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Manager: Jason Braybrooke

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Assistant Manager: Glenn Hawkins

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The team play in the Leicester & District Mutual League – Division1

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Bardon Hill Eagles 0 Oadby Owls Snowys 0 - 17th April 2013 (League)

Improved Snowys fail to take revenge

A mid-week evening kick off in Coalville saw a changed Snowys travel to the team that had scored 6 past them only a few days earlier. Yuvraj now back in goal and other players now much improved healthwise. Snowys might have been forgiven for being nervous at the prospect of getting back on the bike so soon after falling off it. They were anything but nervous and this was a very different game. Snowys had Bardon on the back foot as they sought to prove that the previous fixture was a fluke of circumstances. Bardon to their credit were cautious as it seemed they were expecting a backlash. This played into Snowys hands and whilst not quiet the level of one way traffic the Blaby & Whetstone game was Snowys had the lions share of possession and attacks. Yuvraj a virtual spectator for most the game, but still pulled out a save when called upon. Snowys threw everything at Bardon as the game went on seeking that winner that would guarantee them as champions with a game spare. Alas it wasn't to be. Despite hitting the bar and a sublime piece of skill from Kaden to round a player one way as he sent the ball the other. That shot ultimately being cleared off the line so many before had been. 0-0 the final score had deprived Bardon of the chance of pipping Snowys to second spot as they now could finish no higher than 3rd.

At the final whistle the Bardon players and supporters showed what a well coached, and set-up, club they are as they genuinely complemented Snowys on a great game and wished them luck in the final fixture.

Player of the Day: Kaden Stokes

Goals Scorers: N/A

Groby Juniors 1 Oadby Owls Snowys 2 - 14th April 2013 (League)

Snowys return to winning ways

Fresh from their heavy defeat the previous day Snowys travelled to Groby on a very blustery day. The pitch was on high ground with the wind blowing right across the pitch. It had the potential to make the game a lottery, but it didn't. From the off Snowys kept the ball on the deck in true Brian Clough style and passed it around Groby with a fair amount of ease. With the players hardly able to hear each other or their coach, that was a great feat. In true Oadby style they dominated, but always looked vulnerable to the odd Groby break. The only surprise was that it was goalless at half time.

HT 0-0

Right from the kick off of the second half Snowys got the goal their first half play deserved. They broke with one touch passing that saw Ethan race clear in a 1 on 1 with the keeper. He calmly side-footed home and took some catching as he ran away to celebrate.  Snowys then looked to build and just a couple of minutes later Ethan again forced a mistake which resulted in Theo taking a corner. Theo crossed and Ethan headed home for Snowys second from midway in the box. This time he had no chance to run and celebrate as he vanished under a mass of black & white shirts. but this wouldn't be the Snowys is they didn't give you those heart in mouth moments and as per the seasons pattern they sat back and Groby pressed onto them. there was never really any danger but Groby somehow grabbed a goal back and it was a very nervy last few minutes as time added on way played. Snowys saw the game out for a well deserved 3 points but once again late in the second half made it hard for themselves.

Player of the Day: Ethan Bruiner

Goals Scorers: Ethan Bruiner

Oadby Owls Snowys 0 Bardon Hill Eagles 6 - 13th April 2013 (League)

Depleted Snowys routed by Bardon

Another of several upcoming rearranged fixtures saw Snowys move “home”  to a small pitch at Judgemeadow as their own pitch was being used by the Saturday academy. Snowys started well with some decent passing, but Bardon soon attacked and forced an early corner which saw a shot go wide. From then on Snowys struggled to win the ball in midfield.  Reece took several goal kicks but they were too long for Louie to collect. Snowys then won a corner and a scramble saw Harry hit a tame shot just past the post.

Bardon broke and Snowys won the initial header but failed to get to the 2nd  ball in midfield. Bardon collected the loose ball and ran down Snowys left. Theo went to clear but his kick rebounded off  Josh into path of another Bardon attacker. Reece parried the initial shot, but again the rebound fell into the path of 2 Bardon players running in and one scored from less than a yard out. Snowys from the kick off attacked down the right which saw Kaden cross, but Josh, waiting in the box, was beaten to ball. Bardon then hit a long ball that Theo met with a firm header but it was hit straight back. This time it went over Theo’s head . It didn’t bounce out for goal-kick and a Bardon player collected. He pulled it back and the subsequent shot was well saved by Reece, a second shot was blocked and charged down by Luca. But a third found it’s way in from close range. Bardon robbed Snowys from the kick-off and took a long range shot again parried by Reece this time for a corner. Snowys cleared down the right with Louie & Luca but it came to nothing. Bardon then took control with some slick passing made easier for them as Snowys  continually backed off .This pattern of play was stopped by Luca whom took a long range shot that went wide. Right at the end of the half Bardon had another shot headed away again by Theo.

HT 0- 2

Snowys looked to up the pace from the off but with just over a minute gone Bardon got a third. They hit a long shot which again didn’t run out. Reece perhaps should have just picked it up, but tried to play the ball away .It was hit too firmly against Luca and the rebound again fell to Bardon. Their shot was blocked by Theo but there was no luck at all for Snowys as it fell back to Bardon again who scored from yet another rebound. Snowys were now chasing shadows as Bardon played piggy in middle with whoever chased the ball. Eventually Bardon came forward again and a player beat Luca to a tackle. A good pass left a teammate  one on one running in but it he hit all most right away and it went in off the post for the 4thSnowys held the ball from this kick off and Harry had a shot from the right hand side.Although it had little power the keeper spilled it, but no one was following in . Kaden & Louie  combined as Kaden got a cross in which just missed Josh. Again the keeper didn’t collect cleanly and spilled it again, with no Oadby player close. A huge punt from Bardon saw a long shot gathered by Reece and he tried to quickly feed Theo. Theo lost out as Bardon the shot hit the post though it looked destined for the top corner. The follow up was hit wide for a goal kick. From this goalkick Bardon won it and ran straight back at Snowys. Luca tried in vain tackle but the Bardon shot this time did find the top corner giving Reece chance. Snowys, though not playing at their best kept trying ot go at Bardon.  Snowys got a corner and Luca met it at same time as keeper  but Bardon continued the break. 3 on 1 they went past Theo and rounded Reece as he came out to make it 6.Louie managed to win a late free kick, and took it low. Ethan jumped over it, but the keeper still saved.

No doubt that Bardon played very well and thoroughly deserved the win. They gave Snowys a lesson in following up and finishing as Snowys were again shot shy. The overall % possession play was almost equal but Bardon were far more productive when they had the ball. That said Snowys had no luck with 4 of Bardons goals coming from one or more ricochets that should have been cleared better.  Also to take note of, there was no regular keeper for Snowys despite Reece being an able deputy. And both Louie & Ethan were carrying a badly injured hand & tonsillitis respectively. Snowys were overall very pedestrian and always second to every loose ball. I doubt Snowys can play this poor, and Bardon this well again.

Player of the Day: Theo Tatham-Grant

Goals Scorers: N/A

Oadby Owls Snowys 0 Blaby & Whetstone Rangers 0 - 7th April 2013 (League)


Dominant Snowys fail to break Blaby & Whetstone resistance

With 2 defeats running fresh in the memory Snowys looked to turn their fortunes around against B&W. From the start, this was very different to the last couple of games. The team spirit was back as the boys encouraged each other. The passing was crisp and clinical. But alas, the finishing wasn't. This was a very one sided match and B&W hardly had a kick of the ball during the whole match. In fact during the 1st half, I don't think B&W crossed the half way line a single time with the ball in their possession. But a combination of poor finishing, great goal keeping & defending and a HUGE slice of good luck on the part of B&W kept this game goalless. To any neutral, and even the most partisan B&W supporter they would have wondered how this didn't end up with a cricket score. Snowys hit the bar no less than 5 times. Both posts a further 4 times. Several shots wide, when it "was" easier to score. A goal-keeper who made save after save. Defenders getting the way of anything goal bound. Sometimes more by luck than judgement. And even 3 goal line clearances just as the ball was about to cross the line. Snowys almost had an even worse outcome when B&W broke late in the 2nd half and almost nicked a most unlikely winner. Yuvraj despite having no part in the game for 38 minutes, pulled off a save which led to a corner. Snowys cleared and broke, but time was up. Every Snowys player,except Yuvraj have more than one chance to score. Such was the dominance. It would be no exaggeration to say this game could have finished 10 or 12 Nil to the Snowys. But critically it didn't and Snowys may be left to rue this result later in the season. 

Player of the Day: Josh Shenton

Goals Scorers: N/A

Oadby Owls Snowys 1 East Goscote 2 - 31st March 2013 (League)

Snowys fail to build on gifted start.

Snowys attempt to bounce back from their first defeat of the league season hit the buffers as East Goscote left Coombe Park with all 3 points. Snowys scored via an own goal in the opening few minutes. a shot by Kaden helped into the net by a Goscote defender. Snowys failed to build on this and were pinned back by Goscote from the re-start. All the Snowys were still very below par the the early season form and found it heavy going against a determined and robust Goscote team. It was no surprise when Goscote equalised just before half time.

HT 1-1

Snowys were improved in the second half, but still didn't really impose their game on Goscote. In fact the visitors were dictating large amounts of the play and scored a well deserved 2nd with around five minutes to play. Snowys then decided to press onto Goscote looking for an equaliser of their own, but despite hitting the bar and the post, it never came.  To be fair it would have had been an injustice to East Goscote if Snowys had forced one home. Goscote deserved their win. Snowys have yet to shake off the winter blues.

