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The team play in the Leicester & District Mutual League – Non competitive group

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Oadby Owls Eagles v Dunton & Broughton Rangers – 11th December 2011 (Group game)

This was the game of the season – the return match with Dunton & Broughton Rangers. Coombe Park was empty with just one pitch set up. Setanta Sports 4 had arrived early and the game was being shown live and in 2D.

With a squad of 8 players fresh from the Thursday night training session we were ready to show how the team had improved. Sticking with the 2 3 1 formation The Eagles fielded a very strong team. Harry Shields, Saajan Ruparelia, Joshua Wiggins, Geordan O’Flynn, Kieran Hamilton, Krishnan Dey, Sebe Hackett-London & Ned Davies were all ready for action

This was one of the most compelling games of the season, both sides contributing in equal measure. Adding to the entertainment was the sight of a Rob Farrar, the king of the unpredictable, dispensing coaching advice from the touchline.

So assertive late on, Dunton & Broughton had appeared nervous in the opening stages. Power and determination are required to live with the Eagles and Dunton & Broughton were found wanting. Some powder puff tackling allowed Joshua Wiggins, Harry Shields and Saajan Ruperelia briefly to advance unchecked

However lively, the first half was merely a dress rehearsal for a pulsating second act. This meant so much to the Eagles. You could hear it in the urging of their fans. You could see it in the anxious body language of Mark Shields, patrolling the dugout.

The super confident midfield skills of, Sebe Hackett-London, Ned Davies & Krishnan Dey saw all 3 players push forward and take several shots on goal. The speed of the passing and the control was second to none with the ball being passed the full length and breadth of the pitch.

This was the best performance by far for the Eagles and all the players worked hard to support each other. The defence of Geordan O’Flynn & Ned Davies ensured the Eagles top keeper Kieran Hamilton was well protected. The super keeper launched the ball up the pitch to find Harry Shields who slotted the ball to Saajan Ruperelia who went on a charge and scored for the Eagles. Attempts by Harry Shields & Krishnan Dey were pushed wide by the opposing keeper.

The game of the season chanted the fans and that was the last game of 2011. Just a few months ago the Eagles met for the first time…now they are a mighty force that have a team spirit that is second to none…The Eagles will enter 2012 with the same fighting spirit and will show they remain the number 1 team in the league……

Player of the Day: Harry Shields

Goals Scorers: Saajan Ruparelia

Oadby Owls Eagles v Ibstock Panthers – 23rd October 2011 (Group game)

It was just after midnight when the telephone rang…..”Mark, Sven has gone…name your price…the Thai boys want you…they want a meeting over there, Phuket? I asked..” When the news hit the front page of TV Quick, I was summoned to Oadby Owls HQ. After a 3 hour meeting with the Owls legal team I was made an offer I simply couldn’t understand and my contract was extended to 2025.

With the full support of the board and the backing of the parents we prepared for the 2nd home game of the season. The players were refreshed after a no expenses spent half term break and with a squad of 8 (Sebe Hackett-London & Aman Singh were away on international duties) we were ready to play.

After putting 9 goals into the oppositions net last week the team were riding high and with the new goal bonus scheme in operation ,Harry Shields, Saajan Ruparelia, Danny Stone, Joshua Wiggins, Geordan O’Flynn, Kieran Hamilton, Krishnan Dey & Ned Davies were fired up.

The referee blew the whistle and they were off. The game, played in a cauldron of noise, swung back and forth, with the Eagles gaining the early advantage. The midfield trio led by Joshua Wiggins, Harry Shields, Krishnan Dey left the Panthers dazed. It was time for the first goal…Danny Stone got the ball on the left hand side of the area and cut it back to Saajan Ruperlia, who slotted home expertly to put his name on the score sheet

Within a few minutes of the first goal, things went from bad to worse for the visiting team as Krishnan Dey put a ball through towards goal and Harry Shields hit home the 2nd goal. Next up on the score sheet was Krishnan Dey with a cheeky one two with Joshua Wiggins. Then, just before the 20 minute mark, the Eagles fans were given further cause for celebration when Ned Davies raced into the box before finding Saajan Ruperelia, who then crossed for the unmarked Harry Shields to tap in at the back post.
The goal forced the Panthers into action, and they decided to shake things up by bringing on 2 new players. The Panthers hit back and charged up the pitch putting Eagles keeper Kieran Hamilton on red alert. However before the panthers could even get close to the Eagles goal, The dynamic duo of Geordan O’Flynn & Ned Davies went into defensive overdrive ensuring the ball rarely got close to the keeper. With a further 2 goals supplied by Danny Stone to Saajan Ruparelia & Krishnan Dey the Eagles enjoyed the majority of possession. With a final Panthers attack Kieran Hamilton made a diving save punching the ball to Geordan O’Flynn who thumped the ball to Ned Davies as the final whistle blew…Another cracking day that saw both teams have a fantastic game.

