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Manager: Sarah Wilson

Mobile: 07973 877079

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Assistant Manager: James Bonfield

Mobile: 07703 311440

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The team play in the Leicester & District Mutual League – Non competitive group

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Blaby & Whetstone Tigers v Oadby Owls Barnys - 3rd November 2013 (League)

It was sunny but cold Sunday morning and the Barnys where away for a league match against Blaby & Whetstone Tigers. The Barnys ran with their usual formation of 4-2-1.Once again the Barnys started with an all-out attack with ERIC and ALEX linking up well, finding themselves in the box and with a right footed shot ALEX just missed the goal, so close. Tigers soon hit back with a ball played through the middle but out of nowhere BEN nipped in to take the ball, skipped past one and cleared down the line. The next five minutes remained even but then Tigers found there rhythm and started fire confident shoots towards our goal. HARVEY making only his second appearance in goal put up a remarkable fight with some quality saves but eventually Tigers found the net.

End to end football continued SAM came on for ALEX and we desperately tried to pressure the Tigers keeper but they kept closing us down. UMAR was running the pitch as always MADDOX was charging at the midfield and MORGAN was trying to replicate the fancy foot work of Ronaldo we could not break the Tigers defence. The Tigers then really stepped it up a gear fast out of the traps well rehearsed passing and confident ball control, bang our net rattles, then again and again, Oh No this is not going as planned.

Second half Barnys rest some players bringing on DYLAN and GIANLUCA. The Barnys are desperate to change their fortunes but in the process they are forgetting their drills and formation leaving huge holes in our defensive play. Tigers took advantage and found the net several more times in just a few minutes, Come on lads hold it together the supporters cry! We kick off and start to rekindle our composure SAM finds himself with the ball at his feet, he skips past one, see his chance and lets an almighty right go, the keeper doesn’t even see it as his defence create a blind spots, Great goal, lets dig deep boys!

The guys are clearly feeling the pressure and although they continued to make challenges their heads were down. HARVEY managed to pull off a couple of great safes, UMAR, BEN and GIANLUCA did their best to protect our goal, whilst ALEX, ERIC and DYLAN fought to break the Tigers defence but they were too strong and we were too desperate. Tigers continued to play with composure and found the net again, and then the whistle blew.

Put this behind you boys, we need to find our consistency but you have the ability!

Player of the Day: Harvey

Goals Scorers: Sam

Oadby Owls Barnys v Ibstock Panthers - 27th October 2013 (Friendly)

The boys were undeterred by the looming grey clouds and building winds for this home friendly against Ibstock Panthers.  A full squad was assembled and all had a look in their eye that they meant business and were keen to win. Ibstock had declared their team was bolstered by under nine and team two players but the Barnys were no phased and just wanted to play.

ALEX back from his short term loan in Wales (Visiting Grandparents) started alongside ERIC in midfield, our backline commenced with MADDOX, UMAR and HARVEY, DYLAN upfront and GIANLUCA our trusted keeper.

The Panthers took the kick and quickly forced they way towards our goal, launching a quick shot that fell short of its intended target and trickled wide. GIANLUCA returned the ball to the pitch and quickly sent it out to UMAR who remembering his academy skills chose to send it immediately to ERIC, free on the wing. Hurtling down the touchline ERIC confidently crossed to DYLAN and ALEX, waiting in the box, the ball is cleared by the Panthers and we win our first corner. DYLAN takes and finds UMAR who has sprinted to support, and manages to connect a half volley which scrapes the Panthers goal post, great effort!

Panthers opt for the short kick and the Barnys immediately close them down, MADDOX charging towards the ball, stopping them in their tracks.  He takes control, looks up and finds ALEX free, who instinctively sees ERIC making a run and sends a beautiful inch perfect ball to his feet. ERIC continues with pace out manoeuvring the Panthers backline and lets a lovely left foot strike go, we hold a breath and it hits the side netting, what a play! The boys are remembering their training drills.

