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Manager: Dan Parton

Mobile: 07538 253197

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Assistant Manager: John Oswin

Mobile: 07970 690449

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The team play in the Leicester & District Mutual League – Division 13

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Medbourne Juniors 6 Oadby Owls Eagles 7 – 8th January 2012 (League)

After a very long Christmas break, the Eagles could finally get there season back underway, with a tough away trip to league leaders Medbourne who are undefeated. With the management duo knowing this two training sessions were put on. In the reverse fixture the owls lost 2-4. Eager to show that we just had an off day the boys arrived all ready to go.

The Owls had a good warm up and were buzzing for KO. This charged energy was soon used to great effect as the Owls scored through Joe Most within seconds. Like the reverse fixture Medbourne got three very soft goals. The game was played on a very small pitch this lead to the tempo and speed of the game being played at a high pace. The Eagles looked better when they slowed the ball down and took there time and that’s where there next two goals came from both took well by Luke Norton, with the home team getting another 4-3.

During the half Oadby went from a flexible 1-1-3-1 to a more ridged 2-3-1 with Jai Kumar coming in defence for the injured Isaac Rahmen who was still dribbling past his man even with one leg! This change also leads to Guido coming on for the ever improving Joe. Half time 4-3.During the team talk Ozzy lets the lads know that we are still in this game and that the next goal is the most important. At the restart Medbourne get the ball and score. Our lads now had to show great character, this lead to Steady Eddy coming on for Luke Whitehead who had a very strong game down the right hand side. Smasher would grab another goal before the home side scored again. 3 down with 8 to play. Off comes Jai who had one of his best games and off comes Guido, on came Joe and one leg Isaac who is still a pest even with one leg. These changes changed the shaped of the game. Sean Godber now on the left was playing in inspirational form. He set up the next two goals both put away by Smasher ( 2nd time this season he has scored 5). Now with 5 left to play the Owls go on a counter attack, starting with Sean and ending up in the back of the net by Joe. 7-6 what a turn around last 3 minutes Jai and Luke come on to give us more in defence. Still the owls looked like they could of got another but a good Medbourne keeper in the way, who then starts there last attack, this is heart in your mouth stuff Ozzy and Dolly see James run out at this player and bang……. What a save game saving.

That win means the owls keep there undefeated away record and have closed the gap at the top of the table. Great performance lads!!!!!

Quote of the day “Lads we have just proven to ourselves that we are the best team in this league, great turn around”

Player of the Day: Sean Godber – Endless running and the best he has played all season

Goals Scorers: Luke Norton (5) and Joe Most (2)

Saffron Dynamo 0 Oadby Owls Eagles 7 – 13th November 2011 (League)

Oadby hoping to hit back after another home loss against Stanton the week before. The Owls had a lot to prove especially in front of goal as against Stanton they hit everything but the back of the net. Despite the loss the Owls stayed second but level on points with other teams. The management duo realised their goal difference is proving very strong and that the Eagles need to score more. We turned up to Saffron in good spirits and ready to play football. John and Dan were trying a new formation 1-4-1 giving a lot of responsibility to Mr consistent Zuri playing at the back on his own.

Oadby continued where they left of against Stanton lots of shots just no return. After a series of corners Zuri comes up and smashes the ball into the top corner. This goal settled the Owls and the midfield 4 of Isaac, Smasher, Joe and Guido were starting to play the way they usually do, keeping the ball and beating their man. The owls were playing very well and creating good chances with Sean the vocal point of these attacks having plenty of shots. Another corner came about with Joe and Sean playing a neat short corner then crossing it. Zuri again pops up at the back stick to put it in. Oadby now in control of the game started to take their time and think about the pass. This led to a great through ball from Zuri to set Sean in one on one and there is no one better than Sean to put it away. Towards the end of the half Isaac wins the ball in his own area and dribbles past 6 saffron players finally getting to the goal where he dragged his shot wide. 3-0.

At half time subs Jai and Eddie came on to great effect. With Dan telling Eddie he is only allowed three touches, throughout the half Eddie only had three touches and it worked brilliantly as he never gave the ball away. Jai was solid as usual when he comes to not letting nothing past him. Smash and Guido were subbed off. Sean Godber had a great second have scoring two great goals to complete his second hat trick of the year and to put the owls 5 up. The Eagles continued to play great football with Issac being super in this role. Another succession of corners came up and Zuri almost scored his first ever hat trick. With ten to go Smash and Guido came back on and Smash scored two more to equal Oadby’s biggest winning margin. Smash’s 1st goal was a real team goal with Zuri now in the middle he started the move beating his player playing a one two with Isaac the slotting a through ball to eddy to cross with smash emphatically scoring with an audacious overhead kick.

