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Manager: Hafeez Katib

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Assistant Manager: Dharmendra Rajput

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The team play in the Leicester & District Mutual League – Non competitive group

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Riverside Kestrels V Oadby Owls Hawks - 7th April 2013 (Group Game )

It was a pleasant enough day and conditions were ideal for a game of football

With Josh unable to play, Diego started in goal so we still had a strong squad and it showed as we started well and within minutes of kick off a cross from Stepan was just missed by Ishan at the far post. A good start from the Hawks and it continued with an amazing goal from Stepan.....a free kick from 20 yards was smashed into the roof of the net with the keeper having no chance, great goal

The pressure from the Hawks continues and a minute after the goal, good work by Heath resulted in a throw in and then a shot from Stepan which goes just wide, unlucky. The rich vein of form continues with further chances for Ishan and Stepan but the final pass is just missing or last ditch blocks being made 

Half way through the first half now and Riverside are coming back into the game with fast counter attacks and a brilliant tackle from Ridhi saves a certain goal. Riverside are putting us under a bit of pressure and from their throw in, the ball breaks kindly for their striker who hits the ball sweetly only to be denied by an outstanding save from Diego. Brilliant.

He follows this up with another a minute later and we are hanging on a bit now so the management recognise this and makes changes.  Joshan and Samik on for Stepan and Heath and immediately Samik has a chance but he is unfortunate as the ball gets stuck under his feet and the chance is gone

Kestrals are still a threat especially on the counter attack and minutes later we get exposed again with Joshan makes a saving tackle but the pressure finally told as with just seconds remaining, a corner comes in and the ball ends up into the back of the net with our keeper having no chance

The second half continues as the first half ended with Kestrals applying pressure and a header from a corner results in another good save from Diego. The play continues and a foul on their player right on the edge of the area leads to a free kick which is swung in and the attacker heads into the back of the net with the keeper helpless

Further changes are made and with fresh legs, Heath does some great work down the wing which results in a corner kick which leads to nothing. The game is finally balanced at this point with Kestrels always looking dangerous but a foul on Joshan leads to a free kick, taken by Stepan in a very similar position to the first half but this time it goes just wide. From the resulting goal kick the ball breaks to Joshan with a first time left foot cross to Samik who coolly chips the keeper, great finish

Changes are again made and great hassling by Ishan and Joshan, ends with him hitting the post from an acute angle, very unlucky. Heath keeps the pressure up with good work and earns a corner and the ball falls for Stepan who misses the target by inches

Diego comes onto the pitch and is replaced by Samik in goal. More great work from Joshan leads to a pass for Ishan who shoots first time but the keeper makes an outstanding point blank save. Great play

With minutes remaining the game is finely poised and could go either way but despite late pressure from us the ball is just not falling our way and the game ends

Player of the Day: Stephan

Goals Scorers: Stephan (1) , Samik (1)

Oadby Owls Hawks v Market Bosworth - 3rd March 2013 (Group game )

The match started with the opposition putting a lot of pressure on the Hawks and it took almost 6 minutes before the Hawks managed any type of an attack. But once Hawks started moving the ball about wide and playing with width the game was being controlled by the Hawks.  It was one of these moves that led to a cross from Stepan for Diego to score the 1st goal.

Just before the half time Stepan wins the ball and cuts in from wide left to unleash an unstoppable shot and Scores.

The Hawks go into into the lead despite a slow start.

2nd half begins where the 1st half had ended and soon after Hawks win a corner and Anas takes a corner and Heath almost scores from the corner but the defender kicks it out for another corner.  From the resulting corner Hawks almost score Anas crosses it for Samik who in turn passes the ball to Stepan who shoots just wide.

As the clock is ticking Hawks are playing some Arsenal type of free flawing football and Stephan scores his 2nd when Samik plays aball through to him and he slots it in. 

Anas tries a shot from distance and hits the bar.  Hawks Score when Heath late in injury time when Anas plays a through ball and Heath finishes the move.

During the game both Ridhi and Raza have been focused have broken up any move that Market Bosworth have tried when attacking the Hawks.