The Panthers take a quick kick but we again take back control this time DYLAN seizes the opportunity with another shot just missing the target. Our onslaught continues with both ERIC marginally missing again and UMAR’s valiant attempt generating our second corner.  DYLAN takes but the ball is sent clear by the Panthers. HARVEY gets on it, quickly sends it back and finds ALEX who has held position and sees his opportunity. He takes on the defence weaving in and out like a granny’s knitting needle and then an almighty right footer rattles the Panthers netting, top left corner, GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!

The Panthers reset and we make substitution across the next five minutes, GEORGE, BEN SAM and MORGAN all coming on to the field. Play continues and the Panthers quickly find their form, putting together great plays, which result in a shot to powerful for GIANLUCA and they draw level. Over the next five minutes the Panthers create two more chances but HARVEY, BEN and GIANLUCA defend well sending the ball clear, but then their second goal comes, another confident strike.

Play switches to the opposite end, MORGAN finds himself in space and begins a confident drive, and he takes it to the line and crosses finding SAM on the edge of the box, who turns, shoots and gets the deflection off a Panthers defender, GOOOOOOAAAALLLLLLL! All is level as the whistle blows for half time. Fantastic twenty minutes! Come on the Barnys!

Second Half commences and the play moves from end to end, BEN protecting our goal like a gladiator, UMAR fighting for every loose ball and DYLAN running the length and breast of the pitch, keen to get his break on goal.  The first ten minutes are evenly matched and then disaster strikes and the Panthers get their break. On loan from their under nines the player skips through our defence and releases a quality right foot, leaving GIANLUCA helpless. The boys quickly reset and then next 5 minutes are dominated by the Barnys, desperate to even the scores. MORGAN skips through the middle of the pitch hungry for goal, SAM chases and every challenge hits its mark, driven by pure determination.  

Then with only minutes to spare the Barnys get their break, GEORGE clears the ball and finds ALEX, who glances up, sees he has space, dribbles then releases to UMAR, who immediately knocks it out to SAM making the run he has time and space! He charges towards goal, the referee looks at his watch, he sprints with the ball and just outside the box shoots, the crowd holds their breath, the keeper dives, saves, and the referee blows full time!

What a great game and although the result did not go the Barnys way they undoubtedly played the best team game of the season and the lads should be proud of their contributions.

Player of the Day: Umar

Goals Scorers: Alex, Sam

Oadby Owls Barnys v Kingsway Celtic - 20th October 2013 (Friendly)

A perfect afternoon for football and this friendly against the newly formed Kingsway Celtic was being treated like a league game, and the Barnys had everything to prove.

DYLAN our Captain and striker tossed for the kick off but Kingsway won and opted to play uphill, which should give us a first half advantage. Our backline formation slightly changed in that MADDOX started with HARVEY and UMAR, and our Midfield partnership of MORGAN and ERIC.

Once again the Barnys get off to a fast start, both DYLAN and MORGAN running at the Kingsway midfield from the whistle, forcing the ball to the touchline and proving we have good pace. Kingsway link up well and put together some confident, 1, 2 passes which force our backline into action, we are not caught napping, MADDOX closing down their efforts as soon as they crossed the half way line. He sends the ball out wide to ERIC who makes a quick break on goal, but Kingsway react and send the ball out for an early corner. DYLAN sends a beautiful ball towards the back post but we just fail to get anybody on the end. Kingsway quickly take the ground kick and make another assault on goal this time dribbling confidently and managing to find enough room to shoot, GIANLUCCA stands up and collects the effort with the same amount of confidence. He gestures to his team to move out and sends the ball back into the Kingsway half, this time DYLAN takes control, turns, knocks it on, then shoots, OOH! Just wide!

