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Manager: Dan Parton

Mobile: 07446 679004

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Assistant Manager: John Oswin

Mobile: 07970 690449

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The team play in the Leicester & District Mutual League – Division 5

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Oadby Owls Snowys 1 Shepshed Dynamo 0 - 30th September 2012 (League)

The Snowys went into today's encounter knowing it was going to be tough, but they fought through and ended up victorious 3 league games 3 league wins.

Starting Line Up-

                                                                     James (GK)

                                     Harry (DEF)                                         Zuri (DEF)

Damo (RM)                                             Leo (CM) 1 MOM                              Jayden (LM) (C)

                                                             Smash (CF)





The Snowys started the game very well pressing and making life difficult for the Shepshed team, who played the ball around well. After the Snowys settled down and got into their rhythm, they started to play the ball well with the majority of the moves starting from the impressive Creedo in goal who was playing the ball out short to either defender (Harry or Zuri), with them then choosing to play to any of the attacking 4, who caused a massive threat to the away teams midfield, but their defence was resilient and stubborn which wouldn't let anything passed. The first half was very even and close with neither team troubling either goal keeper.

HT 0-0

Second half begins with Dynamo putting Owls under all sorts of pressure, with corner after corner. During this pressure it was Oadby's defence which stood strong and cleared their lines well. The second half was much like the first very close but with the Snowys always in control with Leo controlling the game playing in the likes of Sean, Damo and Matt, who all came close. Oadby looked a massive threat from their long throws into Shepsheds box, with Leo delivering the ball to Harry who won the flick-ons and every time the ball just needed a touch to find the back of the net. 1 minute left Oadby get a throw Leo chucks it in and unbelievably their centre half jumps up and catches the ball inside the area. PENALTY!!!!!!!! No player wants to take it, Dan and John Say Leo you have. He steps up the management duo look away, so i have know idea which corner it went in, all i know is GOAL!!!!!!!! Shepshed kick off and the full time whistle goes. The Oadby team celebrate, deservedly so.

Great win see you all on Thursday don't forget to wear your new orange kit.

Player of the Day:  Leo controlled the game well, and scored the only goal

Goals Scorers: Leo

Oadby Owls Snowys U9 0 Oadby Owls Snowys U10 1 - 3rd March 2013 (Friendly)

Snowys United

Another league match cancellation saw Snowy’s gain a further game to catch up. With the prospect of no alternate match, a last minute internal friendly with the Under 10’s Snowy’s was arranged. This would be a good test for the u9’s against the u10’s, both having almost identical records in their respective leagues. 3 x 20 minute “half’s” were to be played and it was agreed to switch between size 3 and size 4 balls between each one.

Session One

The u9’s started quickly forcing the 10’s back and not allowing them to settle.  An early break by Louie found Ethan who laid off to Luca but he was unable to collect cleanly.  10’s made some ground back down their left and hit a high ball across goal which their attacker couldn’t quiet reach. It ran through to Theo and he set off the 9’s again. Louie, Ethan & Luca combining well yet again but it came to nothing.  Ethan won it again on the left but hit a tame shot which went for a goal-kick. 10’s broke and won a couple of corners in quick succession. 9’s defended them without too much trouble.  10’s then had a spell of good possession for the first time in the game, passing it around the back and patiently building forward momentum.  9’s then made a break which led to several throw-ins on the right which Reece took. Time & time again he lobbed the ball over the defenders to his team mates. One to Ethan almost saw Josh score but the keeper saved well.  Another to Kaden whom miss-kicked with the goal at his mercy, and the loose ball also evaded Josh. Soon after Harry hit a shot which the keeper parried and the rebound from the post once more evaded the on rushing Josh. 10’s found it hard to gain much ground as the 9’s were relentless in attack. When they did manage some respite, Theo or Reece continually broke up their play in the last third.  Yuvraj kept his team-mates on their toes with a couple of short goal-kicks, when a longer option would have been better.  One led to a corner but 9’s cleared and broke with Kaden. He broke that quick he had no support and 10’s defended easily. Right on the whistle 10’s managed a long range shot but it was well wide.

