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Manager: Michael Watts

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Assistant Manager: Rohit Gohil

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The team play in the Leicester & District Mutual League – Non competitive group

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Oadby Owls Tawnys v Oadby Owls Eagles - 28th October 2012 (Friendly)

The day had arrived! Tawnys v's Eagles. There was again a lot of support at Coombe Park, there's even talk of a stand being built for the ever growing support!! It was a very cold October day but this did not deter the supporters or the children who all appeared to be in good spirits and were eager to start the game.

The Eagles got the game underway and they were flying, being awarded two quick corners but the attack was dealt with effectively by the Tawny's and then they were in turn away down the field and causing keeper Jacob to make an amazing save. The Eagles were once again on the attack and Alfie Parsons had a shot saved. Not deterred by this effort Alf had another strike and beat the keeper and found the back of the net!!!!

The Tawnys were off and away at the restart and had 3 quick shots, all thankfully going wide of the Eagles goal and then Jacob makes another impressive save. There was then an impressive spell of midefield play as Jack, Myles and Adam were strong in midfield and showed their ususal determination to win balls and to chase them down. Adam was all over the Tawnys at times and refused to let dead balls go. Alf then had another shot that hit the post and more excellent midfield play led to the ball coming in to the Eagles half and a mistake by defence with a mistimed backpass saw the Tawnys capitalise and the first shot was saved by Jacob but unfortunately he just could not keep the deflected shot out.

At the restart the Eagles were attacking again and their keeper Mookie made an impressive save. Scott for the Eagles was on in midfield and made some really impressive tackles at crucial times that saw balls being cleared well. The Tawnys were away and attacking again and Reece for the Tawnys had an impressive shot saved to keep the Eagles in it as half time was fast approaching.

The half time team talk followed the usual pattern and a bit of reshuffling of players to try them out in differnent positions.

The Eagles were like lightening at the restart and Scott had a shot saved within minutes and then the Tawny's were once more relentlessly attacking the Eagles goal and saw another great save by Jacob. The Eagles were awarded a free kick and Alf stepped up to take this, he struck the ball sweetly and everyone watched as it was arcing through the air and around the keeper, it looked like he might get to it but the ball carried on and swerved beautifully into the bottom corner!!!

The Eagles seemed to be on fire as defender Kaylen had a shot saved and then Myles ran from the half way line with the ball and finished off beautifully!!!! Racous applause from all!

The Tawny's were on the attack from here and Jacob saved a volley of shots from the Tawny's attack and defence alike as everyone seemed to be having a shot on goal, one of the best savces came from Jacob on the edge of the area as he made a brilliant judgememnt call and cleared the ball well for a throw in. Thankfully as the Tawny's kept on attacking the Eagles goal the defence of Kaylen and Zane with support from Myles who was now in defence was first rate. Kaylen whos always on top form was on top form as always and Zane carried on last weeks impressive performance this week as well and cleared some amazing balls. Jack made some impressive runs down the wing and at one point it looked like he was going to put the ball in the back of the net as well as skipping past a load of the Tawny's.

The Eagles tried for another attack in the tawnys half but they were strong in defence and some good defending and and clearences by the Tawny's kept this a thrilling match. Kaylen had a shot and this was saved expertly by Reece who was taking a turn in goal and showed that he is excellent in goal as well as up front and equally Mookie looked good on pitch and made some good tackles.

George who was now playing in midfield made a good throw in and this saw the eagles away for another run at the Tawnys defence but it was quickly dealt with by the Tawnys and this saw them attacking the Eagles goal again, the Tawnys were making some impressive tackles and the Tawny's had another shot on goal that thankfully went wide. The goal kick went in to the heart of midfield and George made a good tackle that tried to send the Eagles on their way again and Adam was away through the pitch.

As the 2nd half was coming to a close both teams had some impressive shots on goal and both teams kept playing right to the final whistle. This was an excellent game between 2 Oadby teams that saw some brillaint play by the players from the Oadby academy and saw some of the skills practiced at academy being used in the match. All the children enjoyed the game and all players gave it their all even in the penalty shootout at the end, which was an enjoyable way to finish off a great game!!!

As for choosing the player of the day, this was a difficult pick as always but as this player found his form again to the delight of the crowd it could only be.......

Player of the Day: Alfie Parsons

Goals Scorers: Alfie Parsons (2), Myles Barrett

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