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The team play in the Leicestershire Youth League – Division 1

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Glen Villa 0 Oadby Owls 3 - 2nd December 2012 (League)

In an unusual turn of events, Jake Green was playing in his debutante role as a Goalkeeper in today's fixture. After my intense and brilliant (if I say so myself!) warm up for him, he seemed ready to keep a clean sheet against 3rd place Glen Villa.

Oadby got the first of the game by Liam Griffin's lobbed and curled effort from an acute angle after collecting the ball from a short corner.     0-1

It was then nearly two when Tom Solomon won the ball on the left flank and crossed it in to Jake Pullin who attempted a sideways volley. Shortly after, Jake Green was tested as a keeper and managed to hold onto a very long ranged effort and a humongous punch to get the ball out of his area.

Liam, at the other end, won a penalty after being illegally challenged. Although Harry's penalty reputation, his powerful drive was saved when it looked like a certain goal.

Just after half time, Jake Pullin put Oadby two goals ahead by chopping and turning to make space for the well placed shot.     0-2

And then it was three. Ross Waite's excellent play to set Adam Bolley up to shoot with a half volley was to settle the lead and win to put Oadby in the promotion chase and top 2 of the league.     0-3

Luke Green

Player of the Day: Jake Green (despite the regret of saying it, Jake proved to be a surprisingly good goalkeeper to keep the clean sheet.)

Goals Scorers: Liam Griffin (1) Jake Pullin (1) Adam Bolley (1)

Ibstock United 0 Oadby Owls 4 - 18th November 2012 (League Cup)

In this round of the cup, Oadby had been drawn against division 3 side Ibstock United.

Ibstock seemed to be finding many opportunities and would have been a goal up from a sumptuous effort to be saved by the diving Olly Mackey.

Tom Solomons nearly edged Oadby their first goal of the game when a marauding Adam Bolley pulled back a cross from the right wing to meet Tom's head which unfortunately was put over the bar. Jake Pullin was also close with a back flick into the top corner from a corner which was scrambled by the Ibstock keeper.

The Owls finally got their first when Adam Bolley scored a bullet after a rebounded effort. As the ball was rolling back of the defender, Adam put his head over the bar and wellied it in!     0-1

At half-time, Oadby were leading by a goal to nil. Although the players' adrenaline was raised due to controversial decisions, after the whistle was blown, they remained calm and scored a second when Harry Myatt's left footed effort was deflected to perfection.     0-2

Despite Ibstock's continuous pushes, Olly made his third one-on-one save of the game and kept the clean sheet shiny.

Ross Waite made it three for Oadby and the first of his campaign. 'A wonderfully floated ball in as Ross beat the offside trap to header it into the bottom right corner.' Theses were the word used by Freddie Robinson, an onlooking supporter.     0-3

Jake Pullin rounded off the game with the fourth after being unchallenged through his run.     0-4

What some would call an easy win, Oadby won the game with ease. Phrase of the day: 'Offside!'

Luke Green

Player of the Day: Olly Mackey

Goals Scorers: Adam Bolley (1) Harry Myatt (1) Ross Waite (1) Jake Pullin (1)

Harborough Town 1 Oadby Owls 1 - 11th November 2012 (League)

Due to my absence last week, I was unable to write a match report on the thriller game against Aylestone.

As it was the 11th day of the 11th month, a minute's silence to remember our lost soldiers started the important league clash against Harborough.

Harborough scored the first goal of the game and put Oadby one goal behind early on.     1-0

The only other action in the first half was when Liam Griffin got caught up in what seemed to be a push-off. Bookings came after Liam 'sorted out' the Harborough players.

In the second half, Adam Bolley's shot was close to equalise the score line from a venomous shot and so was the resulting corner and simultaneous shots.

Oadby's lifeline came through a penalty took by Harry Myatt in the last kick of the game. Although the odd disagreement by the Harborough staff, Oadby shone through and settled the game as a draw.