The next five minutes are all attacking as HARVEY and UMAR protect our keeper with quick and controlled clearances to midfield. MORGAN dribbles with true determination, releasing to ERIC who knocks to DYLAN, back to ERIC and again we have a shooting chance. This time a goal line scramble, Kingsway desperate to clear and the Barny’s  trying to find the window of opportunity, finally the shot from ERIC goes toward goal, the Kingsway keeper hits the deck and desperately tries to retrieve the ball,” it’s in” the Barnys supporters shout but the referee says no! So close!

Barnys continue to put pressure on the Kingsway backline and they concede a free kick which sits within range of DYLAN’s quality right foot. He steps up, it hits the Kingsway wall and ricochets back towards him, he shoots again but it goes wide, the crowd can sense a goal is coming Barnys way.

The management make three changes bringing on SAM, BEN and GEORGE. Barnys continue to link up well sending the ball down the line and giving the midfield space and time to create a play. This time SAM finds himself in space, he fakes a play and then lets one go, “this is going in” but no, it hits the post and goes out for a goal kick. The whistle blows for half time and both teams can be proud of their efforts but there is no way this game will end without any goals!

Second Half see’s HARVEY off and MADDOX on and all the boys have a look of determination in their eyes. The whistle blows and the game moves quickly towards the Kingsway end and remains there for most of the half. Barnys do not give anything away, chance after chance are put wide or cleared off the goal line. SAM, DYLAN and MORGAN are relentless in their attacks, supporting each other as they pass and move into space. The ball is being crossed in from both sides of the pitch but the guy’s just keep missing the net. The goal line scrambles, the just wides and another “Did that not cross the line” saves dominate the half.

GIANLUCCA has had very little to do but then Kingsway catch us with a quality break and go charging toward our goal, Oh No! Surely not after dominating the game, we cannot concede? GIANLUCCA comes off his line BEN closes the Kingsway attacker down but he manages to release a shot. The Barny’s parents cover their eyes but GIANLUCCA stands fast and catches the ball with panther style reflects – Good lad!

The Barnys onslaught continues but we just cannot find the back of the net, as Kingsway put up a remarkable fight to protect their goal. The Barnys charge at Kingsway after every goal kick and you can see how much they want the win. We then get another free kick within striking distance, this time SAM steps up but only manages to knock it into the wall. Several more chances are missed, DYLAN hits the post, UMAR sends it wide and both ERIC and SAM denied by the keeper. The whistle blows for full time, the parents have lost their voices and the boys should be proud of their efforts. What a game, both sides played well and this is what kids football is all about, FUN, EXCITEMENT and even a little controversy (referee should have gone to Specsavers, Ha-ha!).

We can all take a lot from this game, the boys really showed their hunger to win as a team. WELL DONE LADS!

Player of the Day: Sam

Goals Scorers: 

Oadby Owls Barnys v Saffron Dynamo Foxes - 6th October 2013 (Group Game)

A glorious afternoon for this home game against the Saffron Dynamos, parents and boys optimistic as ever and soaking up the autumnal sun. HARVEY is captain and looks ready to lead out the team. Sarah is forced to rethink our normal starting lineup as illness strikes the Barnys once more, this time Morgan and our assistant manager James unable to attend this league game.  

Our formation remains 3-2-1 with GIANLUCA (Keeper), BEN, UMAR & HARVEY (Defence), SAM and ALEX (MIDFIELD), ERIC starting up front, leaving MADDOX, DILLON and GEORGE ready and keen on the bench.

Dynamos win the toss and kick off, immediately they show good form, linking up with well rehearsed passes.  ERIC and ALEX move quickly closing down the opposition and driving the ball into their half. Play moves from end to end and both teams show great determination on the ball. Our backline are focused on clearing, one touch and away, in order to eliminate all threats. BEN really challenging the large strike force of the Dynamos, UMAR dribbling his way out of trouble and HARVEY sprinting for touchline clearances. Five minutes in and all is well then the Dynamos seize the opportunity in our defensive wall. They quickly break from their half sending the ball wide to a very stable and ball confident winger, who links up with his midfield partner and heads towards our goal. The Barnys backline are caught napping and number 8 see’s his chance, a confident strike and our net starts to rattle, Oh No!

