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Oadby Owls is a progressive Charter Standard Community Club which provides boys and girls of all abilities the opportunity to enjoy the whole football experience. Our Saturday Academy provides a platform for children, as young as four years of age, to develop in a safe and friendly environment and is the gateway to joining one of our many mini soccer teams.

You must park at the rear of Beauchamp College and follow the crowd across the back pitch to Coombe Park aiming to register your child according to the age schedule shown on the Academy page. There are no restrictions as to when to register or enrol a child at the Academy. We have new members joining every week!

The club insists that parents park responsibly as Coombe Rise is not only a residential area but also a bus route and therefore parking on this road must be avoided at all costs. To register your child please complete the online registration form . Once you have paid your fee you will receive a QR code via email which must be used every week to register your child.

The Academy is also very suitable for children not necessarily looking to play in an Oadby Owls team and who just wish to enhance their footballing skills.

Children must wear footwear and clothing relevant to the ground and climatic conditions. If the ground is soft then footwear with studs is required. If it is cold the children must be dressed up so that they are warm.

All children MUST wear shinpads and not have jewellery of any nature on. Chewing gum is also not permitted. The club does sell shinpads, warm base layer clothing, gloves etc etc

The Academy generally runs from the beginning of September through to the end of June, although there is a winter break from Christmas through to the end of January. If you click on the home page tab there is a document which provides details of key dates and when the Academy runs. With over 200 children attending each and every week the Academy really is a Grassroots success story. All our volunteers are CRB accredited.

The Academy costs £4 per attendance and an initial £35

membership. Upon completing six Academy sessions the child will be given a free Academy kit, supplied by the club.

There are no membership restrictions just come along. Further details of our academy can be found on the dedicated Academy web page.


Oadby Owls Football Club.

Founded in 1968 by some enthusiastic Sheffield Wednesday supporters, hence the name, Oadby Owls Football Club has grown to become one of the largest and most successful clubs in Leicestershire today.

The club owes a debt of gratitude to the many volunteers over the intervening years but perhaps none more so than our late President John Monks who ensured the survival of the club with injections of his own cash during the difficult times of the 1980′s.

In 2007 the club achieved Charter Standard status and with joint funding by the Football Foundation and Oadby and Wigston Borough Council the ‘John Monks Pavilion’ was opened. The pavilion marked a new era for Oadby Owls and player numbers swelled considerably. Oadby Owls now fields over 40 teams of all ages and runs a thriving Saturday Football Academy where up to 250 young children attend each week. Oadby Owls also organises some of the best tournaments in the country. The club has since progressed in becoming a Charter Standard Community Club.

The club adopts high standards and would like to pay tribute to all its 100+ volunteers for their perseverance and hard work. We also thank and praise our many sponsors who have given generously over many seasons.

As well as developing the football skills of its members, Oadby Owls positively promotes and interacts with local community initiatives.

Oadby Owls is run on an entirely voluntary basis and there is always a need for a fresh influx of helpers and ideas. The future success of the club depends on its members as we strive to become one of the best clubs in the country.

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