Player of the Day: Stephan

Goals Scorers: Heath (1), Diego (1), Stephan (2)

Harborough Town Revolvers U8's v Oadby Owls Hawk U8's - 17th February 2013 (Group Game) 

It was a sunny and warm day, the temperature was perfect for superb football performance.

After a short warm up (don’t be late next time) the game was started. Our side put immediate presser on the enemies locking them constantly on their half. Nevertheless of steady pressure no real dangerous moments come up. The first shot which reach the opposition goals was produced by Heath on 4 minute of the game but was neutralized by keeper.  Counterattack follows afterwards was just an imitation of danger to our side. It was routine football until a long and extremely lucky strike from Stepan (Anas assistance), nearly from 20 meters, which reach the target. The goal looks not very logical. But next one come in a minute (Ishan) after the Harborough Revolvers keeper was not able to fix the ball.

The next 5 minute was dominated completely by Hawks. Good opportunities to increase the advantage lost almost everyone in our team. Probably the one who has no chance in this period was Diego who was keeping the goals. But next Diego finally got a chance to demonstrate his skills in goals by saving us 3 times in minute. Probably this minute was rather an exception in the game structure as Hawks continue to dominate afterwards and Samik and Heath finalizing the score (diluted with 1 opposition goal) of the first half:logical however unexpected result.    

Second half started by strong pressure on our goals, it looks like everyone in our team become overconfident in success. The goal on the second minute was looking logical. The game continued with equal chances. At the middle of the second half a strike from Stepan was blocked by keeper who was unable to fix the ball and Ishan taking advantage of this to score and recovering our advantage in 3 goals.

At 5 minute to the end Heath saved our goals 3 times, in similar way Diego did in the first half. The game was coming to the end with approximately equal performance from both sides. Both sides had chances, however, the final goal was celebrated by opposition on the last minute. The final whistle fixed the Hawks win. Well done everyone.

Player of the Day: Ishan

Goals Scorers: Ishan (2), Samik (1), Heath (1), Stephan (1)

Oadby Owls Hawks U8's v Barwell Lightning U8's - 10th February 2013 (Group Game)

The snow from the previous day had left a bitter chill throughout the match.  Unfortunately the weather did not improve.  Both teams did remarkably well.  Not only were they competing against each other BUT they had to fight off the wind, rain and mud and the pitch got wetter and wetter.

Despite the awful conditions, all the players soldered on regardless.  Nothing could defeat our little soldiers, they were all heroes.

Forget about the weather, what a match, it was AMAZING!

A good start to the match as Ishan passed to Anas who then passed to Heath and then back to Anas.  Barwell eventually got the ball, unfortunately for them it went off the pitch.  Anas were quick to take the corner to Heath.  Heath had to tackle several players before Barwell got possession of the ball but ended up off pitch.  Anas throw the ball to Ishan who then passed back to Anas, then back to Ishan, who had a go for the goal, it was very close.

Barwell took the goal kick and it wasn’t long before Heath tackled the ball off Barwell.  He passed to Ishan, good pass to Anas who attempted a goal, it was unlucky this time!

It was Barwell’s goal kick which landed on the other side, luckily for the Hawks it was soon stopped by Raza.  Ishan came charging, unfortunately fell and got up very quickly.  Ridhi got the ball and passed to Heath, who then tried to pass to Joshan, unfortunately Barwell got possession and once again Heath tackled them and then Barwell got the ball off pitch.  Ridhi takes the ball and passes to Heath, and it goes off pitch.  Barwell throws it in and Raza stops it again and passes it to Ishan, who has another attempt for goal.

It all happened very quickly!  Barwell throws the ball and somehow it bounces on Heath’s knee and lands to Ishan who scores and breaks the deadlock

A corner is taken by Anas to Heath, then back to Anas.  Barwell try to tackle the ball off Anas, there was a struggle for the ball, however Anas held possession of the ball.  Suddenly a player from Barwell falls to the ground and a free kick is given to Barwell.  Heath manages to get the ball, passes it to Anas and then Barwell kicks the ball off pitch.  Anas takes the ball, unfortunately Barwell had possession but not for long as Ridhi defends the ball and is passed to Heath who scores the second goal!