Barnys come straight back at the Dynamos ERIC and SAM make the charge and drive towards goal. It is cut out and sent hurtling back towards UMAR who controls it well and dribbles back to the centre circle. He passes to SAM but it is cut out and the Dynamos break on us once more, 1, 2, they shoot, disaster strikes and GIANLUCA is left with no chance. 

Changes are made that bring on DILLON, MADDOX and GEORGE who all get stuck in immediately. DILLON from the off charging towards the Dynamos end, trying desperately to out manoeuvre their backline, all they can do is clear for a corner. DILLON takes, and launches a spectacular cross which SAM just fails to connect with, if only!  COME ON BARNYS. We just need a goal before half time. The keeper kicks out and we immediately take control BEN sends the ball to DILLON who runs the line and crosses into the Dynamo box, the boy rattles around like a pinball game and then it comes to SAM who controls , lunges and with the outside of his foot sends it into the corner GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! The fans go wild, the Barnys reset, then the whistle blows for half time, what a 20 minutes! We might just win this?

Second half begins with no changes to our team or formation. Early breaks catch the opposition napping and we win several corners in the first 5 minutes with GEORGE just missing a blinder from outside the keeper’s area.  It remains fairly even with confident crosses coming in from both teams that on most occasions result in near misses.  ERIC, UMAR and ALEX are recalled and the game continues at pace but this time the dynamos are making better progress as our defensive formation breaks down and our one touch football is forgotten. Caught out again by quick breaks and big goal kicks we scramble to clear and another goal is conceded, this can’t be happening. The attacks continue and a long range effort is sent towards our goal GIANLUCA stands up and pounces on it like a lion, GREAT SAVE! The boys continue to battle but yet again our structure is starting to slip, some sloppy passes result in Dynamos taking the upper hand and again they score.

Digging deep the Barnys heads do not drop and the proud parents shout COME ON BOYS! Then moments of brilliance start to appear. ALEX launches an attack with quality ball control and dribbling skills which would not look out of place in Barcelona. We make run after run and just when we think a goal is near the Dynamos clear with brute force.  We have a number of short and long range attempts but none hit the net.  ERIC tries to run the defence even MADDOX makes a break from the back line to change our fortunes but to no avail. The referee blows for full time and we yet again go back to the drawing board. Well played lads we just need to sort out our second half tactics but have no doubt your passion is there!

Player of the Day: Dillon

Goals Scorers: Sam

Football & Fitness Tigers v Oadby Owls Barnys - 29th September 2013 (League)

A crisp and bright morning presented itself for this away game at Brockington College, Enderby. The enthusiasm of the boys was as bright as the sun which warmed the 3G surface in readiness for play.  

Our usual starting line up was assembled but due to illness Gianluca was not available, which gave our reserve keeper HARVEY the opportunity to shine. 3-2-1 was the formation and the guys looked confident, ambitious and hungry for a win.

From the whistle the game got off to a charging start and the teams looked evenly matched, albeit most of the action was in the Tigers end. Our defence resembled an impenetrable fortress as UMAR, ALEX and BEN prevented any of the attacks making their destination.  The game continued to move with pace and then came our first opportunity, a quick throw in from SAM was received by DILLON, he turns, he shoots, but the keeper makes a great save. The pressure from the Barneys was relentless and all watching were convinced a goal would soon be forthcoming. MORGAN commanded the midfield sending quick balls down the line leaving the Tigers defence with no other choice but to clear. Another quick throw in and this time UMAR takes the opportunity, just wide, the crowd go “OOH! COME ON BARNEYS – KEEP THE PRESSURE ON!”

