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Manager: Rik Lewin

Mobile: 07595 989356

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Assistant Manager: Giles Davis


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The team play in the Leicester & District Mutual League – Division 11

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 02/09/2012  11:30  Medbourne JB's  Away  P-P
 16/09/2012  10:30  Saffron Dynamo Foxes (County Cup - 1)  Home  L 1-7
 23/09/2012  10:30  Barwell Bulldogs  Away  D 2-2
 30/09/2012  11:30  Saffron Dynamo Sparks  Home  L 2-4
 07/10/2012    No Fixture    
 14/10/2012  10:30  Harborough Raccoon's  Away  W 5-1
 28/10/2012  11:30  Leicester Nirvana Reds  Home  P-P
 04/11/2012    No Fixture    
 11/11/2012  12:00  Stanton United Stars  Away  W 6-1
 18/11/2012  09:30  Leicester Nirvana Reds  Home  W 4-2
 02/12/2012  09:30  Dunton & Broughton Tigers  Home  P-P
 09/12/2012  11:30  Medbourne JB's  Home  W 3-2
 06/01/2013  11:30  Barwell Bulldogs  Home  W 3-1
 13/01/2013  11:30   Saffron Dynamo Sparks   Away  W 5-1
 10/02/2013  11:30  Harborough Raccoons  Home  W 7-0
 17/02/2013  13:30  Dunton & Broughton Tigers  Home  P-P
 24/02/2013  11:30  Leicester Nirvana Reds  Away  W 3-0
 07/04/2013  11:30  Dunton & Broughton Tigers  Away  W 1-0
 11/04/2013  18:00  Dunton & Broughton Tigers  Home  W 2-1
 13/04/2013 13:30   Medbourne JB's  Away  W 4-1
 14/04/2013  10:30  Stanton United Stars  Home  W 8-0



Other fixtures

 19/08/2012  09:00  Birstall United Cubs  Away  D 5-5
 30/08/2012  18:30   Houghton Rangers   Away   D 3-3 
 02/09/2012  11:30   Medbourne 'A'   Away  L 3-4 
 20/04/2013    -  Minehead Tournament    
 09/06/2013    -  Oadby Owls Tournament    

Tawnys lead the way - 5th January 2013


Tawnys 8 Stanton United Jets 0 - 14th April 2013 (League)

It was a sunny day when Oadby Owls Tawnys played Stanton Jets at Coombe Park.

Although we knew that we had already won the league, we still arrived full of energy and enthusiasm, looking forward to a good game.

Our first goal was scored by Abhijai a few minutes into the match. Abhijai received the ball from Henry and had a successful shot at goal. Already the score was 1-0!!

The next two goals were scored by the only field player not to have scored yet this season. For the second goal, Abhijai passed the ball to Henry who gave it a powerful kick and put it into the corner of the goal. The third goal was set up by Dan and once again scored by Henry. It was clear that Henry was exceptionally happy to have scored, and goal celebrations ensued.

Just before half time Finn scored, it was a great goal that nearly burst the net!  So Oadby went into half time leading 4-0 and coaches Rik and Giles were very happy.

The second half kicked off and the Tawnys picked up the pace immediately, with Ethan quickly nailing a 5th. Stanton tried to get back into the game but they failed. Just only a few minutes later Cain Russell scored a stunner to make it 6-0.

Soon afterwards Dan got himself on the score sheet after taking on some players and scoring a goal. Then Kieran Vaja scored to seal of an 8-0 win for the Oadby Owls Tawnys. The team were jubilant at the end, and this was made even happier as Jovans mum had made whoopie pies for everyone! What a way to end the season.

Match report author Henry Cooke, U10 Tawnys player

Championes, Championes, Olé,Olé,Olé! – Rik Lewin, U10 Tawnys coach!!

Player of the Day: Rad Vincic, fantastic cakes :-)

Goals Scorers: Abhijai Tripathi, Henry Cooke (2), Finley Davis, Ethan Lewin, Cain Russell, Daniel Heaton, Kieran Vaja

Medbourne JBs 1 Oadby Owls Tawnys 4 - 13th April 2013 (League)

This was our 3rd attempt to play Medbourne away and it was really important because if we won then we would win the league.

We played our usual game but we were only 1 goal up at half time.

We knew to keep our cool for the 2nd half and managed another 3 goals. Towards the end, Medbourne scored a silly consolation goal.

We worked really hard. We kept our nerves and at the end we had a mini celebration with pictures but no champagne showers!!

A brilliant team effort.

Match report author Jovan Vincic, U10 Tawnys player

Player of the Day: The whole team

Goals Scorers: Kieran Vaja (2), Isacc Rahman, Daniel Heaton

Tawnys 2 Dunton & Broughton Tigers 1 - 11th April 2013 (League)

This was a key game for the Tawnys, and the supporters turned out in full force to support us in this tense game. We got off to an even start and Henry Cooke in goal made 2 fantastic saves, but they managed to sneak one past 5 minutes before half time. Jovan did some fantastic tackles, and Kieran, Abhijai were solid throughout the game.