Session Two

The second period began at a frantic pace. Both sides were right at it from the A long throw from Reece saw good interplay from Ethan & Kaden. The ball was rolled back to Harry whom found Louie with the pass of the game so far. Louie controlled well and hit a shot which just looped over the bar. With hindsight a first time strike might have proved more beneficial. Warm applause from those on the sideline for the move. Louie then made a cross from another pass by, which almost dropped in at the far post.  As the 10’s looked to grab hold of the ball, from  their viewpoint it must have seemed there were orange shirts everywhere.  Kaden broke, but he was just outpaced by the covering defenders for a throw.  10’s countered and Shaun sidestepped the 9’s defence and hit a shot just over.  The game was now becoming end to end.  Reece cleared some pressure and Kaden collected the clearance.  He brought Ethan into play but 10’s snatched it back. 10’s sent the ball back for a goal-kick which Yuvraj took short and nearly got caught. He tackled the forward to make up for his misjudgement and was supported in the clearance by Luca. He in turn set Louie away and his cross was begging to be headed home but it was too long for both Ethan & Kaden. Back came 10’s with a corner hit just under 9’s crossbar.  Ethan & Kaden stopped again led to a 10’s player almost squeezing home from an acute angle but the ball ran across goal. Everyone turned for the goal-kick as the ball trickled to the corner flag, but it was still in play. Reece collected and found Louie but 10’s managed to win the throw in their left back position. 10’s didn’t clear for long as Harry got it back and hit a half shot/half cross which Kaden just headed over.  10’s were almost in at the other end but Louie made a great covering challenge. Ethan then took a miss-timed tackle and both teams took a minute to get their breaths back as he received treatment.  Harry then conceded a free kick which took a deflection and was bound for the top corner. Yuvraj made a great save and made it look easy in the process. More 10’s possession saw 9’s pegged back again and they were relieved to see a shot drop behind the goal rather than in. 9’s came again and Kaden was clean through only to see the 10’s keeper sweeping out of goal closer to the half way line to deny him. Right at the end of this session Theo then caught a flailing boot on the arm needed treatment.

Session Three

With honours still even the teams moved into the final 20 minute session. 10’s had an early corner and the box was crowded by both sets of players.  It went for another corner, and another before it was cleared.  Back came 10’s and a tame shot found its way to Yuvraj.  9’s, perhaps tiring, found they were second to several balls as 10’s nipped in first. In doing this 9’s were inviting pressure on themselves. A lapse in concentration saw a short goal-kick stolen by the 10’s who must score. A simple side foot would have produced a goal, but the shot was hit hard and high against the bar and fell down where it was gathered by Yuvraj. Unlike 1966 this was not deemed to have crossed the line, and in fairness no player made any appeal for it to count. 10’s were defiantly having more of the play and build up this session, but 9’s were still dangerous on the break. Kaden was away on the right and he got a fantastic cross in where Reece knocked down when he may have gone for goal. Louie was unlucky not to score from this knock down but couldn’t get a clean shot off. Harry then hit a cross field ball in his own half to Theo who controlled first time and set 9's off down the left. Determination from Reece was next as he forced into a possible shooting position, but he squared to Kaden who would have had a simple tap in had the defenders not read the pass. It wasn’t clear yet and long range shot deflected of a 10’s head and the keeper made a great save for 9’s first corner of the match.  It was an anti-climax as it came to nothing. Louie shortly after almost played Kaden back in, but he slipped at a crucial moment.  10’s then hemmed 9’s back in their own box, and they eventually forced home the first goal of the game. 9’s heads dropped a little having given so much without reward and the 10’s were having a few minutes of .domination. 9’s were back to a period of ball watching and waiting for the ball to come to them as 10’s got there first.  As 10’s looked to secure the game with a second goal 9’s came under more pressure, facing several throws deep in their own half and corners.Josh broke up most of these on his own with some great tackles. 9’s were still dangerous on the break and still had a couple of opportunities to remind 10’s of that before the end. Kaden through again, then a second corner saw Ethan head over. 

As full time whistle went, both teams can be justly proud of the display of football they served up. You could have paid to watch and not have been disappointed. Despite the age difference both teams were evenly matched, with the 9’s having the majority of the play & breaks for two of the three sessions. The 10’s edged the final session, perhaps due to fatigue on the 9’s and their own enhanced stamina and experience. They crowned it with a goal. And the only disappointment was it was the only goal of the afternoon, for either side. The game was worthy of more.  Both teams are a credit to the club.

Player of the Day: Everyone

Goals Scorers: n/a

Oadby Owls Snowys 6 Kingsway Celtic 3 - 23rd September 2012 (League)

 Starting Line Up;

                                                                             Creedo (GK)

                                                           Harry (DEF)                   Zuri (DEF)

               Hookey (RM) 1                                       Jayden (C)(CM)(MOM) 1                    Godber (LM) 1

                                                                               Damo (CF)

Smash 3

After there early exit from the county cup, the Snowys arrived at Kingsway with a point to prove, and didn't they just prove their point.

The Snowys were in control of the game from the off, wave of attack at the Kingsway goal but no luck. After 7 minutes of domination Kingsway have their first attack of the game, and would you believe it 1-0 to them after a very good individual effort. The Snowys didn't panic and continued to play their passing game. The management pair decided to make their first change and one that probably changed the game, Godber off Smash on. Minutes after the substitute, Kingsways keeper hoofs the ball straight to smash who takes a couple of touches and puts the ball in the back of the net 1-1. The Snowys attack was now in full swing with Leo coming on for the feisty Jayden these leading to some awesome chances with Leo Damo and Hooky being the focal point. Hooky finding time and space out on the right wing and delivering the ball into the box brilliantly only for the keeper to save. When Kingsway attacked they always ran into the potent pairing of  Zuri and Harry who didn't let anything pass them.

Half time 1-2.