Barneys continue the assault on the Tigers keeper, with MORGAN getting involved in a competitive goal line scramble. The game then quickly moves to our end as the Tigers catch us on the break. ALEX and BEN hold fast but the striker lets one go, HARVEY dives, “WHAT A SAVE!” he holds fast and we are out of trouble. Barneys make two substitutions which see ERIC and MADDOCK get quickly in to the mix and move the play back towards the home teams end. DILLON passes to ERIC and he goes for goal, just wide, the crowd on the edge of their seats, then the referee blows for half time.

A great first half with so many chances for the Barneys, it looks like their training is paying off and the Tigers must be feeling the pressure.

Second half gets off to the same blistering pace but the Tigers look more self assured. Our early attempts amount too little but the home team have changed their goal kicker and he sends the ball confidently into our area. The Tigers strike force are hungry and work well getting around our back line, then disaster, an almighty strike screeches into our net, leaving HARVEY with little chance.

We reset and begin our assault but this time the Tigers are strong, quickly returning the ball to our half. They send the ball wide; BEN makes a valiant attempt to clear but the striker skips round him and drives the ball across goal and into our net. ALEX and ERIC take the kick off sending the ball out to DILLON on the wing, pushing forward; he crosses and manages to find ALEX who shoots but the ball sales over the bar, unbelievable, we so deserve a goal!

Tigers are now finding their rhythm and launch attack after attack which results in several more goals. The Barneys dig deep trying to stave off the efforts of the Tigers, SAM and UMAR making valuable clearances, MORGAN and MADDOCK both having great long range efforts but it was just not to be.

The referee blows for full time and the Barney’s supporters sigh! The efforts of the team were not reflected in the result but there were a number of lessons which we will take back to the training ground. Our determination was a pleasure to watch and our day will come!

Player of the Day: Harvey

Goals Scorers: 

Oadby Owls Barnys v Glen Villa - 15th September 2013 (Friendly)

The return leg of this local derby was all important given the previous game at Glen Villa. The boys were ready and the formation looked strong with ERIC and DILLON starting the upfront partnership, MORGAN and SAM in their usual midfield positions and a determined back line made up of GEORGE, UMAR and BEN.

The early stages looked promising with both DILLON and SAM (Captain) linking up well putting pressure on the Villa defence. Our back line also held up against some early breaks created by the huge kicking ability of the Glen Villa goal keeper. UMAR and BEN closing down the attacks with some very assured tackles and side line clearances, demonstrating that there Saturday academy training came in useful noting it focused on defensive tactics.

Villa's attacks kept coming and finally they hit the back of the net, JAN LUKA put up a noble effort but the strike was to strong. Barnys continued to put up a valiant fight but Villa kept catching us on the break and a couple more hitting the target before the half time whistle.

Second half team changes brought on ALEX and HARVEY who immediately got stuck in, looking to change our fortunes, HARVEY really attacking the game and getting into the mix with self assured tackles and clearance work. UMAR was also running the pitch and winning every challenge, his confidence growing minute by minute and showing great determination. ERIC managed a few breaks as did DILLON with shots being fired toward the Villa goal from 15 yards, ambitious but both showing their goal hunger. Regrettably none of our second half breaks amounted to anything and Villa fired several more goals into our net leaving JAN LUKA with very little chance.

The final score line did not reflect the efforts of the boys and it was clear they were disappointed but we live to fight another day as we become stronger and more confident week by week. KEEP IT UP CHAPS OUR DAYS ARE COMING!

Player of the Day: Umar

Goals Scorers: 

Croft Junior Blues v Oadby Owls Barnys 1st September 2013 (League)

A quick trip up the road to Croft today to see the first game of the league for the Barnys. It was a lovely sunny day but not too hot, perfect weather for it as the anticipation built to fever pitch from the side lines! There was a quick change round of positions and substitute goalkeeper George stepped in to help out. The boys ran into their posititons keen to get the start of the season under way. Oadbys kick off was taken very well by the Barnys and saw them showing their intent from the off and pressing forward into Crofts half, good stuff so far!