The game is fast paced; Heath has possession, then Barwell then Ridhi, who passes it to Heath.  Heath passes to Deigo who passes it back to Heath then tries to pass it back to Deigo unfortunately Barwell take possession and Raza manages to stop the ball and passes it to Joshan.  Joshan passes it to Heath and then back to Ishan who scores the third goal!

Barwell knows they must get the ball, and they do obtain it!  Barwell tries to score fortunately for the Hawks Josh saves the goal!

Barwell has a good corner kick, but Deigo soon puts a stop to that and passes the ball to Heath.  Barwell gets possession and Ishan tackles it off them and passes to Deigo.  Barwell have possession, but luckily Raza manages to kick the ball away.  Barwell corner, Deigo tackles the players and gets possession of the ball. 

Josh whacks the ball to the other side and Heath gets the ball and wastes no time by attempting to score.  The ball hits the net and does not quite go in, this does not deter Heath and gets the ball inside the net

Barwell gets a corner; Ridhi gets the ball and passes to Anas.  Barwell take possession and Ridhi gets the ball back for the Hawks and passes to Anas. again then back to Ridhi, then to Deigo who falls trying to get the ball, Barwell takes advantage, but it is a goal kick for Josh.  Unfortunately he kicks it to Barwell who tries to shoot but Josh saves the ball again.

Barwell corner, they hit the net on the side.

Goal kick by Josh, one of the Barwell player hits Anas on his side, it should have been a penalty, but a free kick is given to Joshan who passes it to Deigo.  Barwell gets possession and then Ridhi who passes to Deigo and the whistle blows for half time.

Second half goes with a flying start with Anas passing it to Deigo who score.

Not long after that Ishan kicks it to Anas, then to Joshan who passes to Deigo who taps the goal.

Joshan takes the ball and passes it to Ridhi, then to Deigo, who is tackled by Barwell and falls, this not deter Deigo and gets back up.  Anas has possession then Barwell, Raza defends well and get the ball away.  Barwell gets a corner but it is wide.  Raza kicks the balls well to Ridhi then Heath and it goes off pitch.

Barwell have possession but Heath tackles it off them and passes to Joshan.  He then passes it to Ridhi and then Deigo gets possession and passes it Ishan and he scores

Soon after Deigo scores is hat trick

At this stage all the players as exceptionally muddy from head to toe!

Everyone tired and this is when Barwell score a goal

Barwell tries to score again but Josh saves the goal.  Anas passes to Joshan who then passes to Deigo, who passes to Heath and he scores

Raza has the ball then Joshan, it goes off side and Barwell take the throw.  Anas tackles them and passes it to Ridhi who passes back to Anas who passes to Heath and who scores

Deigo passes the ball to Ridhi and she passes it to Heath, unfortunately Heath falls, gets up fast and gets the ball back and passes it to Anas who scores

Deigo passes to Anas who passes to Ridhi.  Goal kick by Josh, whistle blows at this point as the goalie from Barwell is soaked and covered in mud.  Barwell coach tries to put more layers.  Their goalie is swapped at this point. 

Before you know it Barwell score 2 more goal!  

Player of the Day: Diego

Goals Scorers: Anas (2), Diego (3), Heath (3), Ishan (3)

Oadby Owls Hawks U8's V Kingsway Rangers - 3rd February 2013 (Group Game) 

It was a cold and bitter winters day, the temperature must have been 1 degree at the most, SKY T.V who were to stream the game live could not make it as per the cold Arctic conditions.

Both teams were fixated with a decent warm up, and was good to see the hunger in the eyes of this Hawks team, you could see they all had the eye of the Tiger, and if I was a betting man, there would only be one team I would back.


After a good 30 minutes warm up, and tactics re-confirmed by the two young coaches who’s idea’s on play has been adopted by Jose Mourinho, the time had come to start this game.

The match Kicked off, and Kingsway Rangers punted the ball high up the pitch, towards our left flank, they won an early throw, and from the ensuing long throw in; Rangers had an early chance to score but were foiled by a good tackle by Ridhi.

Hawks then got the ball up the pitch following a good solo run by Stephan, however, this resulted in Rangers booting the ball downhill, up the pitch and keeping the ball in our half for a continued amount of time, for this match reporter and commentator, it was too long, it was nail-biting, if I was sat at home watching this on SKY I would have been sat on the edge of my seat, but instead I was writing this from the heated driver side seat of my ‘kept the engine running’ car.