Player of the Day: Kaden Stokes

Goals Scorers: O.G.

Oadby Owls Snowys U9 0 Oadby Owls Snowys U10 1 - 3rd March 2013 (Friendly)

Snowys United

Another league match cancellation saw Snowy’s gain a further game to catch up. With the prospect of no alternate match, a last minute internal friendly with the Under 10’s Snowy’s was arranged. This would be a good test for the u9’s against the u10’s, both having almost identical records in their respective leagues. 3 x 20 minute “half’s” were to be played and it was agreed to switch between size 3 and size 4 balls between each one.

Session One

The u9’s started quickly forcing the 10’s back and not allowing them to settle.  An early break by Louie found Ethan who laid off to Luca but he was unable to collect cleanly.  10’s made some ground back down their left and hit a high ball across goal which their attacker couldn’t quiet reach. It ran through to Theo and he set off the 9’s again. Louie, Ethan & Luca combining well yet again but it came to nothing.  Ethan won it again on the left but hit a tame shot which went for a goal-kick. 10’s broke and won a couple of corners in quick succession. 9’s defended them without too much trouble.  10’s then had a spell of good possession for the first time in the game, passing it around the back and patiently building forward momentum.  9’s then made a break which led to several throw-ins on the right which Reece took. Time & time again he lobbed the ball over the defenders to his team mates. One to Ethan almost saw Josh score but the keeper saved well.  Another to Kaden whom miss-kicked with the goal at his mercy, and the loose ball also evaded Josh. Soon after Harry hit a shot which the keeper parried and the rebound from the post once more evaded the on rushing Josh. 10’s found it hard to gain much ground as the 9’s were relentless in attack. When they did manage some respite, Theo or Reece continually broke up their play in the last third.  Yuvraj kept his team-mates on their toes with a couple of short goal-kicks, when a longer option would have been better.  One led to a corner but 9’s cleared and broke with Kaden. He broke that quick he had no support and 10’s defended easily. Right on the whistle 10’s managed a long range shot but it was well wide.

Session Two

The second period began at a frantic pace. Both sides were right at it from the A long throw from Reece saw good interplay from Ethan & Kaden. The ball was rolled back to Harry whom found Louie with the pass of the game so far. Louie controlled well and hit a shot which just looped over the bar. With hindsight a first time strike might have proved more beneficial. Warm applause from those on the sideline for the move. Louie then made a cross from another pass by, which almost dropped in at the far post.  As the 10’s looked to grab hold of the ball, from  their viewpoint it must have seemed there were orange shirts everywhere.  Kaden broke, but he was just outpaced by the covering defenders for a throw.  10’s countered and Shaun sidestepped the 9’s defence and hit a shot just over.  The game was now becoming end to end.  Reece cleared some pressure and Kaden collected the clearance.  He brought Ethan into play but 10’s snatched it back. 10’s sent the ball back for a goal-kick which Yuvraj took short and nearly got caught. He tackled the forward to make up for his misjudgement and was supported in the clearance by Luca. He in turn set Louie away and his cross was begging to be headed home but it was too long for both Ethan & Kaden. Back came 10’s with a corner hit just under 9’s crossbar.  Ethan & Kaden stopped again led to a 10’s player almost squeezing home from an acute angle but the ball ran across goal. Everyone turned for the goal-kick as the ball trickled to the corner flag, but it was still in play. Reece collected and found Louie but 10’s managed to win the throw in their left back position. 10’s didn’t clear for long as Harry got it back and hit a half shot/half cross which Kaden just headed over.  10’s were almost in at the other end but Louie made a great covering challenge. Ethan then took a miss-timed tackle and both teams took a minute to get their breaths back as he received treatment.  Harry then conceded a free kick which took a deflection and was bound for the top corner. Yuvraj made a great save and made it look easy in the process. More 10’s possession saw 9’s pegged back again and they were relieved to see a shot drop behind the goal rather than in. 9’s came again and Kaden was clean through only to see the 10’s keeper sweeping out of goal closer to the half way line to deny him. Right at the end of this session Theo then caught a flailing boot on the arm needed treatment.

Session Three

With honours still even the teams moved into the final 20 minute session. 10’s had an early corner and the box was crowded by both sets of players.  It went for another corner, and another before it was cleared.  Back came 10’s and a tame shot found its way to Yuvraj.  9’s, perhaps tiring, found they were second to several balls as 10’s nipped in first. In doing this 9’s were inviting pressure on themselves. A lapse in concentration saw a short goal-kick stolen by the 10’s who must score. A simple side foot would have produced a goal, but the shot was hit hard and high against the bar and fell down where it was gathered by Yuvraj. Unlike 1966 this was not deemed to have crossed the line, and in fairness no player made any appeal for it to count. 10’s were defiantly having more of the play and build up this session, but 9’s were still dangerous on the break. Kaden was away on the right and he got a fantastic cross in where Reece knocked down when he may have gone for goal. Louie was unlucky not to score from this knock down but couldn’t get a clean shot off. Harry then hit a cross field ball in his own half to Theo who controlled first time and set 9's off down the left. Determination from Reece was next as he forced into a possible shooting position, but he squared to Kaden who would have had a simple tap in had the defenders not read the pass. It wasn’t clear yet and long range shot deflected of a 10’s head and the keeper made a great save for 9’s first corner of the match.  It was an anti-climax as it came to nothing. Louie shortly after almost played Kaden back in, but he slipped at a crucial moment.  10’s then hemmed 9’s back in their own box, and they eventually forced home the first goal of the game. 9’s heads dropped a little having given so much without reward and the 10’s were having a few minutes of .domination. 9’s were back to a period of ball watching and waiting for the ball to come to them as 10’s got there first.  As 10’s looked to secure the game with a second goal 9’s came under more pressure, facing several throws deep in their own half and corners.Josh broke up most of these on his own with some great tackles. 9’s were still dangerous on the break and still had a couple of opportunities to remind 10’s of that before the end. Kaden through again, then a second corner saw Ethan head over. 

As full time whistle went, both teams can be justly proud of the display of football they served up. You could have paid to watch and not have been disappointed. Despite the age difference both teams were evenly matched, with the 9’s having the majority of the play & breaks for two of the three sessions. The 10’s edged the final session, perhaps due to fatigue on the 9’s and their own enhanced stamina and experience. They crowned it with a goal. And the only disappointment was it was the only goal of the afternoon, for either side. The game was worthy of more.  Both teams are a credit to the club.

Player of the Day: Everyone

Goals Scorers: n/a

Barrow Town 1 Oadby Owls Snowys 0 - 24th February 2013 (League)

Snowy's pay the penalty

Snowy’s made the trip to Barrow Town for a late afternoon kick-off for a fixture previously postponed.  It was a dry, but cold afternoon and the pitch slightly smaller than usual. It was flat, but a little sticky with more mud than grass visible.

Barrow made a bright start not allowing Snowy’s to settle. Snowy’s inadvertently made this worse with their own slow start to the game.Luca and Louie struggled to impose themselves in midfield as Barrow were first to many of the early balls.  Barrow attacks were primarily down the Snowy’s left flank, but they were stewarded over the goal line by Reece. Yuvraj took a succession of goal-kicks from these Barrow attacks in the early stages.

One of these finally saw Snowy’s combine some passes as Harry hit a one down the line and Kaden & Luca broke after the same ball.  Now it was Snowy's turn to see it roll away harmlessly for a goal-kick. Barrow went up the other end and forced a corner which was headed well clear by Reece. Barrow attempted to break from this clearance back, and Josh broke up their play. He was unlucky to concede a foul when he fell on the ball as he went to ground. The free kick though came to nothing, as it was hit too long from a Barrow, and went for yet another goal-kick.Barrow were preventing Snowy’s from playing, but without any real penetrating attacks of their own. Anything loose was swept up with ease by Reece& Harry, who in turn looked to set Snowy's away again. After 10 minutes Snowy’s finally had some good breaks, but both Louie and Luca were tackled at the last minute before they could work a shooting position. Kaden ran through with Josh in support but the ball ran out for a goal-kick. From this kick Luca chased it down but it was well defended and ricocheted for yet another goal-kick.

13 minutes were on the clock and the 1st half chance went Barrows way. A Barrow player hit a superb pass, taking out the Snowy's defenders. But the on-rushing Yuvraj caused the forward to panic and Yuvraj claimed the ball before him. Snowy’s played out down the right. A throw from Yuvraj found Harry who in turn found Luca. He combined with Kaden who won Snowy’s first corner. Louie took and it saw Luca running in to hit a volley just over the bar.  15 minutes played for the first meaning full shot of the game.  A couple more midfield skirmishes and it was half-time.  Neither keeper had made a single save but had taken at least half a dozen goal-kicks each. As a spectacle it was disappointing viewing. But despite the lack of actual chances for either side, Barrow had more than foothold in the game even though Snowy’s finished the half slightly the stronger.