Luke Green

Player of the Day: Adam Bolley

Goals Scorers: Harry Myatt (1)

Kibworth & Smeeton 3 Oadby Owls 3 28th October 2012 (League)

With an early repeat of fixture, Oadby were hoping on having a better performance than last time around. Many attributes were the same: A good start, good passing, unfortunate misses and, once again, a strong start by the Owls' shot stopper: Olly Mackey. An impressive double save led to a good impression of himself: One from a one-on-one and one was a diving save to stop a powerful shot. But, unhappily for Oadby, Kibworth, once again, scored first to put them in the lead.     1-0

Kibworth scored once again from a dangerously long throw-in into the six yard box and was sadly put into Oadby's net by David Upton. At least he's on the scoresheet for the third time this season!     2-0

Half-time came as the Owls were trailing by two goals. And, shortly into the second half, half-time substitute Aaron Sandhu gave away a penalty which sent Olly the wrong way.     3-0

The Owls however scored their first of the game through a short free-kick by Adam Bolley to Liam Griffin who drove it into the net.     3-1

They then got another and this time from a corner. It was drilled in perfectly for Tom Solomons to flick into the roof of the net.     3-2

The fantastic equaliser came after a debatable offside call, stopping Liam on his way to goal, but Liam crossed in a free-kick soon after which was headed in by Harry Myatt.     3-3

Because my paper was now soaked with rain, I was unable to write any more but luckily for me, nothing more came for either side and it ended 3-3.

Luke Green

Player of the Day: Charlie Washington - Valiant effort!

Goals Scorers: Liam Griffin (1) Tom Solomons (1) Harry Myatt (1)

Rothley Imps 1 Oadby Owls 9 - 21st October 2012 (League Cup) 

Oadby were all set to beat lower league Rothley at the away cup draw. Some would say the pitch was a bit small for satisfaction but took on the fact that it can lead to many long-range shots, but preferably goals!

The Owls won a penalty about three minutes into the game after Liam Griffin was tripped by the keeper. It was then Liam to take it and cooly finish it past the keeper.     0-1

Rothley looked vulnerable from then on although a shot just over the bar. But, luckily for us, that vulnerability led to Adam Bolley chipping it over the defence for Liam's shot to be well saved off for a corner.

Another goal came for oadby when Liam put on the pressure and when Jake Green won possession off a throw-in. He neatly played it through for Liam to square ball it to Jake Pullin to finish.     0-2

Rothley however were quick to respond and scored a 'consolation goal' (Josh Wright's words) by finishing a one-on-one.     1-2

The Owls kept on winning corners and creating a mischief in the Rothley defence but Liam unfortunately clashed his face with the Rothley defender's head and had to require a minor use by physio Alan Green. Liam however got back up and continued with play as normal. It was yet another corner that brought  Oadby's third. It was a lot like pinball as Oadby had shot after scramble after shot and it was finally, after what looked like a quadruple save by the Rothley keeper, headed in by Liam. "Hallelujah" was erupted over the Oadby fans after a series of excitements!     1-3

It was soon four as Jake P found the ball headed over to him as he slid it past the keeper.     1-4

Half-time came and Oadby were all smiles provided the three goal lead.

Once again, Oadby striked following Olly Mackey's short throw out and after continuous through balls, Harry Myatt finessed it in. Super sub!     1-5

Jake P made it six after about 30 seconds of the last goal and powered it past the keeper.     1-6

And soon it was seven when Harry attempted to lob the keeper but then afterwards deciding to hit it over his head with his back to goal! I mean, why not?!     1-7

Harry was desperate to follow Jake Pullin's hat-trick so he eagerly tried a 25 yard shot which whizzed over the bar and, shortly after, a lobbed effort which hit the crossbar. His chance finally came though from Neehal Raja's pass only for him to finish.     1-8

Liam was devastated not to make it nine and his hat-trick after a half opened goal which he put wide. Maybe it was the pressure, maybe it was the glee but after that he thought: "That's not like me!"

Harry did the job for him though and finished the ninth after shrugging off the defenders.     1-9

A delighted Oadby Owls team emerged from the final after the full-time whistle and looked forward to their next week's clash with Aylestone Park.

Player of the Day: Aaron Sandhu

Goals Scorers: Jake Pullin (3) Harry Myatt (4) Liam Griffin (2)

Oadby Owls 2 Braunstone North End 4 - 14th October 2012 (League)

Following from last week's victorious effort and win, Oadby were desperate to make an even bigger name of themselves against, who some would call 'fiesty'  Braunstone.