The match was 3 minutes in, and the ball had not left our half for what seemed like an eternity, however it was actually 4 minutes, this Rangers team were intent on scoring, and they had chance after chance however, great challenges from Raza and Ridhi, plus all of our midfield were helping out, even our strikers were sucked in deeper and deeper to help with this Rangers onslaught.

Josh our keeper made a string of fine saves, however, Rangers were not to be denied the opener, and on the 5th minute mark, after a fine strike from their striker the ball was blasted into the top corner of the goal and it nestled into the back of our net.  They celebrated like any fine team would, and after the last high-five the match kicked off, however, Rangers once again had the ball blasted into the Hawks half, and began to put pressure on our back 2, once again Josh made several saves that kept the Hawks in the match, one of them was reminiscent of a Great Peter Shilton save that he made against Kenny Dalglish which is where I learnt later that Josh got his inspiration.

Anas, Stephan, Heath, Ishan, were all helping out Ridhi and Raza and Josh in our box, whilst Samik, Ishan, Joshan and Diego were trying to force an opening up the other end of the pitch, once again, had it not been for the steady goal keeping of Josh this Hawks team would have been 4 goals down.

The end of the half was nearly upon us, and then something clicked!  The tactics drilled into the Hawks team every Wednesday at Training kicked in, I was now reporting pass after pass after pass, very much like a team I once did a match report on called the ‘Barca team of January 2013’, the swing of play was now one sided, and it was 100 percent possession to the Hawks, this was later confirmed by the OPTA statistics team.

With 1 minute left on the clock, the Hawks players, the Joint management and coaching staff, plus the supporters in the stands and a lot of them were parents who were given complimentary tickets by the Club were hoping that this half would not end, it was unfortunately ended however by the referee, who incidentally had a good game, he allowed the game to flow and played on this new advantage rule that is all the hype these days.  He did however blow the half-time whistle much to the delight of the Rangers team, but to the dismay of the Hawks.

The Rangers Managers were telling their team to go out and keep doing what they were doing, the Hawks management also said the exact same thing, to continue playing the only way they knew, the passing game, getting the ball onto the wings, fighting for their team-mates, one for all and all for one.

The second half was now upon us, and straight from the off, the Hawks played the ball down the right flank to Ishan who played a great one-two with Heath, and then the ball found itself at the feet of Samik who saw a good shot go just wide.  Stephan then made a great solo run only to be denied by a tackle from two of the Rangers defenders.  Annis also made a run down the left, passing the ball to his teammates who in turn passed to other Hawks, Heath was unlucky not have a goal, Samik who struck a sweet left footed shot just wide nearly levelled, Diego made a run down the left taking on a couple of players setting up Ishan who brought a fine save from the Rangers number 1.

More great play from Heath on the right wing nearly lead to a goal for Joshan who was at the right place at the right time but missed by an inch, Raza and Ridhi were now pushing the play and were no longer playing deep, this helped our midfield and attack to drive forward and place more pressure to the heart of Rangers’ Defence.

The Hawks were now firmly in control of the game, however, for all the domination that the hawks displayed, this looked to not be their day, with only 4 minutes left on the clock, Rangers punted the ball up the pitch deep into Hawks territory, and the striker was played through by a fine through ball, it was a one-on-one, he struck it like a cannon ball smashed from the foot of Zeus, it was going in, the whole stadium knew this was game set and match as it was goal bound, but what is this? Josh somehow teleported himself to the bottom left of his post and pushed it around the post for a corner, this was an impossible save but he saved it, Stephen Hawking later had difficulty explaining this one.