During half time Codrin comes on for Zuri. Snowys kick off and are on the attack again, with a great passing move involving Harry Jayden Leo and Smash coming to a goal, finished off by Smash after Jayden played a genius through ball. 1-3. From here on in Snowys took full control, Jayden scores the 4th after Codrin plays a long ball over the top for Jayden to round the defender and put it into the corner of the net. It didn't matter what attacking 4 the Snowys played they looked dangerous. Now the screamer! After a great effort from Leo which narrowly went wide, Kingsway have a goal kick, their Keeper plays the ball straight to Sean Godber on the half way line who takes a touch and hits a looping volley over the keeper and into the top corner. GOAL OF THE SEASON so early on but it really was brilliant. 1-5 Snowys take their foot of the gas and conceed two sloppy goals. 3-5. 3 minutes left and the Super Snowys re-find top gear and are back pressurising the the Kingsway goal. Final minute, Oadby, win a freekick half a metre from the by-line, Hooky takes and scores a delicous dink of a freekick. Whether he meant it, well you will just have to ask him. Great win but will have to keep our foot on the gas at all times if we have any chance of doing well this season. Well Done lads see you on Thursday to hand out kit and do some shooting practice.

Player of the Day: Jayden, full of energy, set up and scored goals, true captains  performance

Goals Scorers: Smash 3, Hooky, Jayden and Godber

Oadby Owls Snowys 3 Medbourne Juniors 2 - 9th September 2012 (League)

So after a long pre season the regime of Dan Parton and John Ozwin comes to a nervy start. The Duo promoted to 1st team duties after a great 2 season with the equally talented Eagles.

Starting Line up:

                                                                         James (GK)

                                              Codrin (DEF)                             Harry (DEF) (MOM)

                    Matt (HOOKEY) (RM)                   Leo (CM)                         Jayden (c) (LM)

                                                                          Smash (CF) 1

Bench Sean 1

            Zuri 1


Snowys season is under way playing in gorgeous conditions  out in medbourne. The team start off kicking into the sun this made a difference as medbourne scored first with a looping ball in the air, which Creedo loses in the sun only for the ball to reapear in the back of the net 1-0.

Not the start the boys were after, this was a very early wake up call for the team. None the less the lads keep there head up and start to get a grip of the game with total domination for the remainder of the half. Moves being started from the back by the awesome harry and the every realible codrin. New signing leo was picking up[ the ball from deep and powering throught the medbourne team with the ball being released to the ever so technical Matty and the cool composed Jayden both who were delivering the ball to the goal threat of Smash. Even with all this talent on show and domination the medbourne defence stood strong and went into half time 1-0 up.

After a few encouraging words the snowys were back out and started the half as if they had a rocket shoved up the backside. Every player was in their faces and winning the ball. Half time subs of Damo, Sean and Zu meant the snowys had more pace out wide and this was shown when Seany G was pulled down outside the box. Freekick. Sean takes, Smash finishes well. 1-1. Medbourne start to pose a threat but Creedo who didn't have lots to do was ready when called upon. Shocker!! Ref gives a thro oadby's way Harry runs to take it gets there Ref points the other way harry still out of position, medbourne take the throw and score. Up Roar!!! This was a setback but the pace of the attack sooned proved to much when Creedo plays a short kick to Matty who dribbles plays the ball the Jayden beats his man with ease and delivers a worldy cross to Seany G who vollys it in, best goal ever unreal!!!!! 5 mins to play nail bitting stuff. A succesions of corners no regonized corner taker on so Leo delivers and Zuri out of nowhere puts in, Jubilation!!!!!!!. 3 old eagles players win the game for the new snowys. what a game great start to the season boys, please no more games like that, just keep going great 3 points.

Player of the Day: Harry Powley the best centre half performance ever witnessed by the management duo AWESOME!!!!

Goals Scorers: Luke (Smash) Norton, Sean Godber and Zuri Hacket London

Team Notices

Leicester & District Mutual Football League







 02/09/2012    Medbourne  Away  
 16/09/2012    TBA (County Cup - 1)    
 23/09/2012    Kingsway Celtic  Away  
 30/09/2012  10:30  Shepshed Dynamo  Home  
 07/10/2012    TBA (County Cup - 2)    
 14/10/2012    East Goscote Royals  Away  
 28/10/2012  10:30  Allexton Magpies  Home  
 04/11/2012    TBA (County Cup - 3)    
 11/11/2012    Houghton Rangers  Away  
 25/11/2012  10:30  Braunstone Trinity  Home  
 02/12/2012    TBA (County Cup - QF)    
 09/12/2012  10:30  Medbourne  Home  
 06/01/2013  10:30  Kingsway Celtic  Home  
 13/01/2012    TBA (County Cup - SF)    
 20/01/2012    Shepshed Dynamo  Away  
 03/02/2012    TBA (County Cup Final)    
 10/02/2012  10:30  East Goscote Royals  Home  
 24/02/2012    Allexton Magpies  Away  
 10/03/2012  10:30  Houghton Rangers  Home  
 24/03/2012    Braunstone Trinity  Away