HT 0-0

The second half began as the 1st had. Snowy’s totally frustrated by Barrow and in turn Barrow not gaining any momentum or ground of their own when they did have the ball.  Theo took up station at the back with Louie and they blocked the way when ever any Barrow player threatened. Ethan tried valiantly to get Snowy’s going up front, but like Kaden he wasn’t allowed too. Harry wasn’t getting it all his own way on midfield for a change either. But on the couple of times the Barrow players eluded him they chose to break down Theo’s side of the pitch. One break saw Theo beat the attacker to the ball and put the ball out for a throw. In doing so he stood firm and the attacker hit him at full pace, side-wards on and the game was halted for a several minutes as he received treatment for being winded.   When the game re-started Snowy’s cleared the Barrow throw-in.  Josh bravely put his head to the clearance, winning the ball where the boots were flying, but it ran loose to Barrow. Again it went down towards Theo & he won the ball and brought it away. Snowy’s then squandered possession as they repeatedly couldn’t get the ball from under their feet. Ethan, Josh and Harry all dispossessed by bobbling balls as they looked to set off.  Around 12 minutes of the second half and Barrow then had some meaningful possession. A couple of crosses from the left were caught in the air by Yuvraj. A shot was blazed left and over, when something more subtle might have found the net.   Theo once more stood firm in a tackle near the half way line, but this time clipped the Barrow players heels and the Barrow fell awkward causing another few minutes for treatment.  These breaks in play didn’t help Snowy’s cause, who just couldn’t get going. From this free kick some penalty box pinball ensued. Louie eventually took charge and controlled the ball looking to take the ball away to the touchline. As he did, he fell with a Barrow player on top of him. Surprisingly play carried on with Louie unable to get up. The ball now loose was on the very edge of the box.This saw a Snowy’s defender and a Barrow attacker come together with minimal contact, and certainly no intent from either player. There were no appeals from anyone, but the penalty was given.  However contentious the spot kick, it was ruthlessly dispatched by the Barrow player, giving Yuvraj no chance.

With time running out Snowy’s pressed and Ethan controlled a ball and passed to Kaden, when placed well for a shot himself. Kaden with the goal at his mercy saw his shot saved and scrambled away for a corner. Snowy’s didn’t make the most of it and Barrow cleared.  Snowy’s came back down the right and a shot hit the post and side-netting with the keeper looking to have made a great save, but the result was a goal-kick. Snowy’s pushed up but nearly conceded a second, as a Barrow shot went well wide. One last clearance saw Snowy’s move back into the Barrow half as the whistle went on-time. 

In summary, this was a game that whilst not scrappy in the true sense of the word, failed to really get going. It was far too much stop/start because injuries or goal-kicks. Today, this pattern of play favoured the home side. From memory neither keeper made more than one actual save in open play, yet took between 10 & a 12 goal-kicks a piece.  Snowy’s certainly didn’t deserve to win the game, but then again neither did Barrow. This was a game of very few chances at all. But whilst a 0-0 draw would have been an accurate reflection of a fairly drab game, Barrow will be ecstatic with the result. Snowy’s no doubt will learn from this very rare result and come back stronger

Possession 51%, Corners 3, Shots 5 (on target 2)

Player of the Day: Louie Hart

Goals Scorers: N/A

Loughborough Dynamo Terminators 0 Oadby Owls Snowys 1 - 3rd February 2013 (League)

Lacklustre Snowys Still Too Good For Loughborough

Overcast 5c, 3G artificial pitch.

Snowys made the trip to currently second placed Loughborough Dynamo Terminators with several squad members suffering from the after effects of the winter cold & flu bugs. It was a surprise they could field a full team as several boys had recently missed school & training with illness. That said Snowys started very brightly with Kaden putting in some early tackles to prevent L'boro getting a grip on the game. Lboro though forced an early corner which Harry headed clear and set up a break. This resulted in Snowys having a corner, won by Ethan, of their own. The box was over-crowded and it ultimately came to nothing. But what this did do was pen Lboro into their own half for a short period.

Theo repeatedly snuffed out L'boro possession on the left and made several passes towards Josh, Ethan and Kaden. Kaden got off a shot which the keeper saved. When Lboro did manage to bypass Theo they hit a diagonal shot right across Yuvraj’s goal which he was relived to see go wide. Another shot resulted from Snowys poorly cleared goal kick and Louie dived in to block it.

Ethan and Harry interchanged and Ethan beat 2 defenders and his shot bounced off the keepers legs into the path of Kaden. It was one of those its easier to score than miss moments, but Kaden's well hit shot went just wide of the right hand post with the goal at his mercy. 

Reece & Luca came on at the back and Louie moved into midfield. Whilst Snowys were re-grouping L'boro had a third across goal shot . Reece picked up the pieces and brought the ball out, then slide it to Kaden. Kaden fed Louie and he finally managed a shot which the keeper saved. Josh was busy showing himself up front but several passes meant for him just didn’t quiet make it. Right on the stoke of half time Luca looked to get away from the back, but he was well tackled. As he picked himself up for the throw in the half time whistle went.

HT 0 -  0

The second half started with a Snowys attack right from the kick off as Theo put Josh in the clear. Josh shot and the keeper gathered. From this point on Snowys endured some sustained L'boro pressure, which was mainly self induced from Snowys own mistakes. The game became very scrappy with neither team able to get any fluid football going. Lboro did manage some one touch passing which cut through the Snowys midfield and defence. But as they looked to shoot Luca came back with a last ditch tackle. This in turn set Reece off and he started a move involving Josh,and Louie. Louie's pass found Theo on the edge of the box and he calmly steered his shot goal bound as he scored off the post.

The game had further chances for both teams,but was it was still disjointed. Josh cleared a Lboro shot off the line. Theo forced a corner up the other end for the Snowys shortly after. Once again Lboro were back in the Snowys half and a strong tackle by Harry left a Lboro player unable to continue, as the ball went out for a goal kick.Ethan played Josh in, but he was unable to shoot. Louie came across the goal once more and passed to Theo, but he was unable to repeat his scoring shot. Lboro saw a shot palmed away by Yuvraj and it deflected back off their own player, so Reece shepherded it out for a goal kick.

Once more Lboro came back at the Snowys and Reece firmly won a 50/50 tackle which saw the ball ricochet into Yuvraj's hands.Louie was almost caught in possession but he chased his opponent and both players took a tumble in the resulting tackle. Once again the Lboro player had to receive treatment and leave the field. Th last action of the game saw Ethan fouled on the break just as he was about to lay off to Theo. Harry stepped up to take the free kick, which just went over. One would have expected a better spectacle from these sides. As a game it was far too scrappy. Snowys didn't put on their usual show, but they all worked hard and took all 3 points.   

Possession 52%, Corners 6, Shots 8, (on target 5)

Player of the Day: Josh Shenton

Goals Scorers: Theo Tatham-Grant

Aylestone Park 0 Oadby Owls Snowys 1 - 13th January 2013 (League)

A 1.30pm kick off saw Snowys return to match action after an extended vacantion period due to the Christmas break, and other game postponements.Despite the early afternoon start it was a cold winters days with the temperature only just above freezing point. The blue sky and lack of wind provided excellant footballing conditions and both teams lived up to the billing.

 Snowys started the brighter with some quick attacks into the AP half and retained possesion well. Luca pushing foward on the right, passed a through ball to Harry who, despite not connecting cleanly, got his shot away. The AP keeper saw it bounce off his legs to Reece who hit it first time just over the bar. Louie then ran down the right and was unlucky to hit his shot just wide for a goal kick as the AP keeper rushed out. AP got into the game crowded Snowys out in numbers when they could. Ethan had a weaving run and once more fed Reece to shoot. The keeper gathered the shot. AP then pushed Snowys back with an attack of their own, but this was snuffed out by Theo.  A brief phase of "ping-pong" football saw the ball drop to Harry, only just in the AP half. He looked up to see the keeper off his line and hooked a shot over him into the net. This goal calmed Snowys down and they kept trying to keep their passing game going. AP right on half time showed them that it wasn't all one way traffic and broke through. Yuvraj saved when it looked like the teams might reach the break on level terms.

HT 0-1

"A game of two halfs?"  This was it!  AP came out with intent and forced a succession of corners. the first from a long distance shot, which looked goalbound until Yuvraj parried it around the post. That corner saw a scramble which resulted in another. From this AP headed just over the Snowys bar.It was Snowys turn to break and good work by Kaden resulted in an Ethan shot. Snowys midfield was being bypassed by the AP keepers kicks which kept them under pressure. But when Snowys broke they did so in numbers and will be dissapointed not to have added to the score themselves with several 1,2,and even 3 on ones. Unusually they hesistated in front of goal, perhaps looking for the perfect finish. But this gave the AP players time to get goal side again, or for the keeper to rush out and gather. The was the pattern for most of the remainder of the game. AP playing almost exclusively in Snowys final third, but Snowys also rooing missed chances,and half chances when they should have really done better. One such attack saw good interplay with Josh,Kaden and Harry. The AP keeper managed to get his hands on Harrys shot but spilled it. Fortuantly for him no Snowys player was able to take advantage. Luca & Theo broke up several attacks at the back. Harry was busy doing the same in midfield.

With the game entering the final few minutes yet another AP attack saw them one on one for Yuraj to save. No sooner had he cleared it and the ball was coming back at him again . This time Louie ran back and did just enough to stop the AP player getting off a clean shot. This lead to a corner, which once again was headed just past the post. The action took a few more twists and turns in added time as Snowys attacked and hit the bar as the keeper rushed out. Again the rebound was kind to AP. They didnt get past the half way line as Snowys stole it back and more good inter-passing saw Kaden felled in the area. Not a malicious tackle, more clumsy. But it was one of those 50/50 decisions and from his viewpoint the ref wasn't sure and gave the benefit to the defending team. This lead to an AP break which again saw a header flash by the Snowys goal and out for a goalkick. The whistle fianlly went and Snowys were relieved to have held out for the win. 

It was a Great game of football, which any watching netural would have enjoyed far more, such was the quality of the teams on display.

Neither team gave up. This game could have been 0-3 or even 6-2. Snowys had good chances to have made it easier on themselves with a more impressive score, but AP will be upset not to have got something out of the game with most of the second halfs sustained pressure. They deserved too. But for some bad luck and great goalkeeping they might have done.