Player of the Day: Joshua Wiggins

Goals Scorers: Harry Shields (2), Saajan Ruparelia (2), and Krishnan Dey (2)

Lutterworth Athletic Hurricanes v Oadby Owls Eagles – 9th October 2011 (Group game)

As I sat on the bench with Fabio Capello last Friday watching the Montenegro v England game he turned to me and said “Mark, I’ll be leaving after the Euro 2012 finals….Can you get yourself out of the Eagles contract?….I turned to him and said” Sorry Fab, but when you say yes to the Oadby Owls you’re in for life !!!”

Shown live & in 3D on Setanta Sports 1 it was a match that saw goals, goals & goals. (for legal reasons we can’t tell you how many)

The mighty Eagles were back and fielded a very strong team. Harry Shields, Saajan Ruparelia, Danny Stone, Sebe Hackett-London, Joshua Wiggins, Geordan O’Flynn, Kieran Hamilton, Krishnan Dey & Ned Davies were all ready for the 4th game of the season.

After their first Thursday night training session, which mirrored the Barcelona training ground, the Eagles were ready for action. The game started at bullet pace & the mighty strike force of Saajan Ruparelia & Harry Shields got off to a flying start. The super confident midfield skills of Danny Stone, Sebe Hackett-London, Joshua Wiggins & Krishnan Dey saw all 4 players push forward and take several shots on goal. The speed of the passing and the control was second to none with the ball being passed the full length and breadth of the pitch.

This was the best performance by far for the Eagles and all the players worked hard to support each other. The Berlin Wall defence of Geordan O’Flynn & Ned Davies ensured the Eagles top keeper Kieran Hamilton was well protected. The Lutterworth boys were passing and moving and at times controlled the ball extremely well and even tried to split the Eagles defence. A desperate tackle from the Eagles saw a penalty awarded to Lutterworth… It was time for goal keeping legend Kieran Hamilton to step up. The crowd fell silent… the ball was fired straight down the middle and like a cat..Kieran made a fantastic save..

The game ended as it started and the Eagles left the pitch knowing that they are getting better all the time, prepared to go the extra mile for each other and working very hard…The next game is at home..and its live !!!

Player of the Day: Geordan O’Flynn

Goals Scorers: Harry Shields (5), Saajan Ruparelia (2), Krishnan Dey and an own goal

Oadby Owls Eagles v Rugby Town Tigers – 25th September (Group game)

When Sky Sports decided to choose the Cardiff v Leicester match over the Oadby Eagles first home match, they knew they were taking a risk and in a game that saw the Eagles win 4-3, that decision has now come back to haunt them….

Still riding high from last weeks 2-2 draw this was the game the Eagles and their ever growing fan club were looking forward to. Playing the classic 2-3-1 formation the Eagles won the toss & Harry Shields & Saajan Ruparelia charged up field ready to put the Eagles into an early lead; however the Tigers hadn’t driven 40 miles for nothing and immediately put the Eagles on the back foot pushing their strongest players forward. The Eagles midfield talent of Danny Stone & Sebe Hackett-London were forced into action passing the ball to each other with the knowledge that the bomb proof defence of Joshua Wiggins, Geordan O’Flynn were ready for action. When the bomb went off not even the super skills of Kieran Hamilton in goal could keep out a right footed shot that saw the back of the net bulge like a bankers wallet. The Eagles were shocked, dazed and slightly confused but managed to keep the score at 1-0 for the final few minutes of the 1st half

In a half time talk that included words some of the children would find difficult to spell the Eagles started the 2nd half on fire and within minutes the Eagles sharp shooter Harry Shields had equalised. The Eagles now meant business. The 2nd goal was a treat to watch & right from the kick off the Eagles picked up the ball and passed it all the way back to the fans favourite Geordon “you’re not getting by me” O’Flynn who passed the ball to the sledge hammer right foot of Danny Stone. Firing the ball forward to the outstanding & ever reliable Joshua Wiggins slotted the ball forward to speedy Saajan Ruparelia who went on an amazing run up the left and crossed the ball to the power house Aman Singh who knocked the ball in.