The win still keeps the Owls second with medbourne leading the way 6 points clear the owls are going to need a favour from other teams and will have to beat medbourne themselves if the want to get to the top. Brilliant performance lads.

Quote of the day “Eddie your own aloud 3 touches”, “why?”, “that’s the rules of this game” Dan to Eddie before he game on and had his best game in an Owls shirt

Player of the Day: Zuri Hackett-London – Inspirational performance from the back

Goals Scorers: Luke Norton (2), Sean Godber (3) and Zuri Hackett-London (2)

Carib Windward 0 Oadby Owls Eagles 7 – 16th October 2011 (League)

After a disappointing home defeat to Medbourne, Oadby were hoping to get back to winning ways against Carib. Oadby went into the game full of confidence after a narrow defeat to division 9 Houghton (2-1). This defeat was the Owls best performance of the season so far. The management duo used this in the team talk leading up to the Carib game.

The Eagles have managed to score in the first five minutes and to have scored first in every game they have played this season. They kept these records going as new boy smasher added another goal to his impressive goal tally this year. Oadby were in their natural rhythm and playing with speed and direction causing a lot of pressure on the Carib defence. Dan was very impressed with the way that one of the wingers (MOM Isaac and Joe) would cover for the ever attacking Luke Norton who was in defence. On some attacks Oadby would attack with 5 and be caught on the break but Zuri solid as ever would clear up.

Oadby won a succession of corners which Joe would whip in brilliantly. Soon the owls added a 2nd and 3rd through Luke Whitehead who was playing in centre mid and running the show playing some great balls through to Sean who was always denied by the huge Carib goalie. Eddy and Guido came on mid way through the first half and both had great opportunities to score and to set up players but Carib were proving tough. MOM Isaac went on two almost identical runs with the outcome on both occasions the same Goal!!. This was Isaac’s first goal of the season and Dan was over the moon for him. 5-0 half time.

The owls went into the second half playing a 1-4-1 formation to try and add to the goals, but as ever the owls second half performance wasn’t as good as the first. Early into the half the Owls had a penalty, up steps penalty taker, goalie and captain James Creedon, who smashes the bar, then has to leg it all the way back to his goal as the opposition attacked, luckily Zuri produced a quite amazing slide tack to halt the attack. As Carib tired Joe scored a tap in and Luke.W produced a screamer 4 in 2 now for him. The result puts Oadby top but Medbourne have a game in hand.

Quote of the day “Take the week off boys, great performance by the whole squad” Dan to team after game.

Player of the Day: Isaac Rahman – impressive performance in midfield

Goals Scorers: Luke Norton, Luke Whitehead (3) and Isaac (2)

Oadby Owls Eagles 2 Medbourne Juniors 4 – 2nd October 2011 (League)

Oadby went into this game joint top with today’s opposition. The management pair of Ozzy and Dolly knew that Oadby had to be at their best if a record third successive win was to happen.

The Eagles were electric to start scoring within a minute through new lad Luke “SMASHER” Norton. Oadby now had to settle and find their impressive rhythm which has been evident in the last two games. Oadby continuously attacking were caught on the counter twice in quick succession for Medbourne to take the lead. Isaac, Smasher and Guido were playing brilliantly taking on their man again and again. This pressure led to Isaac being fouled down in the right corner, after dribbling the length of the field and beating two men in the process. Freekick awarded and smasher steps up and live to his nickname smashing the ball into the top right corner, unstoppable!!

Half time comes and the teams trundle in, with the sun blistering down on them. After a positive team talk the Owls came out and again started quickly with chances falling to Sean and Joe both hitting the target to find an in form Medbourne keeper. Zuri and Luke the solid pairing continued to sweep up at the back and let little past. When they got past James pulled of some great saves to keep the game level. Oadby playing very well continue to attack and the chances keep falling to players with eddy the latest player to hit the target. Medbourne attack and win two corners and score from both after slack defending from everyone and then the fourth just a handling error from Mr Creedon. Now Oadby needing a goal smasher keeps running in the blistering sun and deserved a third but it just wouldn’t fall to him nicely. Medbourne sat off and started to sit on the lead but when they attacked Jai put in some timely tackles. Full time goes and the Eagles played very well just two sloppy goals cost them the game and top spot. Friendly in Houghton next Sunday so time to try new things maybe??

