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Manager: Nick Moisoi

Mobile: 07759 709604

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Assistant Manager: Harbinder Bhogal

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The team play in the Leicester & District Mutual League – Division 13

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Oadby Owls Eagles 5 Melton Foxes Cubs 1 - 7th April 2013 (League)

First Half - Line up: Joe in Goal, Defence -  (left to right) Ed, Asher, Jeevan.  Attack - Liam, Simeran, Luke.

What a great start, after only one minute Liam shoots from the right for a goal 1-0 to the Eagles. The Eagles continued to attack with Luke getting through on goal but hitting the post. One minute later there is a corner that is cleared by Melton followed shortly by another corner taken by Asher. It is a great corner that went into the goal with no one else touching it, 2-0 to the Eagles. A few minutes later Simeran made made a great run through and passed to Jeevan who shoots and scores (3-0). 

Melton have a rare attack and break through the centre to score a goal (3-1). Oadby go back on the attack with a cross from Simeran to Jeevan who shoots just over the bar. The pressure is maintained with a series of crosses and corners but Melton clear their lines. In the last minute of the half Ed picks up the ball in his own half and makes a very good long pass to Simeran, who shot it just wide of the post. 

Second Half - Line up: Joe in Goal, Defence (left to right) Alfie, Guido, Jai, Attack, Asher, Ethan, Liam.

Oadby are back on the attack, Asher shooting (and losing his boot). Then Ethan passes to Liam who scores a great goal in the top corner (4-1). Luke comes back on as goalkeeper and Joe plays outfield with Liam coming off.  The attacks from the Eagles continue with several corners, Jai shooting just wide then Guido's shot is only kept out by a fine save, this is followed by a volley from Alfie that just goes over the bar. Asher goes off and Liam comes back on and soon takes a good corner followed by a shot on goal, Melton keep the shot out but Joe follows up very well to score from close range (5-1). The Eagles forwards continue to play well with Ethan playing a great through ball to Liam and then Guido shooting wide. Melton have a rare attack and a hard shot from the right goes well wide and hits a spectator of another game knocking her cup of tea out of her hand. Melton have a late flourish with a couple of corners and finally a free kick that Jai clears.

Well played to everyone.

Player of the Day: Liam

Goals Scorers: Liam 2, Asher 1, Jeevan 1, Joe 1.

Oadby Owls Eagles 0 Queniborough Reds 2 - 6th April 2013 (League) 

The Eagles kicked off with Guido as captain. Only two minutes into the game Queniborough Reds scored from the edge of the box. Queniborough then won two corners. It was nine minutes until the Eagles showed some strength winning their first corner of the game. The counter attack Queniborough scored their second of the game. The Eagles had shots from Ethan and Jeevan but finding the back of the net. Simeran was showing some great skills on the ball with lots of control and Guido worked very hard defending. Although the Eagles had 60% of the play and 60% in the Queniborough half the game just wasn’t going our way.

The second half saw a new line up with Asher as captain alongside him in defense was Edward and Alfie. Jai, Simeran and Luke played mid field. With no goals in the second half it was still end to end play. Liam and Jeevan came on with fresh legs with Simeran and Alfie sub. Liam had the Eagles best shot at goal, Jai shot wide and Asher took a shot only to be saved. It was just not the Eagles day, but they all played hard to the final whistle.

Player of the Day: Edward

Goals Scorers: 

Oadby Owls Eagles 3 Hamilton Youth 5 - 10th February 2013 (League)

The Eagles kicked off and it was end to end with a corner each. Four minutes in and Hamilton opened the scoring with their first goal. The following minute Joe made a great save knocking wide with his hand.  The play was 50% each end and from the corner Ethan took Hamilton made a break but a hard chase by Asher knocked the ball out off play. Back on the attack the Eagles put a great cross in fro Ethan for Jay only to be block. Hamilton got a second goal just before the half time whistle putting them two ahead.

The second half saw a lot of changes in the Eagle line up. Hamilton kick off and the Eagles worked hard with their set of fresh legs. Luke made a great cross and Liam just missed out on a header goal. Alas Hamilton scored two more goals back to back giving them four goals to nil advantage. Liam worked very hard and not happy with the score line scored with a full power long range shot. One minute later again Liam scored now two, four. Hamilton responded scoring again the following minute. Liam worked very hard and scored his hat trick concluding the score at three five.

