought out of goal for the second half & Luis went into goal. With agreement from Lutterworth Town the Snowys fielded a squad of 4 outfield players with defenders in attack and attackers in defence. The Lutterworth defence began to stick more to the Snowys and made some good tackles, the goalie again made some good saves. Eventually every single Snowys player managed to find the net at least once!

We finished the match with a fun penalty shoot-out at the end.

Player of the Day: The Entire Snowys Team!

Goals Scorers: Millen, Jude, Pharell, Cole, Luke, Luis, Arran, Declan, Charlie, Jacob - all scored at least one goal!

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