Quote of the day “lads you can’t win the league after three games, the league doesn’t matter at the moment its how we react from this defeat.” Combination of John and Dan in the debrief after the game

Player of the Day: Luke Norton – awesome work rate again

Goals Scorers: Luke Norton (2)

Oadby Owls Eagles 2 Medbourne Juniors 4 – 2nd October 2011 (League)

The Eagles were hoping to carry on from where they left off against Lutterworth. After a slow start and some nervy moments the Eagles soon found their stride and started to play and dictate the game. Isaac Sean and Luke kept picking up the ball and running at the Barwell defence causing trouble on every attack. This pressure soon told with Luke bagging his second goal for the club.

Oadby’s defence stood firm today starting with James who kept a super clean sheet and Jai Zuri and Eddy all playing a part in a solid defensive performance. Barwell defence was under pressure as Oadby’s attack kept knocking at the door, soon Luke would score his second and produce a great cross for Sean to score. Half time comes with the owls 3 up.

Second half commences and the Eagles start how they ended on the front foot, this half Oadby played the ball around a lot better with Guido being influential in this possession stage of the game. Luke soon enough scored his hat trick which was a heavily deflected long range effort, but just in case he got his forth after a super through ball from Guido. Barwell had a late surge and had some good chances but they were never going to score with a quite fabulous James between the sticks making up for last week’s error. A quiet Isaac bagged a well deserved goal to finish off. Even though its early stages 2 out of 2 is a good record, next week’s clash with Melbourne could be very important.

Quote of the day “never across your own goal James” Dan to James after he smashes the ball across his goal

Player of the Day: Luke Norton – awesome work rate

Goals Scorers: Sean Godber, Isaac Rahman and Luke Norton (4)

Lutterworth Town Swallows 1 Oadby Owls Eagles 6 – 14th September 2011 (League)

After a long and gruelling pre-season, the first game was upon us and what an impression and signal of intent the Eagles sent out to the rest of the division. The eagles arrived at Lutterworth full of hope and ambition, hoping to put what they had learnt and gained (fitness wise) from pre season into a game. Oadby were out the blocks fast and looking sharp with Isaac, Joe, Guido and Sean seemingly attacking at will. Within 4 minutes Sean Godber, tipped by Ozzy too be top scorer, opened his account finishing from close range after Isaac produced the cross. Sean soon had his second after good play from the 3 muskateers (Joe, Guido and Isaac) all he had to do was choose his corner. Oadby continued to attack the Lutterworth defence Guido combining with Sean to score his first goal. Sean was the focal point of everything good about Oadby always linking up with the midfield.

With five minutes to go Oadby brought on new signing Luke Norton who was tenacious add this with Isaac desire and the Oadby midfield was electric. Luke played a superb one-two with Sean who narrowly skimmed the cross bar. During the first half the Eagles defence was rarely threatened, but when needed Luke Whitehead and managers player Zuri cleared all danger calmly most the time setting up an attack.

Second half began with Isaac continuing his mazie dribbles and almost bullying the Lutterworth left back. Oadby though as a team were a bit slow out of the traps but soon enough back into a normal routine of domination in the middle, this soon led to new boy Luke getting a debut goal. Steady Eddy and Jai both came on and with his first touch Eddy scored his first ever goal, the boys face was a picture of happiness likewise the managers. Eddy was best pre season trainer by far. As the half went on Oadby relaxed and eased off letting Lutterworth back in. Lutterworth grabbed a consolation goal when captain and players player James Creedon made a handling error which lead to the goal. With five left to play Oadby brought Joe Isaac and Sean back on. Isaac and Joe linking up well. Luke Whitehead, pinged a great ball to Sean in the left corner, with 3 men round him Sean fooled the first with a step over, second with a Cryuff turn then stepped inside to smack the ball into the top and round of his hatrick and to seal the win for Oadby.

One year on and my, my, these lads have made massive strides to becoming a great team, keep it up lads.

Player of the Day: Tricky one but Sean Godber for hat trick and all round play

Goals Scorers: Sean Godber (3), Edward Pugsley, Guido Morosi and Luke Norton





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02/10/2011 12:30 Medbourne Juniors Home
09/10/2011 11:00 Houghton Rangers Away
16/10/2011 10:30 Carib Winward Home
30/10/2011 10:30 Stanton Jets Away
13/11/2011 12:30 Saffron Dynamo Sparks Home
27/11/2011 12:30 Dunton/Broughton Lions Away
04/12/2011 12:30 Lutterworth Town Swallows Away
18/12/2011 12:30 AFC Barwell 2011 Home
08/01/2012 10:30 Medbourne Juniors Home
22/01/2012 12:30 Carib Winward Home
05/02/2012 10:30 Stanton Jets Away
19/02/2012 12:30 Saffron Dynamo Sparks Away
04/03/2012 10:30 Dunton/Broughton Lions Home