Player of the Day: Ethan

Goals Scorers: Liam (3)

Oadby Owls Eagles 4 Anstey Swifts Thunder 0 - 6th January 2013 (League)

Anstey Swifts Thunder kicked off and from the off the Eagles were in winning a corner in the first minute. It was only just into the second minute that Alfie scored a goal putting the Eagles ahead. Liam at six minutes did a great cross and a minute later performed a great shot at goal just going over the top bar. The shot just kept coming Alfie was on fire today another brilliant shot at goal only to be saved by the goal keeper. Guido and Jeevan were solid in defense Alfie dropping back to help out but pushing up a lot. Asher as captain showed good leadership with Ethan running hard on the left mid. The Eagles had 90% of the play in the first half. Shot after shot alas the first half ended only one nil up.

Second half the Eagles kick off with Joe still standing fast in goal with very little to do. A new line up had Luke, Simeran and Jay up front and with Eddie, Guido, and Ethan across the back. Three minutes in and Luke scored from an under powered goal kick from the Thunders. In the next minute saw Jay score putting the Eagles three ahead and in control. With this Liam came on into goal allowing Joe onto the pitch. Joe showed skill by almost scoring within a minute. The last goal came in the last minute from Luke in the top left corner the keeper didn’t stand a chance. Another entertaining game Eagles keep up the good team work and sprit.

Player of the Day: Guido

Goals Scorers: Alfie, Luke, Jai, Luke

Oadby Owls Eagles 2 Barrow Town Hawks 1 - 9th December 2012 (League)

Barrow Town Hawks kicked off and won two corners very quickly. Then the Eagles got hold of the ball, Jay took the corner and Eddie had a shot, two minutes later Eddie had another go at goal. All the play was on the left with Eddie and Jay taking corners, throw-ins and shots at goal. 12 minutes in and the Hawks had a lucky break through around Joe and scored. Asher worked very hard in defense. We had 60% of the play in about 80% of there half.

The second half the Eagles had some changes to the line up Luke came on up front left, Simeran first half spot. Liam took Jay right hand up front spot. Ethan took Guido center mid. Eddy came off and across the back we had Jeevan, Alfie and Asher with Joe still in goal.

From the kick off we were on the attack again Luke took a shot and it bounced off the post. Liam had the next shot a little wide. We then had corner after corner kicks. All had a go, Liam, Luke, Ethan, Jeevan, Asher. Luke had a go at an over head scissor attempted at goal and after 34 minutes of play the score line was one all thanks to Alfie scoring from Luke’s corner. At 40 minutes Liam had a long distance shot which then came off Luke too score our second goal with only a minute to go the Eagles won 2-1

Player of the Day: Eddie

Goals Scorers: Alfie, Luke

Melton Foxes Cubs 1 - Oadby Owls Eagles 3 (League) 11th November 2012

Simeran was captain today playing centre mid. Simeran kicked off with Liam, trying for a quick goal attempt Liam took a shot at goal from the kick off on this very short pitch. Melton Foxes were quick on the attack and scored within one minute. The eagles knew this was a lucky early goal for the foxes with some great passing from the goal kick off the Eagles won there first corner. The next minute the Eagles won there second corner. Jay was tackled hard and from the free kick placed the ball in the box winning yet another corner. Lain went down with an ankle injury and came off and Ethan replaced him in right mid. 80% of the play by the eagles won corner after corner. Ethan’s made a short corner to Luke along the base line, Luke turned to cross into the centre of the box and the ball bounced off there defense bring the scores even one all. The eagles passing improved and improved. The attacks / pressure on the foxes were strong. The Foxes defender hand balled the ball in the box giving a penalty which Ethan scored 2 minutes before half time.

Starting the second half ahead Nic brought on our new signing Asher (Welcome Asher to the Eagles) came on in defense with Guido and Alfie. The three did a brilliant job chasing any loose ball not giving the Foxes any room to play. With Joe in goal his skill reading the ball is evidently improving game on game. Liam back on in mid with Luke and Ethan the shots were endless at the Foxes as were the number of corners the Eagles won. It was Jai’s power shot which gave the Eagles there third goal shooting from outside the box. The teams training in passing working as a team work between the players is showing through on the pitch. Keep working hard Eagles and these results will keep coming

Player of the Day: Jai

Goals Scorers: Luke, Ethan, Jai.