The strike force of Dylan alone up front with midfield support from Sam, Eric and Morgan looked formidable with Maddox and captain, Ben in defence, looking unpassable as ever. There was some excellent passing and moving from the Barnys that was heartening to see as the children chased balls down.

The defence showed their strength as they were making some tackles that will surely be shown on match of the day 2! They quickly got the ball away and it ricocheted around in Crofts box before it was cleared and Croft were released, however Maddox had other ideas and stepped in with a tackle and kicked the ball upfield with such force that Croft players seemed to move out the way and it crossed the line, apparently in slow motion from where the management team stood, GOAL!!!!!!!!! What a start to the season!

The kick off was quickly taken and saw Croft pushing forward, the defence were strong but the ball safely rolled off the pitch for goal kick, Croft were relentless though and eventually found the back of the net. Kick off was taken quickly and Oadby were pressing forward again but the Croft defence were strong and quick releasing the players forward which saw some good saves from George in goal and some strong tackles from all the Barnys however Croft found the net again.

A quick substitution saw Harvey come on for Maddox to go straight into defence with Ben. The Barnys looked strong with Morgan making some excellent tackles as he was all over the pitch and the pace of Dylan, Sam and Eric was astonishing at times as they were using the full width of the pitch and running up and down the wings.

The ball was being kicked around by the Barnys with some real thought to passing and then the ball fell to Eric and he hit it sweetly to find the back of the net! The crowd went wild, the Barnys heads were up and there was a glint in their eyes.

Half time came quickly afterwards which saw Maddox back on and Morgan rested for the start of the second half, unfortunately for the Barnys Croft seemed to come out stronger and found the back of the net quickly after the restart. Harvey and Ben kept making strong tackles and good clearances from the back and Eric and Sam were strong still on the wing, showing pace and Dylan seemed to be skipping over Croft players as he was running up the pitch, they all seemed to be trying to beat Usain Bolt at the 100 metres with the blistering pace. 

The second half seemed to see Croft on the attack and saw the Barnys tracking back downfield well to defend when needed, Morgan came back on pitch and got back into it with some strong tackles but Croft seemed to battle that little bit harder and they found the back of the net once more before the full time whistle went.

This game saw some excellent individual performances and a good team performance and the use of the retreat line was well adopted by both sides, the game was topped off with a friendly peno shoot out at the end. Well done Barnys on a well played game, looking forward to the rest of the season!

Player of the Day: Maddox

Goals Scorers: Maddox, Eric

Leicester & District Mutual Football League







 01/09/2013    Croft Junior Blues   Away   
 15/09/2013  14:30   Glen Villa   Home   
 29/09/2013  TBC   Football & Fitness Tigers   Away   
 06/10/2013  14:30  Saffron Dynamo Foxes   Home   
 03/11/2013  10.30  Blaby & Whetstone Tigers  Away  
 17/11/2013  14.30  Stoke Golding Swords  Home  
 02/03/2014  14.30  Lutterworth Athletic Lightning  Home  
09/03/2014  10.30  Croft Juniors Greens  Home  
 16/03/14 10.30  Barrow Town Falcons   Away  
 23/03/2014 10.30  Lutterworth Town   Away  
 30/03/2014  14.30  Market Bosworth  Home  
 06/04/2014  10.30  AFC Barwell Tigers  Away  


 13/10/2013  12.30   Kingsway Rangers  Away  
 20/10/2013  TBC  Kingsway Celtics  Home  
 27/10/2013  TBC  Ibstock Panthers  Home  
 10/11/2013  TBC  Hamilton Youth   Home   

Team Notices

Please note the following:

  • The 2014 Oadby Owls tournament (for U7, U8, U9, U10) will be held at the Leicester University sports ground on SUNDAY 1ST JUNE. Please mark this date in your diary & more details will follow in Jan 2014.
  • The Oadby Owls Academy will run every Saturday until 14th December, when we have a winter break. It will recommence on Saturday 1st February 2014.
  • Midweek training is on Wednesday evenings, 6.30pm at Judgemeadow school.