The Owls were fighting in midfield and won possesion. Liam Griffin took on two players before crossing it in for Jake Pullin, the in-form striker, to calmly finish past the keeper with his left foot.     1-0

Harry Myatt was on the way to make it two but a controversial offside decision was the only thing stopping him on his way to goal. Braunstone pumped the ball up where another free-kick was given away and the Owls were lucky to see it go over the bar.

After this let off, Oadby found their feet again and shortly after a free-kick and corner, they were unlucky to see Adam Bolley's shot go over the bar.

However, Oadby gave away a free-kick next to their own corner flag (I have been told by the player to keep his name out of this!). They quickly, without a fuss, finished it into the goal from a good cross in.     1-1

The very vocal Braunstone manager seemed to be the only thing keeping the Braunstone team in shape and after a short while of silence, they gave away a corner which Liam expertly curled into the far top corner without being touched!     2-1

Oadby then won another corner, which was hoped to be a replica of the last goal, but differed as a headed effort hit the bar and David Upton's header was saved for another corner.The second was played short to Adam who was the first pass in the one-two which ended in Liam being ferociously tripped for a free-kick which was just missed. 

Half-time was next and the Jaffa Cake-energy boosting-tasty-orange tingly snack was shared amongst the players whereas my huge chocolate muffin was staying by my side... I wasn't letting anyone lay a hand on it.

Olly Mackey, although destraut about the last Braunstone goal, was playing well but was disappointed in giving away a corner. It was due to a failure in man-marking that they headed in a free header.     2-2

Braunstone then attacked again in the hope of the third and nearly got it as a header was headed across the face of the goal due to a mix up between Olly Mackey and starlet centre-back Alex Day. 

Braunstone then, following the attempt, powered the ball for Olly to do his signature diving save. Unfortunately, after a brave second block by Alex, Braunstone shot home the third.     2-3

Braunstone then scored the fourth by a free-kick which was pumped in and led to another mis-understanding.     2-4

It was then a matter of hit and miss from both teams since Braunstone's last goal.

With less than two pages left in my small notebook, I was hoping for three quick and easy goals to give Oadby the win in the last fifteen minutes but was failed and saw nothing to be produced until the final whistle. A disappointed Oadby team came to the reality that even them couldn't beat everyone despite their three wins in a row.

Luke Green

Player of the Day: Charlie Washington

Goals Scorers: Jake Pullin (1) Liam Griffin (1)

Highfield Rangers 0 Oadby Owls 6 - 7th October 2012 (County Cup)

After last week's victory, Oadby Owls were looking to progress through the cup with a win today. They were definitely the team to watch due to recent performances and the start to today's game.

Oadby were piling on the pressure straight away and the Highfield defence looked shaken early on. This led to mis-positioning and helped Harry Myatt to burst through the defence and just miss a chipped shot.

After this chance, it brought Oadby confidence but maybe a bit too much as they gave away two simultaneous free-kicks in which they were lucky to see it go wide.

This let off reminded the Owls to play well and professionally. Oadby then played good through balls to the strike force in Harry and Alex Hill.

Jack 'Robbo' Robinson was making sure nothing was getting through his right-side and was linking up well with Jake Pullin, playing just in front of him.

Oadby ploughed on when Liam Griffin, the young starlet in midfielder, won a corner. After Adam Bolley's first corner was headed out for a second, he put in a great ball for Liam to jump above the defender and header it into the goal.     0-1

Jake Pullin was soon to make it two as after a short one-two with Adam, he finessed it into the far top hand corner. His haircut seemed to be working magic!     0-2

It was then nearly three following Adam's defensive header to Jake Pullin who, after yet more link up play, shot across the goal and went wide.

The half-time whistle was next to come and, for the worn-out Oadby players, came as a relief. Mr Green, the Oadby Owls manager, made a substitution to give Aaron Sandhu some game time after his injury by bringing off Robbo. 

The first chance for Oadby however, was on the left flank involving Jake Green and Tom Solomons and ended with Jake putting in a shot/cross (It was hard to work out!) just over the bar.

David Upton, one of the two fanatical Oadby centre-backs, seemed like he was heading for England as he dealt with all the long balls swiftly and efficiently. Alex Day was also on his prime game today as he was leading the back four with discipline and confidence.