FT 0-1

Possesion 46%, Corners 4, Shots 8, (on target 4)

Player of the Day:  Harry Hawkins

Goals Scorers: Harry Hawkins

Leamington Hibernian 7 Oadby Owls Snowys 4 - 25th November 2012 (Friendly)

Sleepy Snowys Slow Start punished by Hibs

Snowys travelled to Leamington Spa for a friendly match against Leamington Hibernian from the Coventry & Warwick League. The fixture was initially in doubt due to heavy rain & localised flooding the day before. Snowys might have preferred it didn’t go ahead as they were caught napping right from the kick off.

With the first attack of the game Hibs went 1-0 up with a well worked move. Snowys were robbed from the re-start and quickly found themselves 2-0 as Hibs ran past the static Oadby players. The Snowys tried to re-group and get going but Hibs didn’t allow them too. Snowys looked well off the pace and out strengthened during the initial skirmishes. This was apparent as Hibs added a third goal from a well taken cross, which was met unchallenged at the far post. The Snowys we were accustomed to watching, were simply nowhere to be found. But with words of encouragement from the sidelines the shell-shocked Snowys inched into the game and managed to get possession of the ball. They started to keep it reasonable well but as they tried to attack Hibs still outnumbered them. Kaden, Harry & Josh continually ran into a wall of green. Snowys eventually broke free and a pass saw Reece 1 on1 with the keeper. The keeper was bearing down on him as he was about to hit a right foot. Reece calmly switched to his left and scored to give Snowys some hope. The smiles were short lived as Hibs immediately killed the mood by grabbing their 4th. Luke, in goal today, made a great save but the ball still trickled over the line. Snowys had been behind in games before and fought back, but this was a new experience for them as they went into half time not only 4-1 down but totally out bossed for the majority of it. HT 4-1

The start of the second half saw Snowys with a more determined mindset and it was their turn to dominate. Hibs, now kicking uphill, struggled to get out of their own half as Snowys pinned them back. However a string of half chances by the Snowys were not converted and Hibs broke and scored against the run of play. Rather than break the Snowys completely, this spurred them on with even more pressure on the Hibs goal. Ethan, Theo, and Louie all broke clear and either shot just wide or saw their shots saved by the keeper. Luca, although now playing back in defence after starting in midfield, also ran forward with determination. This was rewarded as he found Harry who blasted home. It was now Snowys turn to rob Hibs from the kick-off and Theo drove down the left to cut inside. With a choice of orange shirts to pick out, he decided otherwise and forced the ball home. 5-3. Those two quick fire goals had Hibs players looking deflated for the first time in the match as Snowys continued to press. "The next goal is crucial" and as Snowys looked to reduce the deficit to 1, Hibs again stole a goal against the run of 2nd half play. Luke unlucky once more, after making the initial save, to see the ball go in. Snowys directly hit back and the game finished with an end to end flourish as both teams refused to sit back. Ethan grabbed another for the Snowys after good build up play only to see Hibs get one more of their own. Luca tried to clear the soft shot on the line but in vain. The full time whistle blew and the game finished 7-4.

On the balance of play Hibs certainly deserved the win and should have been out of sight by half time. But Snowys gave a much improved second half showing and Hibs will know they were in a game. Snowys must quickly learn they can’t repeat such a slow start, being 3-0 down before they had even blinked, to ANY team let alone one as good as Hibs. This game ultimately came down to who wanted it more and today that was Hibs.

Player of the Day: Theo Tatham-Grant

Goals Scorers: Reece Watchorn, Harry Hawkins, Theo Tatham-Grant, Ethan Bruiner.

Oadby Owls Snowys 4 Groby Juniors 1 - 18th November 2012 (League)

Snowys keep rolling

Groby Juniors provided the opposition for the late lunchtime kick off as Snowys returned home from several away games running. A mild day by November standards saw that the frost had cleared, but the pitch, was very "sticky" in most places. The sun was low in the sky and it might also trouble the team defending the carpark end of the ptuch. Groby started the game quickly and for a couple of minutes had Snowys on the back foot. This however didn't last long as Snowys won the ball with Luca and he passed it down the line as Josh & Louie both set off in pursuit. Josh got to the ball first and hit a cross shot with Kaden unmarked in the middle, but the ball ran to the keeper. The keeper cleared long but as it dropped Harry gathered and found Kaden. He in turn beat 1 player and played the ball diagonally to Louie running in. Louie smashed the ball home just as he was starting to run out of pitch.  Snowys soon found that this right wing outlet was very successful against Groby as Harry,Kaden & Luca all fed him in again. Louie was very unlucky not to add a second but hit the shot wide without testing the keeper. Louie then returned the favour to Harry who had far more time than he realised and also blasted wide when well placed. Groby cleared and looked to run on as the ball bounced, but it ran through to Yuvraj. Yuvraj kicked long with every other player demanding the ball was passed to them. None more vocal than Luca.Harry again found himself onto it and forced a corner.Groby cleared once more but only to Kaden zig-zagged way back in and just as he was about to shoot, took a touch too many and the ball bobbled back to the keeper. Louie down the right once more almost chipped the keeper soon afterwards, but produced a great save for a succession of Snowys corners. Reece took and Kaden connected with one and headed just over.Reece playing in centre midfield was soon in the thick of the action and was brought dwon as he looked to race clear. He took the free kick himself & Ethan glanced a header onto the post. With the half drawing to a close Snowwys effectively killed the game off with too quick fire goals.Reece found Louie who passed to Kaden. Kaden turned pieroette style and with Reece, now unmarked in the centre of the goal, side-stepped the defender and hit the ball home. His post goal celebration a tribute to his new baby sister as he "rocked the baby".  From the kick off Ethan won the ball and found Reece who again was brought down. Louie took it this time and, from distance, was only just over with the shot. Again Ethan got the ball and played it forward as Reece & Kaden were after it. Kaden showed the keeper no mercy to make it 3. With the last kick of the half Groby found themselves back in the Snowys box for the first time for a long while and had their first meaningful shot which Yuvraj gathered. HT 3-0

It was Snowys turn to kick off and Reece and Harry were robbed from their own start. Ethan showed he wasnt sleeping and chased back to block. Groby were obviously in a mission to have a go  and soon found a break again, but were stopped by the ever dependable Theo, whom had had a mostly quiet game upto now. Groby attacked again and won their first corner. They took it with haste, as Snowys were still organising who to mark. Snowys were lucky to get away without conceeding. Snowys then regained some composure with Theo blocking and finding Josh. He sent Harry & Luca away and Snowys won another corner of their own. Luca & Harry took short and it saw Luca hit the keeper with a shot from the by-line. Groby cleared but were unable to retain the ball in midfield as Reece won it back, took on 3 Groby players and from the edge of the ball rifled the ball onto the bar. The rebound evaded other on-rushing Snowys. The next few minutes of play saw Snowys hit the bar again with a shot from Harry. Again the rebound was kind to Groby. Snowys then made it 4 as Reece, brought down again, looked to have won another free kick, but a good advantage was played and Harry made no mistake this time as he guided the ball into the roof of the net. Snowys then switched off and allowed Groby to grab a goal as they broke from their own half and scored with 5 of the 7 Snowys still  the Groby half. They almost grabbed another with a copy-cat break but this time Ethan tacked back and forced the Groby shot into the sidenetting. Reece, though no angel himself today was clearly shaken up by the repeated fouls, which were more niggly than malicious. He came off for the last minute. This change over saw Groby 1on1 again but Yuvraj saved as Snowys then kept the ball until the final whistle. This was a comfortable win for Snowys, but may have been different had Groby taken their late second half chances. FT 4-1

Possesion 59% Corners 6  Shots 14 (On target 8)

Player of the Day: Louie Hart

Goals Scorers: Louie Hart, Kaden Stokes (2), Harry Hawkins

Leicester City Development Academies Oadby Owls Snowys (Invitation Friendly)

Snowy's prove their worth

On an evening perfect for football Snowys made a trip to the 3G pitches at Judgemeadow College to play 4 round-robin games against the Leicester City development squads, which included players from Peterborough,Burton & Northampton. This was Snowys first experience of an actual outdoor match under floodlights. Snowys set about the first game and got out the blocks at a rapid pace and set the tone for the remaining games. This one ended 0-0, but if it were a boxing match it would have been stopped before the final bell, such was the Snowys dominance.

The second game saw Snowys continue to pepper the oppostion goal and most active LCFC player was the goalkeeper. It wasn't long before Snowys exciting fluid play brought them reward as they took the lead. From that point they never looked back and ran out very comfortable winners 4-0.

Game 3 Snowys took the lead almost from kick off and then allowed the LCFC side back into the game when they did have them on the ropes. LCFC scored to make it level with a good strike. Snowys then got back to pinning the opposition back in their own half again and hit the post and bar several times before scoring a second and seeing the game out 2-1.

If there was ever a perfect game of football, then game 4 was it. ALL of the boys in the Snowys were at 110% of performance. They ran,passed,tackled,shouted for each other,covered each other, nonstop for the whole game. LCFC must have had cause to count if Oadby didnt have 2 extra players on the pitch as it seemed like there were Snowys everywhere! This was one of, if not the best, "TEAM" display by these boys to date as they scored another 4 goals. This was only blemished by allowing LCFC to grab 2 goals of their own, one was unlucky to deflect into the roof of the net when it looked to be saved. However the other was very well dispatched by the LCFC player. 4-2

At the end of the evenings activities Snowys had played 4 and won 3, drew 1.  The development teams obviously have very good players in their ranks, but Snowys proved that they are all academy standard players themselves. Snowy's football was breath-taking and a pleasure to behold with several goals, contenders for goal of the season.