Tawnys were a bit nervous being 1:0 down at half time but came on in full force for the second half. Fin crossed a few in from the right but we just couldn’t finish them off. However, then Isacc did some fine skills, passed to Cain, Cain shot and scored right in the bottom corner. A further 5 minutes in Dylan made a fine pass to Ethan on the right wing, who laid it off to Cain. Cain then put it in the bottom corner again. The crowd were cheering with joy, realising that this was likely to be the winning goal. It was!!

Match report authors, Ethan Lewin and Finley Davis U10 Tawnys players

Player of the Day: Henry Cooke

Goals Scorers: Cain Russell (2)

Dunton & Broughton Tigers 0 Tawnys 1 - 7th April 2013 (League)

It was a beautiful day for top of the table clash between Tawnys and Dunton.

It was an even start with both teams having the same amount of possession. Around about 10mins Tawnys broke the deadlock with a great through ball form Isacc to set up Kieran for a beautiful goal 1-0!

Ethan nearly scored in the top corner after collecting the ball from a giant Henry goal kick. Cain also had a few chances to score but somehow they stayed out.

The Tawnys played extremely well and deserved their grate win

Match report authors, Ethan Lewin and Finley Davis U10 Tawnys players


After much rescheduling "The Rumble in the Jungle" came. A much anticipated match which was a 'must win'.

From the off, the Tawnys dominated and stamped their mark on the game. They made sure that they played the passing game that they do so well.

The goal came very quickly and very easily and really deflated the opposition. The opportunities for the Tawny's were endless and only an invisible force field stopped more going in. At the other end Henry 'safe hands' Cooke had very little to do.

Each player made sure that the contributions were evenly made.

At half time, Dunton made some positional changes that did alter the game - but not the result.

A classy game to watch made all the more enjoyable by a ref with a sense of humour, understated but effective coaching from our managers, some sun and a WIN!!

Match report author Rad Vincic, U10 Tawnys fan

Player of the Day: Cain Russell

Goals Scorers: Kieran Vaja

Leicester Nirvana Reds 0 Tawnys 3 - 17th February 2013 (League)

At the match Tawnys won 3-0. It was a close game. Although Tawnys were on top in the first half the ball mostly refused to go in the net. Their keeper (apparently not their regular –didn’t seem to know he could use his hands!) was in the right place at the right time.  However, Dan managed to break the stalemate and Tawnys went into the break 1 up, although a well placed Reds free kick almost levelled the score.

After half time the Reds kept pushing hard and there were some frantic scrambles around the Tawnys goal. Then Tawnys got back on top and Dylan Parrish broke into their half and put the ball through the keeper’s legs. Fairly soon after, he got a second goal with a shot into the bottom corner. It was a beautiful goal!

Over all, it was a good team performance with some excellent passing and some good tackles, but played in a good spirit.

The Tawnys go marching on!

Match report author, TomLiddle, U10 Tawnys player

Player of the Day: Tom Liddle

Goals Scorers: Dylan Parish (2), Daniel Heaton

Tawnys 7 Harborough Racoons 0 - 10th February 2013 (League)

A comprehensive performance by the Tawnys saw them beat local rivals Harborough Town. Well done everyone

Player of the Day: Daniel Heaton

Goals Scorers: Daniel Heaton (3), Abhijai Tripathi (2), Cain Russell, Finley Davis

Saffron Dynamo Sparks 1 Tawnys 5 - 13th January 2013 (League)

It was a cold but sunny morning. They were the only league team to have beaten us so far - so we had to win.

It was a tough first half that was evenly matched as they counter attacked with every opportunity. The one highlight was a goal from Kieran followed by a broken goal post.


Half time.


From Dylan to Dan to Abi who dribbled past 3 defenders around the goalkeeper and tapped it. Cheeky!!


Sadly, no clean sheet as they got one back.


We'd played well with lots of great passing and long balls up field. We would have been happy with that as a result - Ethan had other plans and at lightning speed got a hat-trick. A brilliant result.


Match report author Jovan Vincic, U10 Tawnys player

Player of the Day: Henry Cooke

Goals Scorers: Kieran Vaja, Abhijai Tripathi, Ethan Lewin (3)

Tawnys 3 Barwell Bulldogs 1 - 6th January 2013 (League)

It was the first match of 2013 and Tawnys were facing Barwell Bulldogs it was second against third in the league!  This match would settle the positions.  The Tawnys repeatedly attacked the Barwell goal but their goalie kept them in the game with some brilliant saves.  However just before half time the Tawnys were on a break through.   I had the ball, this was my chance to break the deadlock.  I coolly placed the ball around the keeper just before the break.  1-0 to the Tawnys!


Early second half there was some sloppy defending by the Tawnys and Barwell were on the break through and they scored –  it was 1-1.   The Tawnys fought back and following a fantastic run by Dylan down the wing, who passed to me and I smashed it across the box for Cain to finish – 2-1!  Another magnificent goal from Cain made it 3-1.


It was a brilliant performance by the Tawnys and a well deserved win.  We are looking forward to the next game – come on you Tawnys!