Oadby Owl's Eagles 3 - Coalville Town Rooks 2 - 28th October 2012 (League)

At half time Oadby Owl’s were trailing one nil. The second half Luke came on changed the flow of the game and with great skill scored two goals back to back putting the Owl’s ahead. Coalville Town Rooks fought back with an equalizer 20mins into the second half.

Both teams battling hard the Rooks conceded a penalty with only two minutes of the game remaining. Ethan stood up scoring from the spot putting the Eagles ahead again. With only one minute remaining the Owl’s defended hard securing the win at 3 -2.

Player of the Day: Luke

Goals Scorers: Luke (2) Ethan (1)

Hamilton Youth 4 Oadby Owls Eagles 0 - 14th October 2012 (League)

This was a tough match against a team that was also unbeaten in the league.

Hamilton got off to a quick start, forcing a corner and then after 3 minutes put in a good cross from their left and scored a goal.

Joe made a great save a couple of minutes later and the Eagles started to get back into the game. There was some great passing from Jeevan, Ethan and Liam but none of the Eagles were able to connect with the final cross. It was end to end football with Joe making a solid catch to a high ball then the Eagles had a couple of corners with Luke getting the ball up into the box but unfortunately no one was able to put it away.

The game continued to produce chances at each end with some good passing from both teams in between. There was also some great tackling with Ethan taking a slight knock from a well contested fifty fifty ball. Jai then had a long range shot which was well taken by the Hamilton keeper.

The chances kept coming for each side with Joe making another great save followed by Luke having a shot saved at the other end. The half ended with some good tackling from Jeevan who worked hard all game.

Oadby started the second half well with a Liam taking a long range shot, but Hamilton came straight back down the pitch to score 2-O. The game continued to ebb and flow with more good Oadby corners from Luke while Hamilton continued to play fast passing football. Liam got hurt in a tackle and so came off for a while. Hamilton then had a free kick in their own half and got the ball into the box where they scored a well taken goal 3-0. There were good periods of Eagles possession and attacks, however neither the slick passing by Simeran or throw-ins into the opposition box by Eddie could not unlock the Hamilton defense.  Alfie was solid at the back clearing the ball on several occasions. With just a minute left to go Hamilton scored a fourth goal.

Alfie was the captain and Guido was away this week. Overall the Eagles played well with good tackling and passing, but were not able to put the ball away.

Player of the Day: Alfie

Goals Scorers: N/A

Birstall United Foxes 6 Oadby Owls Eagles 0 - 7th October 2012 (County Cup 2)

Luke this week was captain. From the Birstall United Juniors Foxes kick off Oadby Owls Eagles were under pressure. Alfie 4 minutes into the game got an ankle injury and came off, Jay came on but it took the Birstall Foxes 7 minutes to get there first shot on goal which Joe made a great save. The Foxes maintained the pressure shot after shot but with Jeevan, Guido and Jay in a solid defence the Foxes were finding it hard to break through. Although we only got about 30% off the play Liam, Ethan and Luke made the most attacking and had 3 shots at the Foxes which was the result of great team work passing up the pitch. A well battled 0/0 first half.

The second half the Eagles kicked off and it was the first goal that was going to clinch the game either way from watching the first half play. 2 minutes into the first half the Birstall Foxes found the Eagles net. Only one minute later they got there 2nd goal. Birstall Foxes found that extra confidence and continued to score up to the six goals. The result dose not show how hard the Eagles worked in this game, the team the Eagles were strong and lots of great football skill was shown and with a very high standard of team work. Heads up you’re a great team. Eagles, Eagles Eagles…. Now to focus on the League.