Yuvraj: Mainly untroubled but made his usual fine saves when called upon.  Theo: Probably the greatest amount of assist's and did everything except score himself. Luca: Ever dependable, whether defending of attacking. Louie: Back to his best and boosted by the confidence of a great goal. Josh: Worked up & down all evening, always a threat. Harry: Onto anything that ran loose and good distribution.3 top notch goals. Reece: Strong,competitive and good corners,complemented by a great long distance goal. Ethan: Another whom did everything except score,but always dangerous with or without the ball. Kaden: Danced and ran with the ball whenever he had it and scored 5 goals, 1 a sublime calm sidefoot past the keeper.

Players of the Day: "All The Snowys"

Goals Scorers: Kaden Stokes (5) Harry Hawkins (3) Reece Watchorn (1) Louie Hart (1)

East Goscote 0 Oadby Owls Snowys 1 - 4th November 2012 (League)

No fireworks, but Snowys grab a last minute spark!

A very cold,dank and drizzly Bonfire Eve morning saw Snowys visit East Goscote, a team that were yet to lose ANY of their previous games to.

On past history this was expected to be a long bruising encounter but, whilst it was fiercely competitive, both teams were well disciplined. Snowys started well and had much of the early posession. An attack by Theo led to a free-kick against East Goscote which Luca took. It found Kaden on the edge of the box who hooked it on the volley towards goal and only just over. Theo turned provider again passing to Kaden who this time crossed to find Harry & Louie challenging for the same ball and a tangle of legs ensued. East Goscote then had an attack themselves and it produced a cross which bounced in front of Luca and rolled up his arm. There were no penalty appeals at all,but you do see them given at all levels. Snowys cleared for an EG corner which led to a shot gathered by Yuvraj at his near post.

This was now turning into a tit- for-tat affair with each team taking it in turns to attack.

Reece robbed 2 East Goscote players of the ball on the edge of thier box and took a first time cross,come shot which whizzed past the post. that was the last meaningful shot by the Snowys in the first half as they contunially squandered posession prior to getting a shot off. Harry ran through and got tackled holding onto the ball. Luca and Reece put several crosses in from both flanks and Kaden sustained an injury whilst trying to meet one of them. back came EG and a high box into the Snowys box was sliced at by Reece who missed the ball. Momentary panic ensued as Luca and Theo also hacked at the ball before Reece made up for the initial mistake and cleared the ball out.

HT 0-0

The second half continued in much the same vain with both teams sharing posession & not giving the other any time on the ball, especially in midfield. Ethan, like Reece disposed 2 EG players of the ball and found Josh whose shot was well saved. Ethan himself, then had a shot just wide of the post. Snowys forwards began to enjoy a lot of the ball but kept running into 3 or even 4 yellow East Goscote shirts as they defended in numbers. Theo won a tackle and his pass to Luca saw Luca flick on with a first time touch to Josh who was fouled. The free kick had Ethan, Harry & Kaden debating who should take it. Harry with advice from the dugout took it and the keeper made a world class save to push the ball around the post. EG cleared the corner and broke to get a shot off which Kaden cleared with Yuvraj beaten. EG hit the ball straight back and Yuvraj gathered this time.

A pulsating and well refereed game looked to be heading for a draw. But a minute into additional time Snowys grabbed a winner through Harry as he flicked Snowys throw-in goalbound. It took a slight deflection off a hapless EG defender who could do nothing about it. Even though another couple of minutes were played form the kick off EG had no time to respond and Snowys saw the game out.

Both sets of supporters agreed afterwards what a great game it was between these two teams, and for either to finish losers was unlucky. That said Snowys just about edged it.

Possession 52% Corners 4, Shots 6 (on target 3)

Player of the Day: Luca Galoppi

Goals Scorers: Harry Hawkins

Quorn Juniors 1 Oadby Owls Snowys 8 - 28th October 2012 (Friendly)

Snowys give Quorn a Halloween Horror show

Snowys second game in as many days saw another trip northwards to Quorn Juniors. Slightly warmer than the previous day and back on grass the Snowys despite having the majority of the play struggled to break down the Quorn side whom defended in numbers. Snowys had 6 corners in succession taken by Reece, but they couldn't convert any of them. Eventually the deadlock was broken as Kaden passed to Ethan who had a simple tap in.

HT 0 -1

You could be forgiven to think Snowys were tired after the excursion to Nottingham, but in the second half the Quorn spirit and resolve was broken as Snowys added a second goal and then proceeded to run riot. Ethan scored it after fine work by Luca down the right of midfield. Luca then put him in with a subperb reverse pass that took out 3 Quorn defenders and 2 of his own team mates at the same time, such was its quality.

Next Luca set up Louie down the right and he crossed to find Theo to smash home. Luca then got a deserved goal himself as he put away a loose ball from the edge of the box. Kaden was running riot round the midfield too, determined not to let Luca have all the limelight. As usual Reece,Harry Josh and Louie worked their socks off in support. Louie was unlucky not to add to the tally when he found himsin a great position but shot into the side netting. Harry did then add another goal with a suspicion of a touch from a defender as it went in from a cross by Ethan.

Ethan then got his hat-trick after a build up that saw Louie find Reece who got to the by-line and crossed for Ethan to tap in. Barely had poor Quorn had time it take the re-start and Josh robbed them and put Ethan in again for his 4th. Kaden continued to break up any Quorn posession and set up more Snowys attacks with runs of his own. From one such run Kaden found Josh and he scored as Reece was aiming to claim it right on the line. Snowys then allowed Yuvraj some pitch time as Ethan took over in goal. Yuvraj, a spectator for almost the whole second half looked glad to be getting a chance to run around. Ethan probably wished they hadn't swapped as a high ball slipped out of his grasp and Quorn ran in to score what was no more than a consolation. The overall result was obviously hard on the Quorn boys, whom to their credit kept going and trying to play football. They were, however ruthlessly dealt in the second half, completing the weekend of friendly fixtures for the U9 Snowys.

Player of the Day: Luca Galoppi

Goals Scorers: Ethan Bruiner (4), Theo Tatum-Grant, Luca Galoppi, Harry Hawkins, Josh Shenton

Clifton FC (Nottm) 0 Oadby Owls Snowys 4 - 27th October 2012 (Friendly)

Snowys, without a league game this weekend, made the first of two friendly away games with a trip up to the Gresham Sports pitches in Nottingham to play against one of the Nottingham leagues top sides Clifton FC. A strange quirk of this fixture saw Ethan playing the first half for Clifton as this was his Saturday side.

A clear but cold morning, with a gusty wind blowing across the 3G pitch saw most the spectators struggling to keep warm by blowing into their hands and stamping their feet. Snowys had no such trouble, as they were red hot.

The early couple of minutes saw the sides a little nervous as they didnt know what to expect from the opposition. This was to become a contrast in styles. Snowys with slick passing and posession football and Clifton looking for quick breaks.  It wasn't long before a Snowys attack led to the first goal as Kaden with a trademark mazy run passed to Luca who scored to put Snowys a goal to the good. Very quickly Kaden again winding his way through added a second with a goal of his own. Snowys then set up relentless attacks on the Clifton goal with Reece down the left and Louie down the right. whilst containing the occassional break they did have.

HT 0-2

The second half saw Ethan switch from white to orange kit as he joined his Sunday colleagues from the Snowys. He soon saw more of the ball than he did playing for Clifton but looked a little nervous at the swap. Snowys carried on pounding the Clifton half, but thier defence and keeper were holding up well until Harry eventually added a third. Snowys now relaxed. Perhaps too much as Clifton had some sustained pressure of their own. Several times due to Snowys pushing up too far, they broke through to find themselves outnumbering the Snowys 2,3,even 4 on 1. But whether it was Luca,Theo, Kaden running back or Yuvraj in goal, they couldnt find a way past. One Clifton attack should have produced a goal but the shot when only just over and wide.

Snowys then re-grouped and got back to their own game, and scored possibly the best team goal they have ever scored. Starting from deep in their own half it seemed like almost every player touched the ball as they broke with quick accurate passing.  This led to a long ball forward with both Josh and Kaden in pursuit. Kaden reached the ball first and instinctivly back heeled the ball to Josh whom hit a left foot cross into the box. Ethan collected and calmy finished to give Snowys a 4th. Ethan was unsure of his celebration having just put the ball past one of his Cliton teamates. The final scoreline was a fair reflection of the game against a good Clifton side.

Player of the Day: Kaden Stokes

Goals Scorers: Luca Galoppi, Kaden Stokes, Harry Hawkins, Ethan Bruiner

Blaby & Whetstone Rangers 1 Oadby Owls Snowys 3 - 7th October 2012 (League)

Snowy's returned to league action, after the friendly in Loughborough, with an away win at Blaby& Whetstone. A lunch time kick off saw the early morning fog cleared and blue skies & sun ruled the afternoon. It was excellent for football ,though still a little chilly in the shade.

The B/W pitch was in good condition but still wet and greasy on top from the morning dew. From the start Snowys set about their task and were camped in the B/W half for the first seven minutes. Kaden, in a central midfield roll,set up Theo and his shot almost took the crossbar off. Moments later Louie repeated the same from the opposite site of the goal area. From the goal kick Snowys forced a goalmouth scramble after a cross from Reece and as the ball rolled to the edge of the area, Kaden hit the ball just wide. From this Snowys pressure B/W took several goal-kicks in short succession and favoured taking it short to their left back. Snowys were initially slow to close this down. 