Match report author Ethan Lewin, U10 Tawnys player

Player of the Day: Dylan Parish

Goals Scorers: Ethan Lewin, Cain Russell (2)

Tawnys 3 Medbourne JB's 2 - 9th December 2012 (League)


It was a freezing cold morning at Coombe Park when the Tawny’s turned out to play against Medbourne.

For the first ten minutes the Tawny’s dominated Medbourne in terms of possession but amazingly the score was still level.  The ball was then deflected off a Medbourne player and it went into their goal giving the Tawny’s the lead.

Then Isaac skilled three players and was fouled in the penalty box. Could this be our chance to extend the lead? Daniel stepped up for the penalty, made the keeper dive the wrong way and smashed the ball into the bottom left corner – 2-0 to the Tawny’s.

After half time the Tawny’s were keen to extend their lead.  The Tawny’s did as they wished with another goal by Daniel.  This was produced by Jovan holding off a Medbourne player and getting the ball and crossing it to Daniel.   Daniel smashed it into the back of the quivering Medbourne net: 3-0 to the Tawny’s!  We have always been practicing the move in training that Jovan did and have since called it ‘the Jov’!

Sadly Medbourne scored two in the last 10 minutes which made our goal difference +1 but despite all this we held onto our lead.  Final score 3-2 to the Tawnys.

A fantastic performance by the Tawnys – congratulations on a brilliant team effort!

Match report author Ethan Lewin, U10 Tawnys player

Player of the Day: Ethan Lewin

Goals Scorers: Daniel Heaton (2) (1 pen) and OG

Stanton United Jets 1 Tawnys 6 - 11th November 2012 (League)

It was a bright cold day and the game started with a 1 minute’s silence.

The Tawnys won the toss and chose to kick-off. We scored 4 goals in the first half with Kieran scoring all the goals. In the second half Abi scored a stormer and Jovan scored a penalty. It was a great match with lots of passing and movement.

Match report author Ethan Lewin, U10 Tawnys player 

Player of the Day: Jovan Vincic

Goals Scorers: Kieran Vaja (4), Abhijai Tripathi, Jovan Vincic (pen)

Tawnys 4 Leicester Nirvana Reds 2 - 28th October 2012 (League) 

The first half was evenly split with both Oadby and Nirvana having great chances. However in the opening two minutes Nirvana took the lead and to be honest it was rather fluky. The Nirvana defence cleared their lines straight to Jovan and fortunately for Nirvana it bounced off Jovan and landed straight to the away sides attacker. 0-1!

However Oadbys spirits were not dented. Six minutes later Jovan stormed a passed straight to Ethan who smashed it into the back of the net.  Later on Kieran handled a shot from the opponent’s goal scorer and Nirvana scored again. 1-2!

Just before the break the ball stumbles to Isaac who found himself through on goal and he took a step forward and had a pop.  Fortunately for Oadby the shots power allowed the football to creep under the goalkeeper - Oadby had equalised for the second time! 2-2. Unfortunately Cain felt ill and got substituted.

The second half Oadby had themselves to thank Isaac for his rampaging runs and two assists, Ethan for snatching his second goal, Abhijai for an amazing angled goal, Jovan, Dan and Henry for defending so brilliantly, Dylan and Kieran for sweeping , and Tom for his fantastic Casillas type goalkeeping!  A well deserved 4-2 win! Wouldn't you agree?!

Match report author Isaac Rahman, U10 Tawnys player

Player of the Day: Isaac Rahman

Goals Scorers: Ethan Lewin (2), Abhijai Tripathi and OG

Harborough Raccoons 1 Tawnys 5 - 14th October 2012 (League) 

It was a sunny morning but a bit windy and chilly. The ground and facilities were really very nice.

The first half was very tough; both teams had great opportunities to penetrate the opposition's defence. Early on Kieran was slightly injured but carried on as both teams fought for possession. As the Raccoons counter attacked up the field one of the players took a shot and Henry had no chance as it flew past him.1-0. From a corner the Raccoons tried to get the ball to safety, just then Cain flew in and whacked the ball straight past the keeper into the net. 1-1. Half-time and a great team talk with a few minor subs would do it. Midway through the half the Raccoons got a corner, however it was cleared to Fin who sprinted down the wing, had a shot which bounced off the crossbar to land at Ethan's feet who tapped it in. 1-2. The next three goals all came from quick counter attacks and rapidly after each other they came. The final scoreline was 1-5 .The Tawnys played quick counter attacking football and always checked they tracked back. They were very determined to get the ball in midfield and get it up to the striker. A well deserved result.

Match report author Jovan Vincic, U10 Tawnys player

Player of the Day: Daniel Heaton

Goals Scorers: Cain Russell, Ethan Lewin, Kieran Vaja (3)

Tawnys 2 Saffron Dynamo Sparks 4 - 30th September 2012 (League) 

Player of the Day: Finley Davis

Goals Scorers: Cain, Russell, Kieran Vaja

Barwell Bulldogs 2 Tawnys 2 - 23rd September 2012 (League) 

Player of the Day: Abhijai Tripathi

Goals Scorers: Kieran Vaja, Cain Russell

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