Rangers took the corner, and after a goal mouth scramble, Josh once again saved this Hawks team.  There were only 2 minutes of normal time left on the clock, and the Hawks had nothing to show for their total domination of the second half, it seemed like most Hawks supporters from the world over had admitted defeat, but not this resilient Hawks team, the ball was worked from our leftback, to our right winger, who then played a cross-field ball back to the left wing, the ball found itself at the feet of Ishan, on the corner of the left side of the Rangers Box, he took a touch, he then stared into the eyes and soul of the Rangers keeper, the stare seemed to last an eternity, it was exactly like Clint Eastwood would stare at someone who had wronged him over a dispute about gold or land or a small village who wanted their respect back from an evil rancher or Casino Building merchant. Ishan then looked down at the ball, and then looked back at the keeper, he then side-footed this ball home into the bottom right corner, or keepers left, Hawks finally had their equaliser, the hawks then celebrated like they’d just won the world cup, they deserved this goal, and all the fans and parents who were flown in especially were able to go home happy.

The game kicked off again and with only a minute left on the clock Rangers smashed the ball up the park, and were foiled by another world class save by Josh who at this juncture was a.k.a Bruce Grobbelaar.  He kicked the ball as hard as he could and the Hawks yet again continued to pile on the pressure, the game was 3 minutes into injury time, and Hawks were now creating a high octane hurricane on this cold day, this football reporter could feel the heat from many metre’s away in the car park.  It was like going back in a time-machine and watching a rampant Liverpool team from the Early 1980’s (10 years before I was even born) taking apart whatever stood in their way.

The referee was now about to place the whistle to his lips to end this epic battle, however the ball then found its way to the left wing, and it was crossed into the box, what is this?  What is going on? Somebody pinch me but not too hard, This acclaimed football writer asked himself, can there be a twist in the tail?  Surely not?  It seemed every player on the pitch was in that Rangers Box, Orange’s were desperately trying to get it away, Black and Whites were trying to force this one home.

The ball then found itself at the right foot of Joshan, there was not enough time for him to control this ball, he did what only Joshan knows how to do and smashed it into the back of the net, and victory belonged to the Hawks, the Hawks team screamed in elation, they Partied like it was 1999, the only thing missing was a Disco Ball.

In all my years of writing reports at the highest level of football and beach volley-ball, I can hand on heart say I have never seen the likes of this in my life, this was an amazing match, and in centuries to come, people will ask, where were you on that fateful day in February?

The Player of the Match could have been any one of the players on the Pitch, however I will give it to Josh who paid off a large portion of that huge transfer fee with some world class saves.

Due to the never-say-die attitude of the Hawks, who stuck to the pearls of wisdom that had been passed down from them from their 2 extremely young and charming plus tactically aware and astute Managers, they carved out a result when they simply could have folded under the pressure of a fantastic Kingsway Rangers team. 

Well done to the winning Hawks team who are going places if they stick together and listen to their Coaches who have a single minded approach to playing football – which is to enjoy it.

Player of the Day: Josh (GK)

Goals Scorers: Ishan (1), Joshan (1)

Stoke Golding Swords v Oadby Owls Hawks - 9th December 2012 (Group Game)

Hawks were caught napping as Golding scored with their first attack, inside a minute.But the Hawks didn`t drop their heads, on a very wet and cold day they battled on.

The first half was end to end stuff, with both sides attacking full on.

Second half Hawks took command and really started to play well. (was it the team talk)

A long range shot from Stepan, was followed up with a lovely finish from Joshan.This was followed by a wave off attacks from Hawks and shots from Anas and Stepan. 

A lovely flowing move by Samik and Stepan was finished brilliantly by Diego for the second.

On occasions when Golding attacked with purpose, Ridhi and Raza were brilliant in defence.

Hawks third goal was a magnificent solo from Stepan running and weaving past the whole opposition team before smashing an unstoppable shot past the keeper.

Player of the Day: Stephan

Goals Scorers: Joshan (1) Diego (1) Stephan (1)

Cosby United Badgers V Oadby Owls Hawks - 18th November 2012 (Group Game)

On a cold November Morning the Hawks were returning from a mid season break and were hoping to sustain their unbeaten free scoring start to the season. The Hawks were marking the debut of their bright Orange away kit for the match.

The game started were slowly for both the teams and during the first ten minutes all the play was mainly in the midfield and both the teams seem to cancel each other out tactically and in the formations of the team.

In the 11th minute Hawks attacking threat paid some dividends when Ishan scored the first goal coming in from the right when the ball was played to him by Anas and Ishan slotted the ball clinically in the bottom of the net.