Liam was next on the scoresheet for the second time as, after being infuriated by an offside decision, simply ran through the Highfield midfield and defence without a struggle and basically 'tanked' through their team to take on the keeper and finish an open goal.     0-3

Aaron, the the rookie right-back, them made it four with a stunner of a goal. He ferociously struck the ball from outside the area (whether it was a cross or not, it was amazing!) and left the keeper clueless.     0-4

Aaron then, with his name on the scoresheet, pushed up to right-midfield in hope of another goal. This let Robbo then come on at his natural right-back position. That is what led to Oadby's fifth goal. Aaron steamed down the right wing and put in a square ball for Harry to place past the keeper.     0-5

Nothing was to happen for the next 15 minutes and Ralph, the club's dog mascot, was lying down, head in paws, looking bored at the lack of attempts. However, the fans were in a great mood as Mrs Green, Mrs Day and Mrs Mackey enjoyed dancing to the Macarena with the background music.

Harry finished it off to make it six as after a square ball from Liam, an easy finish was then to finish. The final whistle blew and it made Oadby achieve a three game win streak.

Luke Green

Players of the Day: Jack Robinson, Alex Day, David Upton & Jake Green- Kept the  defence tight and did well to keep a defensive clean sheet. 

Goals Scorers: Liam Griffin (2) Jake Pullin (1) Harry Myatt (2) Aaron Sandhu (1)

Thurmaston Magpies 2 Oadby Owls 5 - 30th September 2012 (League)

After a blank weekend last week, Oadby Owls' fitness was full for the away fixture. It seemed like they all missed playing their weekly match and showed some bite in the pre-match warm up.

An early free-kick for Thurmaston meant for them to pile on the pressure causing the Owls' back four to continuously have to pump the ball away. But, Oadby then won a free-kick which got headed away for a corner to Oadby. Liam Griffin put in a perfect ball for David Upton to tower over the defence and bullet in a header.     0-1

Soon after, Thurmaston found space on the right to proceed. They then pulled it back and laid off a ball to be striked but Olly Mackey, without fault, saved it to his left for David to clear out of danger. It was seeming to be a game of fouls as both teams were winning free-kick after free-kick but no team was producing much from them.

Thurmaston then won another set piece, however, this time a corner. They drilled it in low for their striker to flick onto the back post but thanks to a goal line clearance from Jake Green, they survived from conceding. But, Thurmaston discovered the rare by getting past the defensive spine of David Upton and Alex Day. Their striker was then passed to and found himself one-on-one with Olly and tried to slide it round Olly's fingertips but he pulled off a brilliant save only to find that it was offside the whole time.

As soon as Oadby won back possession, Harry Myatt found a gap in the Thurmaston defence but his powerful shot was parried away only to find Jake Pullin's feet who, with his new aerodynamic haircut, lobbed the keeper from 35 yards.     0-2

At the break, the Owls were leading and were by far the team with more heart. However, Thurmaston put in a great ball only to be headed in at the back post.     1-2

They once again won possession and gained a controversial corner. After a couple headed one-twos, Thurmaston's almighty shot just went wide of the post.

Oadby were strong in all aspects of the pitch... Olly Mackey was doing everything asked for and more, Alex Day, Robbo and David were keeping things tight in defence and keeping it strong. Adam Bolley and Liam were creating more than enough chances for Tom Solomons and Harry to finish which they were until Thurmaston were to score a non-stoppable equaliser.     2-2 

Oadby once again scored and "Adam rolled the ball to Liam from a free-kick and scored" Says Mrs Bolley (I was looking away at this point!). A great, well worked set piece to put the Owls once again into the lead.     2-3

They were soon to make it four from Adam's free-kick. A long free-kick struggled the keeper and David was soon on the case to poach in another goal.     2-4

The goals kept on coming as, once again, Oadby scored another. Adam Bolley, in which was the engine of the team, played a through ball to Harry to finesse it past the keeper and make it 5.     2-5

That was the last to occur before the final whistle and helped Oadby to climb up to 3rd position in the table.

Luke Green

Player of the Day: Jake Pullin - A stunning goal and always looking to be involved in the action.

Goals Scorers: David Upton (2) Harry Myatt (1) Jake Pullin (1) Liam Griffin (1)

Asfordby Amateurs 0 Oadby Owls 3 - 16th september 2012 (League)

After last week's defeat, Oadby Owls were determined to improve their standard in the away clash against Asfordby. 