Player of the Day: Joe

Goals Scorers: N/A

Oadby Owls Eagles 3 Glenfield United Tigers 0 - 30th September 2012 (League)

Joe as captain again and won the toss, he wisely chooses the end with the wind behind us allowing the Tigers to kick off. Kicking off at 12.30 it wasn't long until the Owl’s were one ahead. Only 2 minutes into the game and Jai powered a shot into the net from outside the box, this was a great start to the game. From the Glenfield United Tigers kick off they were on the attack winning there first corner within the minute, but Jai was there clearing the ball out the box and with the play moved back towards the Tigers goal we won our first corner. The corner gave Eddie a chance to having a shot at the goal. The play was very 50/50 in the first half with the Owl’s show lots of team work, passing there was of a very good standard and enjoyable game to watch. The defence was strong with Jai, Alfie and Eddy nothing was getting through.

The second half saw a different team set up with Simeran, Guido and Jeevan in defence and Liam, Luke and Alfie up front.  Joe was still in goal. Again 2 minutes into the second half Liam took the ball up the pitch and with a great pass to Ethan, Ethan scored, two nil to the Owl’s One minute later after the kick off Luke took possession and made a great pass to Ethan then onto Liam and with great power shot he scored, three nil. With a three nil advantage it was time to bring Joe onto the pitch into defence, Eddy was happy to come on and go into goal. Luke had a shot on goal at 31 minutes and Liam was putting some great corners across the Tigers goal, giving us about 70% of the second half play. At 39 minute the Tigers won a penalty, but steady Eddy in goal he made a great save. The team week by week are looking stronger, and showing some great skill.

Player of the Day: Ethan

Goals Scorers: Jai, Ethan & Liam

Anstey Swifts Thunder 2 Oadby Owl's Eagles 5 - 23rd September 2012 (League)

After last week cup win it was back to league action today with an away game at Anstey on a testing undulating pitch and with Jeevan and Luke absent. Anstey kicked off but were under pressure straight away, resulting in several corners in the first few minutes, the second ending with a massive goal mouth scramble and a number of shots, keeping the goalie on his toes.       

Anstey broke forward in the fifth minute a good shot was saved by the reliable Joe, but the ball was soon back down the other end with more attacks from the Eagles. The scoring was opened when a superb cross from Simeran was put away by Ethan in the 7th minute (1-0), he was now on fire even trying a stunning overhead bicycle kick and involved with some slick passing moves, one which ended with Liam scoring the second with a thunderous strike on 10 minutes (2-0)       

Anstey got back into the game on 13 minutes when a corner was turned in at the near post (2-1) . Despite shots from Alfie, just over the cross bar and Simeran deflected out for a corner halftime was reached with no further goals.   


Jay came on for Simeran and the second half started like the first with instant Eagles pressure resulting in Liam scoring his second (3-1), he could have had his hat trick moments later but couldn't reach a brilliant cross from Alfie despite a diving effort at the far post. the home team refused to give in. Some solid defending by Guido and Eddie kept them at bay until a good passing move down the slope resulted in their second goal (3-2).  Simeran came on for Edward to help out at the back and as players tired the game opened up Jay surging forward and cracking a shot just wide. Oadby started to take control with some great passing and plenty of shots from Ethan, Alfie and Liam, who finally got his hat trick on 34 minutes after a pass from Ethan, the little and large show really starting to click (4-2). After putting a shot from a corner wide it was third time lucky for Jay when he cracked home a blistering strike that nearly broke the net sealing a great 5-2 win.  Well done to all the players on a fantastic display.    

Player of the Day: Liam

Goals Scorers: Ethan Liam (3) Jay

Coalville Town Ravens 0 Oadby Owls 3 - 16th September 2012 (County Cup)


Luke kicked off for Oadby Owl’s at 11.30 with a tap to Jeevan, he was off up the pitch attacking. The Ravens closed ranks in defence but only got to the half way line when Jai gained possession and took a shot. Winning our first corner. Jeevan took a great corner but the Ravens pushed out only to find on there attack steady Eddie defending. Nothing was going to go past Eddie today. Oadby Owl’s pushed up again, Jeevan trying for a shot winning another corner. Luke took the corner to only win another corner. Jai this time took the corner placing it in the box coursing problems for the Ravens. Oadby was getting stronger and stronger pushing up harder and harder. After 10mins Oadby gave away a hand ball, but steady Eddie was there again. Lots of great passing Oadby was showing great team work. An example of this was at 17mins when from our box Jai passed to Simeran then onto Luke, Luke then to Jeevan and Jeevan shot at goal. The first half finished nil, nil but with 70% of the play by Oadby Owl’s.