Within a few minuets from a Cosby throw in Anas won the ball and drove into the Cosby penalty box and scored his first goal of the match.

Hawks continued to dominate the half and on an odd occasion when Cosby did manage to built an attack both Stepan and Raza diluted any potential threats and it was on one of this defensive stages of the game that Stepan won the ball deep in the Hawks half, came out with the ball and passed to Ishan on the wide right, who in turn came into the box from outside right took a shot which was well saved by the Cosby keeper, however, Joshan had followed the shot in and tapped the ball past the stranded keeper just before the break.

The second half began in the same manner as the first half had ended and Heath was taking control of the right wing and was having a great show of pace and power on the right hand side of the midfield. It was on one of those drives that Heath had received the ball from Ridhi and drove wide cutting in and passing the ball to Anas, who in turn went past two Cosby players and unleashed a shot past the keeper for his second of the match.

Cosby did manage to compile a couple of minor attacks and if on an odd occasion they did manage to get past Hawks midfield both Raza and Ridhi broke their moves with ease and setting the Hawks on an attack.

Joshan was also given a role on the right and he was beginning to enjoy the role.

Both Stepan and Heath were n now beginning to control the midfield and on a rare occasion of a Cosby attack Raza won the ball passed it on to Stepan who dribbled the ball past the Cosby midfielders and defence and blasted the ball into the top corner of the Cosby goal.

Hawks were now playing with compete ease and confidence and Diego was soon rewarded for his perseverance when Anas put in a pass which split the defence and Diego had a sublime finish from outside his right foot.

Hawks were now playing total football and all the players wanted the ball. Samik came in from the right and was fouled just outside the box, Stepan took the free kick with ferocity and the ball whistled past the Cosby post went with the keeper beaten.

Towards the end of the match Anas soon completed his hat trick when Joshan combined with Heath to pass the ball to Anas for his hat trick.

In the last minute of the match Samik won the ball from a Cosby goal kick and took an early shot which he saw go just wide of the post.

Overall this was a professional team performance with five boys getting on the score sheet.

Although Josh the keeper did not have much to do during the game, he kept his focus and was keen on the rare occasion that he had the ball to get Hawks on an immediate attack. The team played well and kept a clean sheet.

Player of the Day: Anas

Goals Scorers: Anas (3) , Ishan (1), Joshan (1), Stephan (1), Diego (1)

Fleckney Athletic V Oadby Owls Hawks 4th November 2012 (Group Game)

In the fourth league outing for the Hawks, with a near full strength squad, the game was played in miserable conditions as the rain fell throughout.  Under grey clouds, and with a very soggy pitch the team played exceptionally, not letting the conditions phase them at all. There were 4 different Hawks scorers showing that this was a real team effort.Our stand in goal keepers (Joshan & Anas) played with great concentration and did the team proud in the absence of our team goalie Joshua.

The first half was tight, as each team tried to dominate the game – the midfield battle was being won by Fleckney, which resulted in the first goal of the game for Fleckney.  However, the Hawks responded well, with a goal created by the team working it from defence (Rhidi) to midfield (Ishan) whose pass split the Fleckney defence for Samik to score the first of his four goals.  The impetus was now with the Hawks who quickly took the lead through a great individual effort from Stepan, taking on four players, to slot the ball passed the Fleckney goalie.  The support play from the whole team was very important as the Hawks were winning the 50/50 balls and were doubling up when trying to win the ball back.  Heath epitomised the team ethic by getting himself all over the pitch!

After the break, the Hawks were quick out of the blocks but it was in fact Fleckney who pressed for the equaliser.  However, the Hawks weathered the storm and then took the game by the scruff of the neck, and soon put the game out of reach.  Samik added a further three goals to the one he scored in the first half, with additional goals from Diego and Joshan.  The pick of Samik’s four goals was his fourth, as he took the ball down the left wing and let rip with a great shot, to fly into the top left corner of the Fleckney goal.  When Diego had his chance up front, he played well to hold up the ball as the support came from the midfield, and got his reward with a goal.