Oadby were bossing things about in the early period of the game creating more and more attempts and finally got an early breakthrough. Adam Bolley skilled one of Asfordby's central midfielders and progressed on to put in a perfect ball for Harry myatt to side-foot into the goal.     1-0

It was still close and was very end to end until Oadby got another goal to give them a comfortable 2-0 lead. Another cross by Adam led to Nehal Raja expertly flicking the ball on with his foot for Harry to tap it in before Asfordby even knew what was happening. 2-0 away... it was going well so far.

But, Asfordby found a gap in Oadby's defence and soon found space. The odds were in their favour to score as they had created a one-on-one chance but, Olly Mackey, in top form, made a vital save to his right for it then to be cleared by David Upton who was swiftly on the ball.

At half-time, Oadby had made it clear that they were by far the better side in the first half. After the whistle was blown for the second half to be underway, Oadby were having chance after chance and weren't letting Asfordby in the game at all.

However, Asfordby emerged from the dirt and scored a sliding-in goal. Unluckily for them, their goalscorer was about 2 foot offside.

After the recent let off, Oadby didn't stop attacking. They won free-kicks, corners and an unfortunate shot looping the crossbar.

The owls' goal was soon to come. After David Upton's great standing tackle, Alex Hill hoofed the ball away from danger, and up to Harry. After shooting and it being saved, he squared  the ball to Jake Pullin who took it round the keeper and scored the almost unmissable open goal.     3-0

As the final whistle was blown, the smiles on the under 16's faces grew and shone to themselves and the spectators. A well deserved win and a well deserved victory. An undoubtedly outstanding team performance.

Luke Green

Player of the Day: Nehal Raja - Growing in confidence with every game and showing us the skills he has.

Goals Scorers: Harry Myatt (2), Jake Pullin (1)

Oadby Owls 1 Kibworth & Smeeton 2 - 9th September 2012 (League)

In the sweltering heat, it would have been hard for anyone to play, but Oadby Owls managed it well. Their positive vibes before the game were loud and clear: They were definitely up for it.

Oadby were facing downhill in the first half giving them the early advantage, however, Kibworth suddenly found a breakthrough and found space to shoot but Oadby Owls' keeper, Oliver Mackey, was on top of things and parried it clear and well away from danger.

After defending tightly, Charlie Washington, with his quick feet, won a free-kick for Oadby just inside Kibworth's half. Alex Day pumped the ball into the box but after a great head by David Upton, it narrowly missed the post. Shortly after, Liam Griffin found space on the left flank and made the most of it. Crossing in the perfect ball, it was unlucky to have failed to find a receiver in the box.

Due to the Mediterranean-like heat, a much needed drinks break occurred, refilling the player's thirst and work-rate. But then things took a turn for the worst...

From a throw-in which seemed like nothing, led to an unfortunate goal for Kibworth & Smeeton. An enormous throw was launched into Oadby Owls' area and due to a blocked sight, Oliver Mackey could have done nothing to stop Kibworth from heading it in the back of the net.     0-1

At half-time, It had been proven that Oadby were unlucky to be a goal behind after showing to be the better side in the first half.

Once the second half was underway, Oadby didn't stop attacking. A header from Neehal Raja was hit shortly wide from a corner, a free-kick from Harry Myatt was blocked by the wall and a half volley also by Harry was struck well but just went wide. 

But, apart from Oadby's continuous attacks, Kibworth ran straight through the centre of the Oadby defence unchallenged and after finding even more space, they could have done nothing less than finish it past the keeper.     0-2

Although the recent goal, Oadby's hopes were still high. This led to Adam Bolley finding the ball on the edge of the Kibworth area and unluckily, the powerful shot was surprisingly saved by the keepers head for a corner. It was Oadby's time to shine and after a lot of scraps, Liam got the ball on the corner of the area and powered the ball into the top corner. Great goal!     1-2

Save after save by Olly, meant that Kibworth were really trying to get that two goal lead but Olly was running the show in Oadby's half.

Oadby Owls had chance after chance but unfortunately couldn't produce anything more before the final whistle was blown.

Author - Luke Green

Player of the Day: Liam Griffin

Goals Scorers: Liam Griffin (1)

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