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Manager: Des Martin

Mobile: 07899 804997

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Assistant Manager: Jules Ndukwu

Mobile: 07929 364788

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The team play in the Leicester & District Mutual League – Non competitive group

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Oadby Owls U8s Snowys vs Allexton & New Parks Fc

Sunday 30th March 10.30am KO at Coombe Park


Team – Eishay - Captain










Arrived 10am     Starting, as always, with a warm-up with Des and Joules.


Full team ready for their final league match of the season and some of the parents are feeling a little nostalgic to know that this is their last as this team!


Kick off with the Snowys having to defend immediately, as Allexton are pushing forward and goalie Jacob having to make a save so early on.

The boys have had a short shock, with Allexton being more awake, but they attack with Pharrall passing to Cole who passes on to Millen who then aims shoots and scores!

Go on Snowys.

Allexton are on the attack with Snowys passing, defending and playing well.

Snowys are awarded a corner, Cole steps up and takes it, corner ball in bought down by Luke who shoots and score!

Snowys stay on the attack with the Allexton goalie making numerous saves.

Snowys defend well with Harry on the ball when needed.

Pharrall shoots on target but again the Allexton goalie makes the save-urgh!


Both teams are playing and defending well, with the ball back and forth.


Allexton receive a free kick,  for Snowys to defend well and prevent a goal.

Snowys are on the attack, only for the Allexton GK to make the save.

Corner awarded to Snowys and nothing comes of it but Allexton take advantage of the ball being in play and go for goal but Snowys defend well. Well done boys!



Immediately, from the kick off, Snowys take control and Cole scores an excellent goal within 30 seconds of kick off! Go Cole!

Snowys keep up the attack, with Luke just missing the target! So close.

Cole takes a corner but the Snowys just don’t make the net!

Another corner and Pharrall takes it, but Allexton again defend well.

Keeping up the attack, Declan scores a superb goal from just before the half way line.

Did he mean to do it or was that a fluke? Who cares it was a belter!

Well done Declan!

Match finishes on an good positive note and also a very important win.

Well done boys for working so well and hard as a team.

Goal scorers


Millen – 1

Luke – 1

Declan - 1

Cole – 1


Whole team received Man of the Match

Lutterworth Athletic Thunder v Oadby Owls - Snowys 3rd November 2013 (Group Game)

Arrived 10.10am starting, as always, with a warm-up and taking penalties under the guidance of Des and Jules

Kick off at 10.30am on a bright sunny Autumn morning. Snowys showing good early defence work from Aaron and Harry, with a few early attempts on goal by Millen, Declan and Pharrall.

4 minutes in and it’s a GOAL by Pharrall. 6 minutes in and the ball rebounds off goalie Jacob’s save, which is then followed by a goal to Lutterworth!

There follows some nice midfield play between Eishay, Declan and Millen.

13 minutes and a skilful turn from Millen, on target, but well saved by the goalie! Urgh

14 minutes and Luke scores a great GOAL from 10 metres out! WOW, go Snowys!

Pharrall passes to Millen, seconds left of 1st half, and Millen scores! GOAL!

Excellent play, go Snowys!!

Early save from Jacob keeps Snowys spirits high. Several good long throw ins by Harry and the boys showing a good solid defence with Aaron working hard as always.29 minutes in and Luke weaves through the Lutterworth defence to pass to Millen who 1 metre from the goal line shoots and scores! GOAL! Well done good team play and good passing.33 minutes Snowys show a good defensive side with Declan stepping up to save a goal resulting from the Lutterworth attack.

34 minutes and Snowys are on the attack resulting with Luke scoring! GOAL! A lovely cross from Pharrall, with Snowys keeping Lutterworth on their toes all of the time.

Overall, another good performance from the Snowys. Well done boys.

Player of the Day: N/A

Goals Scorers:Millen x2  Pharell x1  Luke x2 

Oadby Snowys V Birstall United Foxes - 13th October 2013 (Group Game)

Arrived 10.10am Starting, as always, with a warm-up with Des and Jules.

Kick off at 10.30am.

Snowys take control immediately attacking and defending where necessary. They take a bit of time to settle in with play back and forth for both teams. Declan has an attempt at goal but no result this time but that doesn’t stop him from trying again and passing to Luke who hits the back of the net. GOAL!The boys are slow in starting but sure making up for it now!

Jacob makes a save and takes a quick goal kick which lands with Cole who kicks it into the box but no one was there to meet it. It all happened too quickly! The boys carry on playing back and forth attacking and defending when needed.

Declan just misses the target, Snowys are doing everything right but just not getting the ball in the back of the net - at present!

Luke, Cole and Pharrall weave the ball through and just miss the goal but then Luke scores an excellent goal, celebrating by swimming! GOAL!

There’s no stopping him as Luke is on the attack again with his shot being met by the keeper.

Snowys keeping up the attack with Pharrall scoring. GOAL!

Half Time

Kick off again, with Birstall defending well and Snowys keeping up the attack. Snowys free kick blocked by a wall of defence on the goal line. Pharrall takes one of his bending corners where he just misses! So close.