The defence played exceptionally throughout, and were largely responsible for keeping the Fleckney total down to one.  As usual Raza played his solid position of left-back with great support from Rhidi – she played extremely well, and cleared up any loose balls to break wave after wave of Fleckney attacks.  As the opposition tired, Ishan had some great success down the right wing and had a couple of chances to get on to the score sheet, but with no success.  Stepan and Anas were the real work horses of the team and did not stop running throughout the game.  In the second half, after Joshan vacated the goalie role to Anas, he played really well down the left wing, providing some good support for the strikers and getting his goal after the initial shot from Ishan was saved by the Fleckney keeper.  Heath played both in midfield and in defence with real confidence and battled well for the ball.

The team continues to go from strength to strength with four wins out of four this season so far – the hard work and effort put in by the team in the latter part of last season, and with the pre-season friendlies/tournament, has proven to be the difference this season!

Player of the Day: Samik

Goals Scorers: Samik (4) Joshan (1) Stephan (1) Diego (1) 

Oadby Owls Hawks V Epworth Forest - 7th October 2012 (Group game)

The Hawks first home fixture of the season saw them in a confident and buoyant mood. Anas gave the team a great start after winning the ball From an Epworth throw in, and make a run down the left flank before placing a sup come shot at the goal into the top of the net. Soon after the kick off Heath crossed the ball from the right which Samik controlled for the ball to be cleared off the line by an Epworth defender!


Heath then wins the ball in the midfield and smashes a powerful shot into the box for Stepan to convert into a goal


Within minutes a throw in for Anas rebounds off an Epworth player and falls back into the path of Anas who runs up field and smashes a goal into the back of the net.


Now it was Epworth's turn for a change to apply some pressure with a counter attack, however a super sliding tackle from Raza saw Ishan collect the ball, and a quick pass to Joshan, who then works his way around two defenders to score the goal.


Strong resilient defending from Muzzy and Ridhi then deny Epworth any chanced on goal, the ball falls back to Ishan who takes the opportunity to run up field and score a good goal.


Josh’s first and only  task in the match is to pick the ball out of the net when Epworth Forest go on the attack with their number 5 making a good run and finishing the move of with a goal.


The Half Time whistle sees the Hawks with a very strong lead.


In the second half, Samik takes the free kick which goes over the entire Epworths defence to Diego, who is perfectly placed in the box to tap the ball into the net. , Within minutes Diego is on the receiving end of another quality pass by Samik which is over the oppositions defence and puts Diego through to score his second of the match.


Despite such a huge leads the Hawks are still playing with the same determination and drive as the first half, Anas takes the early initiative to force a corner, once again Hawks are camped in the oppositions half. Stepan then won a ball in Hawks penalty box during rare Epworths attack and steamed down the wing and into the Epworths penalty box only to see his effort go wide of the goal.


Hawks won another of their numerous corners which Muzzy took and Stepan put it into the top corner for another Oadby goal.  Oadby Hawks continued to apply p a relentless pressure, out maneuvering, tackling and having more shots on target, a pass from Stepan sees Anas get on to  the end of it to secure his first hat trick of the season


Now its stepans turn to apply the pressure, a superb run up the middle of the pitch, facing a barrage of Epworth defenders, he gets through to smash the ball into the goal


A corner taken by Samik gives Heath his opportunity on goal which he took with ease, tapping the ball in the net, Muzzy then gets a shot on target, which just falls a little short.


By now the pressure by the hawks and is immense, we see another breakthrough run by Heath through the midfield up to shoot on goal which their keep saves wee, however Samik has followed up the shot and is there to tap in past the stranded keeper, this is soon followed up by a pass from Ishan to Joshan for another goal.


In the later stages of the game, Oadby Hawks are still playing the game in the same pace and Samik wins the ball in the left midfield runs into the box and shoots with his left foot into the far corner for the striker to see the ball go into the net off the inside post for his first hat trick for the season.


Within a minute Diego also completed his hat trick but putting the ball past the keeper after a pass from Ishan who had intercepted the opposition’s goal kick.


A fantastic team effort by the Oadby Hawks, which proved too strong for the visiting side on this day!


