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Manager: Ted Taylor

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Assistant Manager: Carl Watkinson

Mobile: 07752 711155

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The team play in the Leicester & District Sunday Juniors League  - Division 2

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Oadby Owls 2 Groby Juniors 4 - 22nd September 2013 (League)


Player of the Day: N/A

Goals Scorers: Henry and Cole

Oadby Owls Tawnys 2 Braunstone Trinity 2 - 8th September 2013 (League)

Perhaps I was a bit too harsh with last weeks report. The truth is my Sunday went from bad to worse when almost straight after the final whistle, we went out to lunch at the home of some very good friends of ours. Not such a bad thing, surely, I hear you say. Well normally, no, however, these friends happen to vegetarians. Now, Morris dancing aside, I respect most people who have declared a life-style choice, but the strange thing about vegetarians is that when they come to our house, they expect us to cater for their eating habits, but when we go to theirs, they don't reciprocate. I mean there was not a solid piece of meat in sight. And the the strange thing about vegetarian food is no matter how much you eat, you never feel full. I'll wager that nobody has ever had a vegetarian meal then felt compelled to slump into a comfy chair to promptly fall in to a deep and glutinous sleep. After about 5 hours there, I think James was beginning to hallucinate. After 6 hours, when we were finally on our way home, I think he was ready to jump out of the car to retrieve the dead badger lying by the side of the road, and eat it raw. As for me, I was simply in a foul mood....hence the report. Sorry lads, whatever the score was, I have no doubt at all that you were doing your best.

Anyway, to this week, and a first home match, at our new ground against Braunstone. And what a start we made! We were 2-0 up within 15 minutes and really looking like we meant business. We didn't let them settle for a moment. We were fast, accurate, and threatening. We pushed forward, and managed to keep our shape right through the team. We backed each other up, and, I'm happy to say, were working really hard. This attitude, and enthusiasm, will almost always pay dividends. It certainly did this time. Henry's goal was a skillful chip made on the move from the edge of the penalty area, Harry's was a good old fashioned blast which left the keeper with only one thing to do, which was to pick the ball out of the back of the net. More please, form both of you. It was (and probably, is) not possible to maintain that level of superiority. What worried me though was the way we took our foot of the gas. It was if at 2-0 up, the job was done. This is under 13's football, anything can, and usually does, happen. Braunstone deserve credit for not letting their collective heads drop. Nor did they panic. Little by little, they were playing themselves back into this match. I think there is a lesson for us all here! Their commitment was not only impressive but was rewarded just before half time with a fine long range effort which left Ollie no chance. The whistle went for half-time with Oadby leading 2-1, but with Braunstone very much still in this match. I wondered, how we would respond.

The equalizer came soon after the break, and then........ 

It was The Alamo, Stalingrad, Rorke's Drift all rolled into one. The oadby goal was besieged by marauding footballers from LE3. And we didn't deal with it. They shot high, wide, and straight at Ollie. They forced corners, free kicks, and it must be said, a lot of panic amid the home team. Mercifully, the football gods were smiling on Oadby, and Braunstone could not find that final killer blow. We were clucking about like headless chickens - if indeed a headless chicken can still actually cluck - we were hanging in, somehow, and from expecting 3 points, I thought we would be lucky to get 1.

Gravity must be slightly to blame, I'm not saying there's a slope on this new pitch, but I can remember learning to ski on it as a child. Or put another way, if it was a snooker table....well, I'm sure you get the picture. But it is our home pitch now, and we must be aware, and deal with it accordingly. And of course, as if to make a mockery of all I just said, with five minutes to go, we did just that. It was like a breeze blowing over glowing embers, suddenly, we caught fire, suddenly, we decided to play football again. Wonderful movement again from Jack, Harry and Henry could could quite easily nicked a late winner. It would have been unjust, but we came very close.

This team, I think, is a bit like the tin man in The Wizard of Oz' In the film he begins, very much, rusted up and unable to move. Dorothy, and the Straw man, apply copious amounts of oil into the joints of the Tin Man, and very soon he's 'off to see the wizard' dancing freely with the best of them. Ted and Carl, (and various parents) have to apply metaphorical oil to get all this team moving, all the time. It was better this week, but there is still some way to go to avoid a repeat of the Saffron game. We played well for the first 20 minutes, we played well for the last 5. we need lots of oil, to fill in the middle 45.               

Player of the Day: Sonny. He was in the right place, at the right time, and did the right thing.

Goals Scorers: Harry. Henry. 

Saffron Dynamo 5 Oadby Owls Tawnys 0 - 1st September 2013 (League)

Just before the end of last school term I entered a competition. It was a local competition, confined, we thought best, to the four people sitting at table 14 at the curry house here in Fleckney. The challenge was to see who could get the most bizarre object - being both legal, and of course, moral - accepted for sale on e-bay. The prize would be a bottle of Veuve Cliquot which, for a lover of fine Champagne, was well worth a bit of effort. My entry was a shoe box, painted brown and yellow containing 200 wasps. I advertised it as, 'The perfect ice breaker, for the dullest dinner parties' and gave it the tag line of, 'imagine your surprise, with wasps in your eyes'. Okay, not a great slogan, but in the words of the late, great, Tony Soprano, 'Whatchyagonnado' Needless to say my entry was judged the best, but the really strange thing was that I had 29 people watching, 14 of whom, e-mailed an enquiry!! There are some very strange people out there.

What? I hear you say, has any of this got to do with football? Well I had forgotten about the above until not more than 30 minutes before Sunday's match, James asked me 'what is the point of wasps?'  I replied that, 'as far as I can tell, there is no point'. If, 30 minutes after the final whistle against Saffron, you'd asked me, 'what was the point of playing football like that?' I would have given the same answer.

To be fair, we started brightly enough. Saffron have a very competent back four who hold their line well, But James found the slanting pass to Jack who timed his run well to beat the off-side trap, And perhaps Henry should have been awarded a penalty. But that was really it! We didn't score in the first ten minutes and promptly gave up. It was a miracle to have been only 0-1 at half -time.

If the way we played in the first half was disappointing, the second half was little short of a shambolic embarrassment. There was no fight, no passion, no skill, no order, shape or control. There was, it seemed to me, just a casual acceptance of their superiority and the score line would merely reflect the inevitable consequences of being out played in all departments. Indeed, during one awful moment, I saw three (nameless) lads standing and chatting to each other looking more akin to a three-ball standing on the tee during the weekly medal waiting patiently for the the group ahead to move to a safe distance. This attitude cannot and must not be allowed to continue.

Losing a game of football is not a disaster. Losing, as we lost on Sunday, is not a disaster either. It is, however, extremely disappointing for all concerned. This team is infinitely better than Sunday's display. And remember, there are stronger teams than Saffron Dynamo in our division.

Player of the Day: Probably James, for not giving up. 

Goals Scorers: Hmmmmmmm!

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