Birstall have the ball and are on the attack for the ball to be saved by Jacob! Yeah!

Snowys on the attack with Pharrall passing to Luke and him finding the back of the net! Goal! Luke’s on a roll, hat trick for him, so far.

Pharrall takes a free kick which is met by a defence wall from Birstall and a corner is saved by the goalie.

Birstall attack only to be met with Aaron’s header and Harry’s strong defending too. Jacob manages to make a good save getting his hands on the ball and holding on tight.

Millen passes to Cole who is then met by the goalie but a corner is awarded and Cole goes for goal but he hits the outside of the net! So close.

Final minutes and coach Des calls “PLAN B” the boys keep going only for Luke to bang the ball in to the back of the net-GOAL!

Player of the Day: Arron

Goals Scorers: LUKE 4 PHARELL 1

Allexton & New Parks Hawks v Oadby Owls Snowys - 29th September 2013 (Group Match)

Arrived 10.10am starting, as always, with a warm-up with Des and Jules.

Captain - Declan

Kicked off on time, 10.30am, with Snowys pushing forward immediately and then Allexton taking control only to find Snowys on the defensive and taking control of the ball with Cole on the attack. Allexton have to work hard to defend and take possession of the ball, working it down the line only to be met by an alert Snowys goalie! Snowys respond with an attack and Luke passing the ball to Cole, who is waiting in the box, he shoots and the Allexton goalie gets his hand to it! So close! Snowys corner, staying strong and keeping the pressure up only for play to be interrupted at a crucial time as Allexton have a player injured.

Snowys are still on the attack with Luke’s header going over the cross bar-so close. A throw in where Jules TELLS Pharrall to drop the ball and let Eishay take it, to which he suggests it should be Harry! Agreed! Harry takes the throw in, the ball lands at Declan’s feet who passes to Pharrall on to Cole who shoots and scores! Go on Snowys!!!! Keep it up! Oadby on the attack, with their confidence taking a boost, how the ball doesn't make it in to the net?! Luke got his foot on it, but no goal! But then,bang Luke finally gets the back of the net. Go Snowys! Allexton attack but the boys hold their own and defend strongly. Jacob kicks the ball out to Cole who at this point is fending off four players. 

Half Time 2 – 0 to Snowys. Very tense atmosphere. Well, we kick off again and Pharrall scores a cracker of a goal which boosts the boys and parent’s moods. Keeping up the attack Cole passes to Millen who doesn't quite get his foot to the ball and Allexton take control. Snowys reclaim the ball with Pharrall passing the ball in to the box and Cole just missing his head getting to it! At this point Allexton take control and with Snowys defending the ball deflects off one of the Snowys and gives Allexton their first goal!

The boys are frustrated but they fight back and hit them where it really matters, Luke bangs in a goal in the top right of the net! Coaches are now much happier and calmer as are the boys! Aaron, Harry and Eishay defend superbly allowing their team mates to keep up the attack until Pharrall is carried off injured.

The boys keep going attacking / defending well. On the attack the ball goes from Millen then Luke who passes to Cole who finishes it off with the ball landing in the back of the net - and on his left foot! Back and forth with the ball for both teams with Snowys showing to be the stronger side, Luke’s shot on goal saved by deflection for the ball to land with Pharrall, who shoots but the ball goes slightly wide of the goal! Allexton are awarded a penalty! Unfortunately, Jacob couldn’t save the penalty but he did get his hand to it! Boys are not phased and keep going with Millen missing a shot on goal and then from nowhere Declan scores a CRACKER – down the line and bang, well deserved! Snowys are now on the defence but regain the ball making their way down the pitch, they shoot but miss, then just wide of the goal-corner awarded to Snowys.

Pharrall’s “Bend it like Pharrall” shot is awesome but just over the crossbar. WOW! Pharrall shoots again, on target but no result.

Match over, what a relief!

Player of the Day: ALL

Goals Scorers: Luke (2 + 1 OG), Cole (2), Declan, Pharrell

Oadby Owls Snowys v Barrow Town Hawks - 15th September 2013 (Group match)

Everybody looking forward to the first home game of the season. Started with a warm up and team talk, no subs today. Aaron representing the team as Captain.

Kicked off on time with Oadby taking control and on the attack with Harry and Eishay defending. Pharrall passed the ball to Luke who then smoothly glided the ball in to the back of the net! J Go Oadby, only 5 minutes and working hard uphill.

Barrow on the attack and weaving their way through the Oadby defence only for Jacob, goalie, making an excellent save. Barrow corner with Oadby taking possession and Pharrall up the line with the ball, Barrow takling for the ball and Oadby having to defend. Pharrall, Cole, Eishay and Luke all on the attack with excellent team work and football being displayed and Cole scoring J

Barrow on the attack again, rewarded with a corner, excellent defending Oadby, ball yet again saved from visitors scoring. Oadby on the attack, Cole with the ball, passes in to the box, Oadby just didn’t get their foot to it on time! Again, Luke passes the ball into the box and Cole just not managing to get his foot to it! Ooohhh!!! Play goes Barrow way, they have a free kick just outside the box, Oadby’s defensive wall of players is not letting the ball through, with Aaron displaying some excellent defending!