Player of the Day: Muzzy

Goals Scorers: Anas (3), Samik (3), Diego (3), Joshan (2), Heath (2), Stephan (2), Ishan (1)

Barwell Hurricanes v Oadby Owls Hawks - 28th October 2012 (Group Game)

This was the third game of the season for the Hawks and it was against the Barwell Hurricanes. The weather played its part, as the sun came out for a very fresh autumnal morning.  Kick off was as planned for 10.30am, and the Hurricanes had a full turn out – the Hawks had a squad of 8 to choose from.

The first half started as the Hawks left off in the previous game, with a great tempo and urgency from all team members.  Throughout the game, the Hurricanes were not allowed to get into any particular rhythm as the Hawks were first to every ball, and ensured possession was maintained throughout.  Stepan again saw a lot of the ball in midfield together with Anas, and they combined well to take control in the midfield.  The make-shift defence of Raza and Ishan coped well with the few loose ball that came through and ensured there was little for the Josh (GK) to do!

The Hawks scored 4 goals in the first half, and played very well as a team – controlling the ball, looking up to see their team members and then making the pass.  Time and again, Anas intercepted the ball in midfield, and it was this moved that led to the first goal.  Anas got the ball, played a one-two with Samik, and then scored.  It was another interception in the midfield by Stepan, who passed to Anas to make it 2-0.  The third goal was a real team effort, as Raza received the ball in defence, passed it to Joshan, who headed it to Ishan, who passed it back to Joshan.  The final pass was to Samik, who scored with his left foot.  Finally, the fourth goal was the hat-trick goal by Anas, who received the ball from Raza in defence, dribbled it past two players and scored to a great cheer from the crowd.

The Hurricanes were more competitive in the second half, which showed as they attacked the Hawks’ goal early on – the defence and Josh(GK) were aware to the threat and the clean sheet was maintained.  Two further goals from the Hawks came from Diego and Stephan.  The fifth goal was an excellent effort by the team, as Josh (GK) rolled the ball to Samik, who dibbled it down the left wing, and crossed the ball along the floor in front of goal for Diego to tap in with great technique.  The final goal was an individual effort by Stepan, who deserved to score as he was one of the most active members of the team – he won the ball in midfield, dribbled past a couple of players and cracked a right footed shot outside of the box.  The Hurricanes goal keeper did not have a chance as the ball flew into the back of the net.

Overall, this was another great performance by the Hawks, keeping to the tradition since the start of the season.  They were first to every ball, harried the opposition when not in possession, and ensured they supported each other across the whole pitch.  Lets hope this good start to the season continues in the next game!

Player of the Day: Stephan

Goals Scorers: Anas (3), Diego (1), Stephan (1), Samik (1)

Narborough Foxes V Oadby Owls Hawks - 16th September 2012 (Group game ) 

The Hawks were thrilled to get there season up and running after a mixed pre-season.

But what a start we had.  With only one of the eleven man/women squad missing hafk had a good selection of players to choose.

3 Players making their debut - Ridhi, Heath, Stepan

With only a few minutes gone the strength of the team was showing, with a good move and opening shot from Samik which was well saved, not long after a move between Heath and Ishan was well finished from Samik. After another good passage of play Anas put in a great long range shot which was well saved. The second goal soon followed throw good hassling from the Hawks resulting in a goal for Heath.  After some good pressure the foxes’ managed to break through the resilient defence of Raza and Ridhi to score past and brave Josh in goal who managed to get a hand to it. Hafk then made some changes which saw Stepan take a free kick which was well saved, more chances came but the foxes’ keeper was having a great game.  

The second half started much the same with some great passing from the whole team to set up more chances, but we just couldn’t get it in the net. Then a foxes attack broke through the defence only to find an outstanding Josh in goal who kept us in the game. We were then awarded a penalty which Stepan converted. Our strength and team work then took over with flowing moves from all the team from MuzzyRaza and Ridhi in defence to StepanHeath and Anas in midfield through to Diego,Samik and Ishan in attack. Hafk was able to rota the team feeling confident in all positions, it resulted in Stepan completing a hatrick, Samik and Anas a brace each and Ishan completing the goals.

A great start to the season, moving on full of confidence, well done

Player of the Day: Josh

Goals Scorers: Stepan (3) , Samik (2), Anas (2), Ishan (1), Heath (1)

Team Notices

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