Reece took a long throw in which resulted in a corner. He also took that short to Louie whom laid it back to Josh who set Kaden up once more and his shot went just wide again. Right away yet another Snowys cross, this time from Louie found Ethan in space, but his shot was hit straight at the keeper.

Then disaster struck. B/W with their very first venture into the Snowys half won a corner after a robust challenge on Josh. Reece,on the front post, headed it away for a second corner. From this corner the ball eluded Reece the second time and also Theo. The slightest of flicks from a B/W player carried the ball to the far post where it bounced off Louie's shin before he could react. It then "pin-balled" against Josh and fell very kindly to another B/W player,laying on the floor, and he prodded home to give B/W the lead. For all Snowys possession and several shots on goal, they were now behind.

Snowys put the pressure back on right from the re-start. Josh played Theo in on the left and yet another shot flashed just over the B/W bar. Kaden won the ball and made a run down the right flank. He found Ethan who controlled the ball and hit a shot at the keeper whom couldn't hold it.Theo was quickest to react to the loose ball and drove home to bring Snowys level. He then made a Usain Bolt pose to celebrate. Theo now full of confidence made run after run down the left and B/W were finding him hard to handle. One such run after a fine ball from Luca saw him cross to Louie and his shot was saved. Josh performed a nice dragback to feed Luca and he again set Louie off, but Louie ran out of pitch and was unlucky not to keep the ball in play. B/W eventually put Snowys under some pressure and Yuvraj watched as the shot went wide. He took the goal kick short to Josh and his pass found Kaden whom in turn found Theo off down the left again. Once more Theo fired a shot across the face of the B/W goal. A long ball back into the Snowys half bounced well for B/W and they looked to be in the Snowys box. Kaden had other ideas and calmly, perhaps too calmly danced round 3 B/W players right in front of Yuvraj before attempting to clear. The ball only went as far as the edge of the box where a B/W player pushed it wide to a team-mate. Theo robbed him and set off down the line again, but this time he played a wonderful pass to Harry. Harry was clean through but with defenders closing on him, he just nudged it too far too the left & away from goal and was prevented getting a shot in. Harry looked to make amends and quickly robbed the B/W full back and now did shoot. But once more another Snowys shot went just wide.

HT 1:1

The second half continued in the same vein with Snowys spending far more time in the B/W half than the other way around. B/W, however still had some good football in them.They counter attacked much better for the first 5-10 minutes of this half, but without getting into any shooting positions of their own. Snowys pressure was producing a familar story of missed chances. A throw from Reece saw Harry turn and shoot just wide. Luca did well down one side to race back and win what he thought was a throw off a B/W leg but the referee said otherwise. Luca showed his frustration of not getting the throw in a positive manner as he immeadiatly won the ball back for Oadby and set one of the best moves of the game going.

Luca found Kaden and he side-stepped a player and ran on. Harry & Reece were almost behind him and set off in the middle in support.Kaden passed to Harry running on and he in turn made a sublime first time touch into the path of Reece. It looked like Reece would have to take a touch to guide it away from the closing defender, but instead he turned his body allowing the ball to run across him and smashed a first time shot at goal. With the keeper beaten and the whole Oadby supporters club screaming "goal" ,Reece was unlucky to see his shot hit the bottom of the left hand post and bounce out a few feet from the line. The B/W defenders reacted first, as Reece held his head in his hands, and hurriedly kicked it out for a corner. Josh took the corner but it was too long and B/W gained some more respite.

Not for long though before Kaden put Harry in, but he got tackled before he could shoot. Reece took a throw to Luca and he was unlucky to see his shot go wide. Again Luca went dwon the right and crossed to Harry. Harry juggled the ball left to right foot and back again getting ever closer to goal, but he was dis-possessed before he could shoot. Snowys had to find a winner for all this possession. Eventually Kaden ran inside the box on the left and with Reece unmarked in the middle,Kaden hit a firm shot that the B/W keeper could only parry into his own net as Reece waited to pounce on the scraps. At last Snowys in front. 

Luca robbed B/W from their own kick off crossed to Louie and with a third goal beckoning the keeper saved. The B/W keeper cleared long and saw B/W gain a rare corner of their own. Snowys defended it with ease and Theo set away again down the left. Theo found Louie who crossed to Ethan unmarked in the B/W box. Ethan calmly took a touch and deftly made it three.  With the game seemingly safe there was still time for B/W to remind Snowys otherwise as Yuvraj was called upon to make a save from a well hit B/W shot. He palmed it to one side and Reece collected and set up another Oadby attack. Luca had a good claim for a penalty but the B/W player just nicked the ball away from him first. Ethan also found time to get injured not once, but twice in the dying seconds with a ball to both the face and a more tender area. As the full time whistle sounded Snowys refected on a job well done.

Possesion 59% Corners 7 Shots 13 (on target 7)

Player of the Day: Kaden Stokes

Goals Scorers: Theo Tathum-Grant, Kaden Stokes, Ethan Bruiner

Football First Academy (Burton Albion) 2 Oadby Owls Snowys 1 - 5th October 2012 (Friendly)

Snowys made a trip to Loughborough College after an invite from FFA. A Friday evening kick off on the 3g surace in Loughborough saw the game split into 3x 20minute sessions. Snowys were slow to start and were perhaps a little daunted by the team facing them as it included some players reported to be in the u10,11 and 12 age brackets. Snowys stood up well to this trial tactic and were not outclassed in the slightest. In fact they gave FFA very little time to settle on the ball at all and rarely allowed them the chance to out-pass them. One session was lost 1-0 and the other two were drawn 1-1 & 0-0 respectively. Overall a good workout and a good showing against the FFA side who were let in doubt that they had been in a game.

Player of the Day: n/a :Good team workout

Goals Scorer: Ethan Bruiner

Aylestone Park Boys 0 Oadby Owls Snowys 11 - 23rd September 2012 (Friendly)

Hat-trick Harry as Snowys run riot

Snowys without a game until October filled in a blank week with the short visit to Aylestone Park for a friendly fixture against Aylestone Park Boys.A sure sign that summer was coming to an end was the rather chilling 7c morning temperature and occasional icey wind. Cups of tea & coffee replaced the water and juice as the spectators tipples of the day.

Snowys however, didn't need to warm up and were red hot from the start. Within a minute of the kick-off Harry flashed a shot just past the AP post. And so the pattern was set. From the very next attack Ethan put snowys 1-0 up with some good footwork. Straight away Harry added a second after Josh won the ball and put Louie clear. Louie deftly sending Harry through to score some good footwork of his own. Louie not to be outdone quickly added a third after a shot by Josh rebounded to him. Theo had some great touches in midfield and didn't allow AP to settle. Another Snowys shot rebounded back out and this time Luca hit the ball into the net. The AP park keeper also made some good saves and the constant picking the ball out of the net was hard on him. Right on half time Ethan added his second of the game after more good build up play.

HT 0-5

The start of the second half saw Snowys alter formation and Yuvraj came onto the pitch with harry taking over in goal. Aylestone Park finally got into the game with a couple of shots of their own which Harry and the defence dealt with. But Snowys were in no mood to allow them any more. A break led to a corner that came across to see Yuvraj hit a volley that went just over the bar. A run down the left from Theo then produced a low cross that Yuvraj hit home from close range. AP grew more frustrated and some nigglely fouls ensued with Ethan being the main receiver of them.From one kick Snowys broke again and Josh hit home from the edge of the area. Harry then come back onto pitch with Louie taking over in goal.Harry scored his second almost right away. Kaden then picked the ball up in his own half and despite having players in support you knew there was only one thing on his mind as he ran in to add another.  Only moments later yet another break saw the ball end up at Harrys feet wide right and the edge of the box and he drove home for his hat-trick.  With seconds left Reece was put through and hit his shot straight at the keeper. His kick was once more wond by the Snowys and Ethan,Harry and Reece were 3 on 1. Ethan passed to Reece who this time made no error and calmy hit the ball in to calim Snowys 11th goal. Ethans overall play earned him the player of the day award, despite Harry's hat-trick. The full time whistle finally came and put AP out of their torment. I think we all expected a closer game. AP Boys are a good side and the score line would have been even worse,without their keeper in such good form. They had an off day combined with Snowys finally taking the chances they had been creating for the last few weeks.

Posession 68% Corners 8 Shots 26 (On target 19)

Player of the Day: Ethan Bruiner

Goals Scorers: Harry Hawkins (3) Ethan Bruiner (2) Kaden Stokes, Louie Hart, Luca Galoppi, Josh Shenton, Yuvraj Bhuhi and Reece Watchorn

Oadby Owls Snowys 2 Aylestone Park 1 - 16th September 2012 (League)

Match day two saw Snowys with another home game, this time hosting Aylestone Park Youth. A much cooler day made it an ideal day for playing football with just one exception. A gusty breeze which played its part.

It was fairly obvious that these two teams were evenly matched from the outset. Aylestone Park has the first shot of the game but it was a soft one straight at Yuvraj. Harry countered quickly but pulled his shot wide. Another midfield break saw Louie put Theo through and the Aylestone Defence robbed him before he could get a shot off. The Aylestone clearance was collected by Kaden who this time put Louie through, but he was forced wide and the ball rolled out for a goal kick. The Keeper tried a short kick and Theo read it and this time got his shot off. The keeper redeemed himself for the poor kick with a good save. Aylestone broke and Harry chasing back got a tacking in a bit too forcefully and Yuvraj had to save any potential embarrassment. The ball then bobbled loose before he finally got both hands on it. It looked like he wanted to get it as far away from his goal as he could to prevent any more such mishaps.