Oadby take hold of the game with Luke running away with the ball and he shoots and scores! J Go on Snowys!

Again, Oadby take control with Luke crossing to Cole and him firing at goal only for the goalie to save the shot.Keeping the pressure on Eishay takes control of the ball and scores!J Excellent work! Barrow on the attack only for us to repossess, Pharrall making his way up the pitch, only to be challenged and result in an injured ankle, 90 seconds of 1st half left and Snowys are a man down with no subs-come on lads!Manager Des, instructs lads to revert to PLAN B and the boys keep going with Luke yet again nearly scoring.

Half time.

Snowys are MAGNIFICENT “7” again with Pharrall returning after treatment.

Barrow are revitalised with an immediate attack which is met by Jacob. Phew.Free kick for Barrow but Oadby take control of the ball again and are on the attack, Pharrall shoots and just misses! So close! Barrow goalie does well to save the ball.

Oadby are on the attack again, working the line with a flick from Eishay, in to the box to Cole who shoots and scores! GOAL!! JBeautiful play by Oadby.Again, down the line by Cole but Barrow are defending well and take control of the ball but not for long, as Cole reclaims the ball and takes it all the way up the pitch, passing all the players and shoots…..he scores a cracker! J Go on Cole!! Oadby keep up the pressure but Barrow work hard and do take control only to be met by excellent defence and goalie. Joules is shouting the lads to BOMB ON! Keep up the pressure, not long to go now Oadby!

Jacob - goalie and Harry - defender swap places.Barrow on the attack which results in Oadby defending well again.Lads need to keep going for last few minutes, on the attack again and just miss. Back and forth with Oadby and Barrow equally on the attack.

PLAN B again….hang in there lads….not long to go….!Oadby corner taken twice…….no goal….doesn’t matter Oadby have done it!

Finished off with penalty shoot out.

Well done boys, you all worked hard and most importantly as a team! 

Player of the Day: Luke Martin

Goals Scorers: Luke (2), Eishay and Cole (3)

Sileby Juniors Whites v Oadby Owls Snowys - 1st September 2013 (Group match)

Started with a team talk and warming up and then the boys shooting at Goal.

Started strong, Oadby taking possession and their shot being saved by goalie, then Millen hitting the crossbar. On a Sileby goal kick Oadby take possession and Luke’s shot is saved again by the goalie. Sileby defending very well, but Oadby keeping the pressure on with Pharrall having a shot at goal. Sileby on the attack, Oadby fought hard and gained possession and attacked with Millen passing to Cole, superb pass, just missing the goal! Oadby awarded a corner and still on the attack with all the players pushing up, to pile the pressure on Sileby. Luke’s free kick-saved, Pharrall’s corner doesn’t quite make it, another corner-goes out, excellent defending by Sileby. Jacob does a big goal kick which lands with Luke who takes the ball on the attack, only for Sileby to defend and kick the ball out. Harry throw-in to Luke where Sileby defend again and the ball is played out. Cole takes a corner passing to Pharrall where we have another miss! Manager makes a tactical change. Oadby again missed another shot on goal! Aaarrrhhh!! But stay on the attack piling on the pressure having a corner awarded. Cole takes the corner and shoots and scores-an AMAZING goal! Sileby take control and are on the attack with Jacob making a save. Oadby repossess the ball and are again on the attack with then defending Sileby’s attack. Back and forth for a while until Lukes attack on target is saved by the goalie. Then Cole breaks free and scores an open goal-get in there Oadby!!! Fantastic team work!

Half time-sub swap

Oadby & Sileby are both back and forth for a while with the attack and defending. Sileby have a throw in and are on the attack only for Jacob, Aaron and Declan to do some great defending and goalie saving the ball. A big goal kick is launched for Millen to receive and cross to Cole who volleyed just wide of the goal! So close! Sileby are hot on the attack, they shoot and its just over the cross bar! So near and a lucky escape for Oadby. At this point Justin (Millen’s dad) decided to touch the ball whilst it was in play!Ha Ha Ha!!!Tut tut parents-as pointed out we must obey the respect line. Sileby are on the attack and are awarded a corner, pressure on for Oadby with everyone in place, and Sileby score.

Oadby take control of the game again with Harry’s header missing the target, then Sileby attacking and Eishay kicking the ball out of play. Back and forth with the ball, with each team taking possession and the match finishing..

Finished off with penalty shoot out-well done boys! You all worked hard.

Player of the Day: Cole Harper

Goals Scorers: Cole (2)

Leicester & District Mutual Football League







Team Notices

Please note the following;

  • The 2014 Oadby Owls tournament (for U7, U8, U9, U10) will be held at the Leicester University sports ground on SUNDAY 1ST JUNE. Please mark this date in your diary & more details will follow in Jan 2014.