For the 3rd Eagles goal the bullet pace of Krishnan Dey, playing an outstanding defensive role was called upon. With the ball glued to his feet Krishnan went on a charge up field. Reading the move like a premier League professional the dynamic skills of Sebe Hackett-London ripped the Tigers defence apart leaving a gap for Saajan Ruparelia to blast the ball into the net. One final push saw the talisman Harry Shields get his second goal of the day and the Eagles thought the game was theirs.

“The biggest come back since Elvis played Vegas in 74” said one fan. The Tigers went into overdrive and made the Eagles work hard scoring 2 super goals. With the score now at 4-3 Kieren Hamilton put on an exhibition of goal keeping magic to ensure the Eagles went on to record their first win of the season.

Player of the Day: Danny Stone

Goals Scorers: Harry Shields (2), Saajan Raparelia and Aman Singh

AFC Birstall v Oadby Owls Eagles – 18th September (Group game)

“4 goal thriller”…..In the second game of the season a rejuvenated Oadby Eagles were in fine football form arriving 30 minutes before kick off ready & excited. The Eagles super keeper Kieran Hamilton was on fire between the sticks and the dynamic defensive duo of Geordan O’Flynn and Ned Davis were playing together like 2 premier league professionals. The silky midfield skills of Danny Stone a determined Joshua Wiggins & the bullet pace of Harry Shields were passing and moving the ball with a hint of Spanish flair. The mighty Aman Singh playing upfront for the first time put the AFC Birstall keeper under constant pressure. Super substitute Sebe Hackett-London made an immediate impact firing shots at the keeper and feeding the ball inch perfect to his fellow players. The Eagles were rewarded with a goal from Harry Shields whose left footed shot ended up in the back of the net sending the Eagles into the halftime break 1-0 up.

The 2nd half started with the Eagles defending a recharged AFC Birstall who were desperate for the equaliser and after a couple of minutes realising the Eagles were now shooting in the opposite goal a shot from Birstall put the Eagles on the back foot with the score now even at 1-1.

The Eagles went into overdrive with the ball leaving Kieren Hamiltons right foot with the power of a small cannon. The Eagles 2nd goal didn’t take long coming with a shot from Harry Shields flying past the Birstall Keeper. With minutes to go the Birstall players stepped up a level and attacked the Eagles goal… not even the gymnastic skills of keeper Kieren Hamilton could stop the equaliser. With just minutes to go the Eagles launched a final all out attack seeing all seven players pass and move the full length of the pitch but with only seconds to go the referee blew the whistle and the game ended 2-2.

With outstanding performances from every single Eagles player and an enthusiastic crowd cheering the players, the Eagles left the pitch looking forward to their first home game next Sunday

Player of the Day: Kieran Hamilton

Goals Scorers: Harry Shields (2)

Dunton & Broughton Rangers v Oadby Owls Eagles – 4th September (Group game)

In the first game of the season in wet and windy conditions both the Eagles & Dunton & Broughton Rangers were fielding teams playing for the very first time. The Eagles getting off to a flying start peppering the opposition goal with shots from Saajan Ruparelia & Harry Shields, however it was Dunton & Broughton Rangers who took an early lead in a goal mouth scramble seeing the ball creep over the line. Eagles 1st half keeper Sebe Haackett-London made some fantastic saves to keep the score 1-0 throughout the 1st half supported by Geordan O’Flynn & Joshua Wiggins holding a tight defence.

The second half saw the Eagles midfielders Krishnan Dey, Joshua Wiggins & Ned Davis passing and moving and giving the ball to Sebe Hackett-London (who was now playing as a striker ) ran 20 yards with the ball placing it perfectly into the left corner. 2nd half keeper Kieran Hamilton made some amazing close range saves, however with Eagles energy levels falling the Rangers took the lead with a power shot that Peter Shilton would have struggled to save. Shots form Saajan Ruparelia and Harry Shields were pushed round the post by the Rangers confident goal keeper and a final a break from the Rangers saw their 3rd goal sneak into the Eagles goal…. Both teams enjoyed the game.

Player of the Day: Sebe Hackett-London

Goals Scorers: Sebe Hackett-London