He made a long clearance kick and the ball dropped near Harry, whom had now ran back well into the Aylestone half. Harry made a first time flick,one touch into the path of Kaden who collected the ball. He rounded two defenders and the keeper to tap into an empty net.

From the kick off Kaden continued some good play, tackling back to break up the Aylestone attacks. Ethan came on for his Snowys debut and looked to get into the game. Aylestone didnt afford him time to settle and continued to press for a goal. They were through one on one and the ball was hit at Yuvraj's feet as he rushed out to narrow the angle. Eventually he gathered once more and kicked long again.

This time it found Josh and bounced twice before he knocked it on and hit a right foot shot that struck the Aylestone post and bounced out.

Aylestone took the goal kick and broke with some neat one touch interchange passing but they rarely got further than Luca or Reece for the remainder of the first half. Luca passed to Kaden who in turn found Louie running down the right. He won two throw-ins and then a corner. A wild scramble ensued with four or five players madly kicking to score, or prevent a score. Aylestone finally turning it out for another corner. This was a well taken corner that was equally well caught by the Aylestone keeper.


In the last minute of the first half Luca once more hit a ball down the line to Josh and his touch saw Louie hit the side netting when well placed.

HT1 -0

The second half started with Snowys enjoying several 2 and even 3 on one power play runs at the Aylestone defence but they dwelled on the ball far too long and the hesitation to shoot gave Aylestone chance to tackle them. Ethan was showing some good touches with the ball but was still trying to adapt to the pace. Josh once more tried a long range shot with the keeper equal to it. Aylestone broke again with some more once touch layoffs and had their turn to run four on two at the Snowys. With Reece and Luca looking overpowered, Ethan ran back in the nick of time not only to make a tackle but turn and set off a counter attack. The ball again ended up at the feet of Josh and once again the Aylestone keeper was in fine form. But for him Snowys could and should have put this game to bed.

And so the pattern was set for most of the second half. Snowys unable to grab a second goal because they held onto the ball for too long, or because the Aylestone keeper made excellent saves.

One attack saw Ethan break though on the right and he crossed. Theo running for all he was worth to get on the end of it. The ball evaded him by a stud length as he stretched like "Gazza" to put it into the net. Aylestone for their part were always dangerous on the break and competed with good passing football. Snowys were now dropping deeper and deeper with Aylestone forcing them panic.

Regulation time was up and Reece got injured in a 50/50 challenge. This stoppage meant the game wasn’t over yet. From the restart the ball was cleared cross field and Harry was after it. He beat 1 player but another defender running out, toe-ed the ball away from him. Harry stood his ground as the player came out and the defender half hurdled, half fell over Harry’s leg. It was one of those 50/50 challenges where sometimes a free kick ensues, this time it didn’t. The ball, now just in the Snowys half was met by Luca, whose long pass along the ground dissected several players and found Ethan. He calmly took a shot that ended up in the net after clipping an Aylestone player. This was hard on that particular player as he had played well all game. Aylestone will feel some justice as another 4 minutes of added time saw them grab a consolation goal from a long ball down their left. A scooped up shot, deceived Yuvraj and dropped over his hands into the net.

Given both these teams can, and do play football the right way,(and right spirit) it is kind of ironic that all the games goals came from long ball passes.

Possession 52% Corners 5, Shots 13, (on target 9)

Player of the Day: Louie Hart

Goals Scorers: Kaden Stokes, Ethan Bruiner

Oadby Owls Snowys 4 Barrow Town 0 - 9th September 2012 (League)

Bright Day, Bright Start for Snowys 

Another glorious sunny day saw the kickoff to the league campaign for the Snowys with a home game against a very good Barrow Town side.

Snowys just edged the early exchanges but it was Barrow who almost took the lead when their first shot on goal hit the underside of the Snowys crossbar and bounced down on the line Geoff Hurst style. But, unlike the famous counterpart it was deemed not to have crossed the line and the score stayed at nil-nil.

Snowys countered with a long ball from Theo, but it was too far ahead for Kaden to catch. Moments later Kaden was put through again,this time from a pass by Harry and he beat one defender and rounded the keeper,but in doing so he was forced too far wide and his shot hit the side netting. From the resulting goal kick the Barrow keeper was unfortunate to stub the ground whilst taking it, and the ball was only partially cleared. Kaden was quick onto it to lob it back over the keepers head into the goal to put Snowys one-nil up.The goal lifted the Snowys and there was wave after wave of attacks for the remainder of the first half.

Kaden ran down the left and pulled the ball back to Josh who hit a first time shot which the keeper did well to save. Harry was put through by Luca down the right and he was three onto one with Josh and Kaden in support. But he took one touch too many and the ball over-ran to the keeper. Moments later a shot from Josh was goal bound, but it deflected off a defenders legs and the thankful keeper gathered once more.

Harry hit a shot and the keeper pushed round the post for a corner. The corner taken by Louie, found Kaden running in unmarked at the back post and the keeper saved his first time shot. With the first half drawing to a close Snowys couldn't get the second goal their play deserved and Barrow broke down their right. The Barrow player knocked the ball round Theo and raced to the line with it to put a cross in. The whistle went as the ball had clearly crossed the line for a goal-kick to the Snowys. It was fortunate it did as the resulting cross was put into the net by a Barrow player. Several injuries to players from both teams meant a very lengthy first half and both teams were eventually glad of the break in the hot weather.

The second half started as the first had finished,with Snowys on top. A mere three minutes in and Kaden once again found himself in the box and turned the defender,left foot,right foot,left foot,right and put Snowys two up. Barrow lost possession from the kick off and a resulting Snowy shot was handled in the area, PENALTY !!! Louie stepped up and looked to make it three but his shot went just wide of the keepers right hand post. This signalled a resurgence from Barrow. Now it was one way traffic towards Yuvraj in the Snowys goal.

Theo,Luca,and Louie were hard pressed to keep breaking up the Barrow attacks. Harry was buzzing everywhere round the midfield covering every blade of grass chasing the ball and the Barrow players. He was rewarded as he forced a mistake and his resulting shot, goal bound anyway, flicked off a defenders heel to make it three. Snowys relaxed too much again as Barrow carried on pressing their own play.

Yuvraj pulled off a fine one handed save for a Barrow corner. From the corner he again saved a certain goal gathering a Barrow shot. Snowys cleared down the left with Reece who forced a corner. Harry took it and Louie headed just over the bar. Barrow took the goal kick short and were disposessed. Harry shot not once but twice as the keeper made a double save.

Barrow then played a long ball and Theo solid until then misjudged the bounce. Again Yuvraj was on hand to save. Even though Snowys were 3-0 up it was a nervy end to the second half as Barrow refused to lay down. Reece, who had struggled to really get into this game with any conviction, ran down the left and crossed to where Josh and Luca were waiting. Luca running on, hit a rather tame shot by his standards, but still forced the keeper to dive and make the save.

Time up, the score 3-0 with referees discretion being played and Barrow pumped one last long ball looking for some consolation. It was met by Theo once again who hit it back to the halfway line. Two Barrow players along with Josh challenged for it. Josh won, and the loose ball fell to Reece, just inside his own half. Reece collected, chipped it over where the pile of Barrow players and Josh lay & sprinted down the left. With the crowd screaming him on, he made his way to the edge of the Barrow box, drew the keeper out and then smashed the ball over his head into the roof of the net.

Finally the Barrow spirit was broken as several of their players sunk to the ground. Barely had the kickoff been taken as full time was blown. This was a fine game and a credit to both teams & supporters. But for missed chances and fine goalkeeping by both keepers this entertaining game could have finished 9-6. It did finish SNOWYS 4 BARROW TOWN 0

Possession: 53% Corners 5, Shots 15 (On Target 9)

Player of the Day :Harry Hawkins

Goal Scorers: Kaden Stokes (2), Harry Hawkins, Reece Watchorn

Kirby Muxloe 2 Oadby Owls Snowys 6 - 25th August 2012 (Friendly)

Snowys put the dissapointment of the prior week's tournament behind them in emphatic style with a comprehensive friendly win over Kirby Muxloe.

The game was played in 4 sessions of 15 minutes each.

An early morning kick off on the artificial pitch at Enderby Brockington saw Snowys initially struggle to adjust to the pace of the ball on the surface. Some good intentioned passes were over-hit,with the intended receiver of the ball chasing it in vain. However once this had been worked out, the long and wide pitch suited the Snowys passing style.

The first session was evenly matched overall as Kirby had excellent players themselves.  Snowys did take the lead after a typical mazey run from Kaden and went into the second session still in front.

Snowys looked almost surprised when Kirby equalised after a goal mouth scramble, not perhaps believing that they had let in only their second goal during open play in over 7 games. The parity was maintained to the end of the second session and into a good portion of the third.

Kirby had a couple of very quick players regularly running though with the ball, and they were always stopped by Luca or Reece. Josh was also very effective chasing back to make tackles whenever Snowys attacks were broken up. One such attack wasn't stopped after good work from Louie it ended with Harry putting the ball in the Kirby net to restore the lead.

That goal seemed to break the Kirby resistance.

Snowys added two more goals before the third session was done.  The left flank proved the most fruitful route and Kaden ran though with teamates in support. He didnt need them and made it three.

Almost form the kick -off Snowys were though again and Kaden once more on the left did cross this time. Harry,Theo or Josh could have scored but the ball rolled through to new boy Finlay to tap in at the far post. All the Snowys players high-fived him. It was more enjoyable for Finlay as Kirby were his former club.