The second half saw Ethan and Liam come on up front with Luke. Guido drop back to defend with Edward and Simeran. Kick off and Ethan was off with his fresh legs, this showed and in the first minute a casual back heel from Ethan opened the score to one nil. From the kick off the Ravens got a shot at goal but Joe made a great save his first of the game. On the attack again Oadby Owl’s got shot after shot Liam and Jay using there power. Ethan on the ball again found the back of the Ravens net at 32mins. Followed by at 33minutes Luke. From the half way line Luke skilled three defenders and found the net giving a 3 goal a head advantage. Oadby Owl’s didn’t stop, they battled on, shot after shot. Guido and Jeevan made a great wall in defending the Ravens just couldn’t break through. Only one corner was won by the Ravens at 34minutes. Jai was back on and Simeran had a rest. Luke and Joe swapped positions which gave Joe a chance to play on pitch for the last five minutes. Jeevan showed his skill running from our box passing four Ravens to then pass to Liam in there box for Liam to shoot. There counter attack saw Luke save off the line.


Lots of hard work with good passing and a good team morerall shone through today. Jeevan’s extra bit of skill and hard work won him the played of the day.

Player of the Day: Jeevan

Goals Scorers: Ethan 26mins,  Ethan 32mins, & Luke 33mins.                     

Barrow Town Hawks 0 Oadby Owls Eagles 0 - 2nd September 2012 (League)

Barrow kicked off at 11.30am and Oadby Owls were quick to take possession winning a corner 2 minutes into the game. Taken by Liam on the right hand side. From Barrow goal kick Oadby Owl’s won the ball again this time Luke was racing down the left wing, but was blocked by there defence, winning a throw in. This was the pattern for the entire first half. 75% of the play was attack after attack on Barrow.

Luke had a shot at goal after 11 minutes closely followed by Ethan. Barrow won there only first half corner at 13minutes but Joe had an easy job with Simeran and Guido giving a solid defence.

Luke and Simeran was sub at 17mins and Jay and Jeevan added some fresh legs two the first half. Just on half time Joe made a great save, Barrow’s first shot on goal. Oadby Owl’s quickly countered attacked, Jay had a shot on goal and Ethan followed up but still Oadby could find the back of there net!

Second half Barrow won a corner but was well defended by Jay, up the pitch Liam was off skilling Barrow to there goal only to go down with an ankle injury. Subs were made at this point Luke and Simeran back on and a well earned rest for Liam and Ethan.

The play was more 50/50 second half. Alfie had a header at goal at 32 minutes Jay then had another attempt at goal. Barrow two minutes later had an attempt at Oadby Owl’s. Again at 39 minutes Barrow were attacking again and Joe made a great save in goal diving for the ball. Luke had the last shot at Barrow but went wide. Player of the match went to Guido for his hard work with solid defending.

A good start to the season for what is mainly a new squad. There is lots of promise for the up and coming games with some hard work put in.

Player of the Day: Guido

Goals Scorers: N/A

Team Notices

Leicester & District Mutual Football League







 02/09/2012    Barrow Town Hawks  Away  D 0-0
 16/09/2012    Coalville Town Ravens (County Cup - 1)    
 23/09/2012    Anstey Swifts Thunder  Away  
 30/09/2012  12:30  Glenfield United Tigers  Home  
 07/10/2012    TBA (County Cup - 2)    
 14/10/2012    Hamilton Youth  Away  
 28/10/2012  12:30  Coalville Town Rooks  Home  
 04/11/2012    TBA (County Cup - 3)    
 11/11/2012    Melton Foxes Cubs  Away  
 25/11/2012  12:30  Queniborough Reds  Home  
 02/12/2012    TBA (County Cup - QF)    
 09/12/2012  12:30  Barrow Town Hawks  Home  
 06/01/2013  12:30  Anstey Swifts Thunder  Home  
 13/01/2012    TBA (County Cup - SF)    
 20/01/2012    Glenfield United Tigers  Away  
 03/02/2012    TBA (County Cup Final)    
 10/02/2012  12:30  Hamilton Youth  Home  
 24/02/2012    Coalville Town Rooks  Away  
 10/03/2012  12:30  Melton Foxes Cubs  Home  
 24/03/2012    Queniborough Reds  Away