Start of session 4 with Snowys 4-1 up and seemingly crusing. Kirby had other ideas as they reduced the deficit by scoring their second even with the attentions of Yuvraj.

This didnt last for long as Luca, now in a forward position freed from defensive duties, rolled in the fifth from an accute angle. With time almost out he added his second, & Oadbys sixth to complete a victory that should see the Snowys in good form for the start of the league season proper.

Player of the Day: Luca Galoppi

Goals Scorers: Kaden Stokes (2) Luca Galoppi (2) Harry Hawkins, Finlay Girvan-Bryan

Oadby Owls Snowys 1  Melbourne Utd 0 - 19th August 2012 (Ibstock Tournament)

On a mainly sunny, and very hot day the Snowys played their first games of the new season at the Ibstock Festival of Football Tournament.Their first competitive group game was against Melbourne United.

Melbourne are one of Derbyshires top sides,and were unbeaten in 31 games prior to playing the Snowys. 

Snowys settled very quickly and made a brisk start to the game. Within the opening few minutes Snowys had several shots and corners before Melbourne finally got hold of the ball for themselves. They were however unable to string together more than 3 or 4 passes before the Snowys midfield or defence stole the ball back from them.

It was from one such play that Snowys broke up and ran at the Melbourne defence. Kaden was brought down a couple of yards outside the Melbourne box. Harry stepped up to take the resulting free kick and smashed the ball into the top right corner.

It was no more than Snowys deserved.

Melbourne continued with great endeavour and played good football when they did manage to get posession however, that was a luxury that Snowys didnt afford them. Snowys were rampant and Melbourne did well to limit them to just the single goal

Snowys posession 66%, Corners 6, Shots 9, (6 on target)

Goals Scorer: Harry Hawkins

Oadby Owls Snowys 1 Humberstone Rangers 0 - 19th August 2012 (Ibstock Tournament)

The second group game for the Snowys was a far more robust affair. Humberstone proved to be a tough and physical challenge for the Snowys.

Snowys just edged overall possesion but cetainly were not getting it their own way in this game. Luca & Harry had to be on their toes on more than one occassion as Humberstone bore down on Yuvraj in the Snowys goal. Theo helped relieve the pressure by running forward down the left flank at will. He was supported by Kaden whom ran himself into the ground and was replaced by Louie. Louie continued in the same vain as Kaden making some good runs himself. Humberstone knew the dangerman in this game was Theo and he came in for more than his fair share of tackles, some resulting in free kicks. Josh took one of these and was unlucky not to open the scoring.

Ironically Snowys took the lead from a Humberstone attack that was broken up once again by Luca. The ball came wide to Reece whom ran wide right with Josh and Louie in support, but before he could cross he was forced to the byline by three Humbertone players and had to settle for a corner.He took the corner and Theo hit a shot that was blocked and a minor goalmouth scramble ensued. Humberstone partially cleared the ball to Luca who in turn saw his shot defect of a defenders leg into the path of Reece, who calmly struck the ball left footed into the bottom corner of the net.

Humberstone were still dangerous on the break after,but Snowys saw the game out despite some desparate Humberstone play.

Snowys posession 54%, Corners 4, Shots 7, (5 on target)

Goals Scorer: Reece Watchorn

Oadby Owls Snowys 2 Ibstock Tigers 0 - 19th August 2012 (Ibstock Tournament)

Snowys started the game slowly conceeding a lot of posession to the "home" side in the early stages. However they soon played themselves into the game. Despite the slow start the again ended up with overall possession but were guilty of "one touch too many" syndrome.

Kaden, Louie and Harry worked into good positions but whilst seeking the final killer shot or pass they allowed Ibstock to rob the ball from them.There were two occasions where the team didnt over-cook the play and both led to goals by both Theo & Harry.

The game ended up being comfortable for the Snowys, but could have been more so, as Ibstock were still a threat despite a two goal cushion.

Surprisingly there wasn't a single corner in the game for either side

Snowys Possesion 54%  Corners Nil, Shots 5 (2 on target)

Goals Scorers: Theo Tathum-Grant and Harry Hawkins

Oadby Owls Snowys 0 Mountsorrel Tigers 0 - 19th August 2012 (Ibstock Tournament)

Having already qualified for the knock out stage, Snowys battled out a hard fought draw with Mountsorrel.

Most of the action took place around the midfield with the teams going tit-for-tat with tackles and passes. Neither keeper had a lot to do in the game but both were alert when they were called upon. Yuvraj notably pushing a shot to the side for a corner and his opposite number in the Mountsorrel goal doing the same with a shot from Louie.

Mountsorrel needed to win to ensure they would progress with the Snowys and almost snatched it with the last kick of the game. A shot from the edge of the Snowys box skimmed just over the bar.

A draw was the fair result,as the teams were matched in midfield stalemate ,but it meant Mountsorrel were ultimatly denied joining Snowys in the quarter finals.

Snowys Possesion 51% Corners 1, Shots 5 (on target 4)

Goals Scorers: N/A

Oadby Owls Snowys 1 Hinckley Reds 0 - 19th August 2012 (Ibstock Tournament)

The quarter final game saw Snowys pitched against Hinckley Reds.

Hinckley were a well set-up side and moved the ball around well.

Snowys just shaded the overall possession during the game and should have made the game safer with a wider margin of victory. 

Several times they had a power play in attack and wasted some good chances to get shots off.

Reece ran down the left and got tackled before he could cross the ball with Josh,Kaden & Louie all unmarked in the middle. A minute later saw Kaden in a similar position, again 4 on 1 before he was tackled, but this time a corner ensued. It was from this corner,taken by Louie, that an unfortunate Hinckley player deflected the ball into his own net.

Hinckley's continued possesion was mainly around the midfield area but Snowys was more direct and always pressed the Hinckley defence.

With time appearing to go ever more slowly, Snowys almost squandered their semi-final place as a superb struck Hinckley shot from outside the box, found its way through a group of players and hit the bottom of the post. It bounced out of play for a goal kick. From this resulting goal-kick the ball came back from long range again. This time it went just over Snowys crossbar. As Yuvraj took the next resultinh goal-kick the full time whistle was blown.

Snowys were in the semi-final.  Snowys Possession 53%  Corners 2, Shots 3 (On target 1)

Goals Scorer: Own Goal

Oadby Owls Snowys 1 Groby Juniors 1 (Groby won 3-2 on penalties) - 19th August 2012 (Ibstock Tournament)

Snowys started the game brightly and by quickly robbing Groby from their own kick off. Harry stole the ball and fed it to Louie down the right who tried to cross to Kaden, but the cross was cut out.

Groby played the ball long, and the ever dependable Luca cut the intended pass out and squared the ball to Reece who had some good interplay with Theo.

Theo then made a good run towards the box and was only half tackled by the Groby defence. Harry latched onto the loose ball and struck it home.

Snowys one nil up and looking good to set up an all Oadby final with the Tawny's, whom were playing on the next pitch. Tawnys also went a goal to the good within seconds of the Snowys taking the lead.

Theo again ran though once more and was harsh to have a decision go against him for a free kick to Groby when it appeared he had fairly out-strengthed his opponent. Snowys were guilty again of not killing their opposition off when they should have, and as the cliche goes

"The next goal is crucial" .    And so it proved. 

With the Snowys attempting to run the clock down they conceeded the ball to Groby in ever increasing dangerous circumstances. A break 1 on1 saw Groby hit the ball straight at Yuvraj. Another shot was saved well by Yuvraj and the ball was deemed to be loose and kicked away from him, even though it looked like he had it under control. Less than a minute to go and a shot was lifted towards Snowys goal. Louie did his best to clear it but the ball fell just short of both Harry & Josh. A Groby player hooked it high back towards goal and an unlucky bounce between Reece, Luca and the out-rushing Yuvraj saw another Groby player tap the ball into an empty net.

Snowys were gutted !

Time was up and the game was playing on referee's discretion. One last attack from the kick-off almost saw Snowys snatch the game at the end, but it was to be penalties.

Snowys missed their 1st kick with Kaden just putting his shot wide of the left hand post. Louie & Harry scored, but there was to be no sudden death as Groby converted all 3 of their penalties.

Snowys, though obviously down, sportingly congratulated the Groby players and soon got behind their own team-mates from the Tawnys whom had made it through to the final.   Tawnys exacted some revenge by winning the final 4-1, with no one cheering louder than the Snowys as they did so.

Well done to both teams & congratulations to the Tawny's

Snowys posession 58%  Corners 1 Shots 3 (2 on target)  (Groby had more overall shots on goal,despite Snowys superior posession)

Player of the Day: Theo Tatham-Grant

Goals Scorers: Harry Hawkins

Team Notices

Leicester & District Mutual Football League







 09/09/2012 10:30  Barrow Town Eagles   Home  
 16/09/2012 10:30 Aylestone Park Youth   Home   
 07/10/2012 10:30  Blaby & Whetstone Rangers  Away  
 21/10/2012 10:30    Loughborough Dynamo Terminators   Home  
 04/11/2012 10:30  East Goscote United   Away  
 18/11/2012 10:30  Groby Spartans   Home  
 02/12/2012 10:30  Bardon Hill Eagles   Away  
 16/12/2012 10:30  Barrow Town Eagles    Away  
 13/01/2012 10:30 Aylestone Park Youth    Away  
 27/01/2012 10:30  Blaby & Whetstone Rangers    Home  
 03/02/2012 10:30 Loughborough Dynamo Terminators    Away  
 17/02/2012 10:30  East Goscote United     Home   
 03/03/2012 10:30  Groby Spartans    Away   
 17/03/2012 10:30  Bardon Hill Eagles    Home